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THE STORY OF STORY Digitally Remastering the Story

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  • 1. THE STORY OF STORY Digitally Remastering the Story

2. LONG AGO Stories were told through pictures on cave walls Language developed and storytellers spread the story 3. THEN Language Develops Form Writing is Invented Form becomes Function The Printing Press is invented Books are readily available. 4. NEXT Technology Changes Everything Now the Story Changes . . . 5. SOFTWARE ADVANCES Digitally Remastering the Story 6. DIGITAL STORYTELLING IS BORN Digital Cameras become inexpensive The World Wide Web becomes almost ubiquitous Laptop computers become inexpensive Smartphones and tablets rival computer processing and media manipulation 7. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP IS BORN And according to Marc Prensky a new type of student is born digital natives and their teachers digital immigrants. As a teacher we can bridge this gap by employing their language It was done during the agrarian society It was done during the industrial revolution And in doing so we can create dialog and a digital explanation 8. A BRAVE NEW WORLD My 3rd grade students perform Webquest My 5th grade students created a digital artifact describing The Pledge of Allegiance My ASD Students worked with Zac Browser, Mega Math, and SpellingCity with amazing data tracked results My 2nd grade students are now creating digital cities by drawing the town, mapping out the fire station, police station, city hall, school, and other city locales. They have elected a mayor and will soon have a reelection. We have taken 3 digital Field trips to: The Great Wall of China, Smithsonian, and the Eiffel Tower We will be Skyping with a friend in Australia later this year. The world truly is at your fingertips. 9. YOU HAVE A CHOICE Face and Embrace Stick your head in the sand