the skeletal system bryce tappan. function of the skeletal system the skeleton provides structural...

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  • The Skeletal System Bryce Tappan
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  • Function of the Skeletal System The skeleton provides structural support to the body; it provides a place for muscles to attach. It also acts as a protector for internal organs. Because many bones and muscles are dependent on one other, bones are necessary for proper movement. Bones also store nutrients and energy that are released into the blood when necessary. The primary role of bone marrow is to produce blood cells.
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  • Ligaments Ligaments are tissues made of collagen that connect bones together, and are crucial for movement. The point of connection is called a joint. Ligaments stretch allowing for movement and return to their original position and shape when the movement has been completed.
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  • Muscles The function of muscles is to create motion and force. There are different types of muscles: skeletal, smooth and cardiac. Skeletal muscles are joined to bones by tendons and together they give the skeleton the ability to move.
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  • Tendons Tendons are tissues made of collagen that connect muscles to bones. They have elastic properties and can stretch and flex to allow motion.
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  • Hydrostatic Skeletons Hydrostatic skeletons are skeletons made up of fluids that are under pressure within the body cavities of an organism. Changes in pressure of the hydrostatic skeleton alter the shape of the organism and allow for movement.
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  • Endoskeleton The purpose of the endoskeleton of animals is for structural support and to provide a place that muscles can connect to. It is made of mineralized tissue and exists within the body tissues. The endoskeleton is made of cartilage and bone.
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  • Exoskeleton An exoskeleton exists on the outside part of the body of an organism and serves as protection and support. Like endoskeletons, exoskeletons also provide a structure for muscles to attach to, and they are composed of chitin. They also play a role in excretion, sensing things, and preventing desiccation.
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  • Disorders of the Skeletal System Osteoarthritis a)Inflammation of the joints caused by wearing of cartilage that protects joints b)Discomfort and pain while walking, carrying weights, and other movements c)Arthritis is extremely common, especially among the elderly, and osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of all d)There is no known cure for arthritis, but the it can be treated through pain medication and physical therapy.
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  • Disorders of the Skeletal System Bone Cancer a)Bone cancer occurs when a malignant tumor within the bone kills normal tissue. If metastatic, the cancer can spread to other parts of the body from the bone. b)Sharp pains and swelling in and near bones is a sign of bone cancer. c)Bone tumors can be treated by removing them through surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy d)Bone cancer is a rare type of cancer, comprising less than 1% of all cases of cancer.


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