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<ul><li> 1. The Soul-Winner </li></ul> <p> 2. I. Soul-Winners TrainingA. Spiritual Training 1. The Soul-Winners Obligation 2. The Soul-Winners Education *Soul-winning is a priority, perennial and productive work for every Christian. 3. The Soul-Winners Motivation *A true concern and compassion for souls. 3. I. Soul-Winners Training 4. The Soul-Winners Operation a. The contact that is planned by God. b. The conversation that is prepared by God. c. The conviction that is produced by God. d. The conversion that is purposed by God. 5. The Soul-Winners Intercession 4. I. Soul-Winners Training B. Biblical Training 1. Memorizing the Bible a. Concentration b. Meditation c. Repetition d. Application *Marking and Mastering the Bible 5. I. Soul-Winners Training C. Practical Training 1. The art of presentability 2. The art of sociability 3. The art of adaptability 6. II. Soul-Winners TechniqueA.The Approach 1. The Shock Approach It denotes a sudden approach to a person, broaching the subject of his souls welfare at once. 2. The Gentle Approach This signifies the winning of the individual through deeds of kindness. 7. II. Soul-Winners Technique 3. The Conversational Approach This is a method which must be diligently cultivated by the soul-winner. 4. The Literature Approach The soul-winner must carry with him at all times well-written and tastefully produced booklets and tracts. 8. II. Soul-Winners Technique5. The After-Meeting Approach At the close of an evangelistic meeting, the soul-winner should keep a careful lookout for any who may be open to the gospel message. 6. The Planned Interview Approach In regular Christian work, this is the best method of all. 9. II. Soul-Winners Technique B. The Analysis The soul-winner should always be ready to see the prospects point of view. This can be done only through prayerful dependence of the Holy Spirit, free and easy conversation, thoughtful questions, patient listening and careful observation. 10. II. Soul-Winners Technique This analysis will let the soul-winner to discover that the prospect falls under one of the following categories: 1. A superficial sinner A type of person who evidences no conviction of sin whatsoever, and may even show a spirit of utter carelessness, flippancy, and amusements. 11. II. Soul-Winners Technique2. A skeptical sinner The individual who counters our approach with what he calls intellectual problems, or religious difficulties. 3. A serious sinner He is aware of his sin and need of the Savior, but do not know how to experience salvation. 12. II. Soul-Winners Technique C. The Appeal The analysis of the spiritual state of the prospect will determine the kind of appeal to win the soul. Each category will require its own treatment. Basically, however, the aim is to win the mind, heart and will. 13. II. Soul-Winners Technique To achieve this, it is necessary to present the gospel in order to: 1. Satisfy the Mind- This leads the prospect to say, I must be saved. 2. Stir the Heart- This leads the prospect to say, I can be saved. 3. Strengthen the Will- This leads the prospect to say, I will be saved. 14. EVANGELISM CODE Success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share the gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God. </p>