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  • ROOMS FOR RENT. Three Line for Five Centi.

    Each Additional Line Fire Cents Extra.

    ALL desiring nice. comfortable room. 25a a day: J1.23 a week up. White House, southwest corncrNInth ana Pine. Strictly llrst-clas- s.

    BROADWAT. 105 and 107 N.-- At the "Rest." 20 rooms. 23c; 10 rooms. 35c; 10 rooms.EO. per day. "CARDINAL Ave.. 102O X. Neatly furnished second-floo- r rront and other nice rooms, rrom K up.

    CAim St.. 1721 Large, neatly furnished front ooms, complete for Housekeeping; cw "

    conveniences. c a- - -i- - nnn weti,. furnished room for

    Housekeeping; or gentlemen; an csniui. ""CHESTNUT St.. 1023'4 Elegantly furnished room!": all conveniences; prices reasonable. World's Fair Hotel. "CHOTKAU Ave. ack parlor suitable for two gents; cry nicely furnished; rent reason- able.

    CHOUTEAU Ave.. H21-M- furnished front room for gentlemen or couple; gas and Lain, also single rooms. "

    COMPTON Avc7 1021 N. Nicely furnished Twins, complete for housekeeping; low price; private famil.

    COMPTON Ae.. 22 N.-S- ulte of neat house-keeping looms for parties without children; 13 weekly; hot bath, laundry: call evenings. "

    11AYTON ft.. IMS One neatly furnished room; southern exrosurc.

    DELMAR Boulevard. 392-Ne- wly furnished second-stor- y room: southern pcure: private family; for sentlemen: 'phone in house; Kinloch 1 t27.

    DELMAR Boulevard. 4241-T- wo or three nlce-I- r furnishes! rooms: alo lack parlor: private

    family; modem house; rates reasonable; ref- - erences exchanged.

    DICKSON St 2037-O- ne front room; fine bath; all conveniences.

    DICKSON St.. 2S21 Nice, large, second-iloo- r front room: southern exposure; suit- able for two rentlercen.

    "n ASTON "Ave.. atly furnished rooms: modern cenveniences: private famil): with or without beard. Inquire cigar store. 441S aston.

    "EIGHTH fl":il N. Elegant newly furnished 'looms: hot water: free bath: from $2 week up;

    JTrench restaurant in connection. EIGHTEENTH St.. 112 X. Sscond-fioo- r front

    i ...! - .,: miete for cents orI1U lllll nuvi injiiif. ..v...,-.- Jiousekeeping; low rent. "EIGHTEENTH St.? W3 Nicely furnished rooms tin flrt floor for light 4 ousckciping: very rin- -

    onable: on four car line-- .

    ERICSSON. Mf8 Locust-Apartm- ents for has Ilbrsry. gymnasium, bicjcle stable.

    irai hiiu Wl'l ..inir. EUGENIA St.. 2122 Nice, comfortable,

    apaitment for light housekeeping: use of laundry: ras stove.

    EVAN-- . Ave.. 4024A Handsomely furnished room, 'second floor: all modern ronvenlerices: furnace heat: private family: board If desired. references exchanged. '

    FWINO Av.. 113 H. Nlcelv furnished room. wilh privilege of light housekeeping. H- -o vveck.

    FINNEY Av- e-

    IMS Second-floo- r room, for light housekeeping: hot bath:

    FRANKLIN Ave.. lS-- unfurnished rooms for lent. J.": and one furnished for slceplrg, eccond floor.

    GARRISON Ave.. 33! X. Large, eiegantlv el

    fVnt room: llrht housekeeping If Suburban and Easton cars; ever thing

    prsi-rias- s

    n-- . t . - r furnished room. with or without board: also large barn. "KING".--. HIGHWAT. 2sl7 S Opposite Tower Grovelark-T- wo rooms for housekeeping: references: no children;

    LACLEDE. 3115 Furnished front parlor and.. .,.. . mii .........nnt.nm.Oitier Twoms; HumiiH ..v... nfivmr Am. 2S Two south room.

    with private family: all modern conveniences; reasonani-- .

    . .Hn. . ti vtni. ......ftimitS.! frontIjAVV AVJ. flic, -- -. .,i.t. ..- -- room, second floor, with all conveniences.

    i.iwrnx Ave.. furnlsnea Kront rccm fcr enc or two gentlemen: hot batn.

    ana turrace nea. . urum .v........ i.rFFINGWELL Ave.. 71SA X. Nicely

    room' for gentlemen or light liou-- e;

    iecplng; all modern conveniences; private family. "ijovuiu'vie.. 113 X. Three- nice '-:

    floor: unfurnished; iriil rent one or all: also nice third floor front room fur- nished. "iJNDELL Ave.. 35W Xewly funusneu rooms.

    --.fAiT.-trr 5f. pcaflA Nlcclv furnished front lTiom- - reasonable.

    INCEST St.. 161MCi:-N!ee- lv- furnished room. tingle or double; week orjnonth; first-clas- s;

    IlCi;--- T St110S Clean. toomi. KOod bath: well heated; all conveniences; rca-


    aonaoic raiui. ..... rtftTn".nn,T LOCUST St.. :il lirKe. pi;!--.'-t "7r"" ",ifront: alo "ther room-- : rent reasonable;

    or married couple: no children. "ToCUST St.. SH. Next to St. Nicholas

    Ilctel-Jloo- ms

    for gentlemen: net and cold flltired baths; electric light; furnace heat; rent cheap. "LUCAS. 3334 Largo cccond-stcr- y front rooms; also HAii room.

    MAFFITT Ave.. 3816-Iy- rge. nicely furnished front room: uas and bath: hot and cold water. TtrtvM- - family: rent reasonable.

    MISSISSIPPI Ave.. lill-Tlo- on same floor with bath: reasonable "MORGAN-S-

    t.. 3541 Nicely furnl-he- d

    room, for pilvate family: all conveniences: rates reasonable. "MORGAN St.. nicely furnished Tdonl"thlrd floor; southern and western exposure:airmail room on eecond floor; corner house; rnodem conveniences. ""XICELT furnished room, west of Boyle on oilv' fctV. for a genUeman; only two In family. V

    OLlT3 St.. ;;IS Nicely furnished rooms for gentlemen.

    OLIVE St.. Mt7A-O-ne or . two small front. rooms, furnished or unfnrnisneu.

    nuvT s- - M4BA Xewly furnished second- - fiocr front room: also large hall zoom.

    ntiim t 11 C.nnnr1.nnrr mTlt tfW llCht 3U"ffrcgplngan'd front and back parlor?.

    ... fTimtat-- lint- r. r. V4n- 1- TYltTi' nd cold xatcr; touthera exposure; terms

    fe. - . .. V anA fhwit MWlffl.

    Bultable for ono or two gentlemen; cars stop at

    OLIVE St.. 1233 Nicely furnished rooms: also two furnished rooms for light housekeeping; rec- - end'ftory hall rcom. "oLIVE St.. 1J3 In select neighborhood, lovely

    Becond-stor- y fton. "I1 1,ack rooms; most rca-- yionabie terms to oesiruuig iwun. .- ...e .j Pvnn.ltlnn.. Dilrnble. newly furnished front parlor: bath. In- candescent lights, filtered water; reasonable.

    OLIVD St. 3744 (Second Floort-XIc- cly second-stor- y front and adjoining rooms;

    KlDKie or en aunc, wiiumtut MW... " Z7 1. Jt AAtaA4 l?11VOLIVE Ht, Z514A lira newiy uramira uw.u.- - tilshed connecting rooms, northern, eastern ana BOUthern exposure, to parties without children. "OLIVE sC4lM-Lnrgc- . nicely furnished

    front room; southern exposure: private family; "nice room for two persons; reasonable.

    . . t kA .tA.rta4s fwitiV rArtm 1a4 nd cold water: best service; cuisine unexcelled;

    Bell telephone; this place Is worth Investigation. "fAPlN-S-

    t.. 1334 Neatly furnished room for

    Bentlemen or housekeeping; southern exposure; reasohable.

    PARTY having a suite ot elegantly furnished rooms would rent to two gentlemen. F 29.

    PINE St.. SMO Elegantly furnished room; hot bath; all conveniences.

    PINE St.. lo Save money rooming downtown; newly furnished south fronts: modern Improve- ments; private family; minute's walk of pesi erne?. .

    PENDLETON Ave.. second-flo- front ror gentleman: ail znouem cuui:mt-;i.-ira- .

    f delightfully cool in summer: invite Inspection. " RUTOER GU lWi-V- ery nicely furnished hail room; southern exposure: bath: also room for Algnt nOUSEKeepinBi vy imtuniufie.

    mvrr s vZ two nlcelv furnished rooms for one or two gentlemen: terms reasonable.

    SIXTEENTH St.. 1435W N. Two connecting furnished housekeeping rooms, with cook

    love, water, laundry, etc.; reasonable and

    SECTH St.. HIS S. Very nicely furnished front room for gentleman: two Ih family: In walking distance of business district: very reasonable.

    TVTTT St.. R17 N, Coxv house, lust owned: LArvfhln new: rooms 15e. 20c: 3oc. 31 and un per j week: modem conveniences. Including free baths.

    C 1KA 1 f.. fpl. mnma ' hot and cold baths; all conveniences; terms rea- sonable. "TOWER GROVE. 1507 Three unrurnlshe.1

    k rooms; also extra room- -: JS per month: now topen. V1U. ' west ueiic

    "TWELFTH St.. 2300 S. Rooms complete for cht nouseKeeping; steam neat; running water

    ?n every room. TWENTY-SECON- D St.. 209 S. Nicely

    rooms: genu or light housekeeping; 31.50 ner week; references; also hall room, 31.

    WASHINGTON Ave.. lE7-Ro- cm for light DUscKeeping; win xurnisn; also otner rooms. ?Tip. "

    TVARHINGTON Ave. 1S0S Two nlcelv fur nished rooms for light housekeeping; also other room "WASHINGTON Ave., 1119 Neatly furnished fant and back rooms; well heated; with bath;

    fceap rent. WASHINGTON Ave.. 1503 Xewlr furnished

    "rooms for gentlemen only, by the day. week or tnoptn; nrc, not water, patn. luncnroom

    WEST BELLE Place. ly furnished eeond ftory room: nrivate family: all conven-

    iences: near Transit and Suburban cars.

    FOR REXT DWELLINGS. LINEELL Boulevard. SSSS, West ot Vande-ent- er

    Beautiful modern dwelling with reception ball and all modern conveniences: pos- session March 15. ,C W. BARNES.23 Walnwrlght building.

    T. ANQE Ave.. U2SEIeven rooms, bath, hot ter. and In good condition: price P). Apply

    la a. Xx CirflTllTHhsm. 431 Olrrt St.


    ROOMS WITH BOARD. Three Lines for Five Cents.

    Each Additional Line Five Cents Extra.

    "CLARKSOX riace. Ml CM Mo7a2r,l.'iersm" v front room: good beard;

    convenient to Transit and s3uburbancar.

    COOK Ave.. 3347-F- lne. latga furnished room with board; for couple or gents: all modern con- veniences

    COOK Ave.. furnished second-stor- y

    room: home cooking: private family, hot and cold bath; all conveniences; couple.

    DAYTON St.. SMA-Ne- wly furnished room; southern exposure; good board; nice famll


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