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An analysis of real estate conditions in Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, and Superior Colorado. Visit us online at


  • 1. THE SILVER FERN REPORT: Boulder An analysis of real estate market conditions in Boulder, Colorado May, 2010 Phone: 303 586 1241 |
  • 2. Real Estate Advisers Boulder, Colorado Phone: 303 586 1241 Make a Smarter Real Estate Decision
  • 3. Legal
    • This presentation was prepared exclusively for the benefit and use of the Silver Fern Homes clients in order to assist their study of real estate market conditions. This presentation is for discussion purposes only and is incomplete without an in-person, oral presentation by Silver Fern Homes. This presentation reflects our views of prevailing market conditions on this date, which are subject to change. Silver Fern Homes recommends careful and complete due diligence before buying or selling real estate or other investments. The following presentation is not to be construed as legal, tax, or investment advice. Silver Fern Homes will not be held liable for investment decisions derived from this presentation. Previous market performance is not a guarantee of future results and there is financial risk associated with buying or selling property. Consult with your financial, legal, and real estate advisers before making an investment decision. The data in this presentation was obtained by private and public sources, without independent verification.
  • 4. The Team
    • Osman Parvez: Co-Founder and Associate Broker. Osmans professional experience includes investment analysis, real estate development, and investment banking. He also loves being in the wilderness and has research experience studying the impacts of climate change. Osman holds an MBA in finance and a B.S. in Biology
    • Email: [email_address] ph: 303.746.6896
    • Dallice Tylee: Co-Founder and Managing Broker. She holds a GRI and is a Certified Negotiation Expert, EcoBroker, and Accredited Staging Professional. A native of New Zealand, Dallice's attention to detail and thorough, disciplined approach comes from previous professional experiences in health sciences. She is passionate about interior design and landscaping.
    • Email: [email_address] ph: 303.746.6765
    • Mia DeLong: Associate Broker. Mia loves historic home restoration and a creative eye for home improvement. She has six years of real estate experience and brings expertise from her experience in product management in the service industries. She holds a BBA in Marketing from UW-Wisconsin and her interests include running, biking, cooking, reading and photography.
    • Email: [email_address] ph: 303.717.2241
    • Crystal Callipari: Associate Broker. Crystals experience as a real estate investor and home builder provides unique insight on buying, selling and marketing strategies. Prior to joining Silver Fern, she was a frequent client of the firm, giving her perspective on the quality of service clients should expect from their broker. Crystal has lived in Colorado for over 13 years with her husband. She has two grade school aged children, one of whom is a competitive figure skater and the other a black belt in martial arts.
    • Email: [email_address] ph: 720.841.2701
    • Robbin Merta: Administrative Assistant. She has a B.F.A. in graphic design, experience owning several small businesses, and is studying for her Realtor's license. Her strong interest and experience in home renovation, both personally and professionally, is a practical complement to the Silver Fern team. She is a stained glass artist who also enjoys volleyball, cooking and martial arts.
    • Email: [email_address] ph: 303.993.6139
  • 5. Boulder Single Family Houses (detached dwellings)
  • 6. Sales Volume
    • 66 homes sold in April, up 69% from last year.
    • Remains below the historical average.
    • Up 59% over the past six months, reversing a 5 year trend.
    • Much of the sales volume recovery is attributable to the stimulus of tax credits.
  • 7. Inventory
    • Continues to track below last year. 506 homes available for purchase in April, 8% lower than the year before.
    • Remains well above historical average.
    • Selection remains tight below $500,000.
  • 8. Percent Under Contract + Months of Inventory
    • The top chart (green bars) shows percentage under contract by price range on May 12 th .
    • The bottom chart (gray bars) shows months of inventory based on 1 st quarter sales and inventory on May 12th.
    • The entry level remains the tightest segment of the Boulder market. There is a glut of inventory between $800,000 and $900,000, and at prices in excess of $1,000,000.
  • 9. Notable Sales Northfield Commons 3159 Ouray Street Key Statistics: 3 Bed, 3 Bath 4,009 SQFT Sold: 5/05/10 Days On Market: 335 Sold: $781,400 Percentage of Original Asking : 97% Proof that Boulder buyers like new construction too, this green built luxury home sold at near asking after about a year on market. One of several during the last 30 days at Northfield Commons. Dakota Ridge 4967 10 th Street Key Statistics: 4 Bed, 4 Bath 2,220 SQFT Sold: 4/19/10 Days on Market: 84 Sold: $515,000 Percentage of Original Asking : 99% The sellers of this house bought in 2007 for $480,000. After finishing the basement they likely did not break even, highlighting a potentially weak market at Dakota Ridge. Mapleton Hill 437 Pine Street Key Statistics: 4 Bed, 2 Bath 1,884 SQFT Sold: 5/06/10 Days on Market: 519 Sold: $872,030 Percentage of Original Asking : 88% A stellar location, historic charm, and beautiful remodel couldnt help this house overcome the big mistake of overpricing. It went through several reductions and a long period on market before finding a buyer.
  • 10. Boulder Town Homes and Condos (attached dwellings)
  • 11. Sales Volume
    • 80 town homes and condos sold in April, up 78% from the year before.
    • Sales volume is closely tracking the historical average this year.
    • Over the last six months, sales are up 50% from the year before, reversing a 4 year trend.
    • Tax credits clearly stimulated the local market. Going forward, unclear if the recovery will be sustainable.
  • 12. Inventory
    • 497 town homes and condos available for purchase in April, 2% below last year.
    • Generally in-line with recent seasonal levels and the historical average.
    • Selection is higher at the entry level, with big differences between price tranches.
  • 13. Percent Under Contract + Months of Inventory
    • The top chart (orange bars) shows percentage under contract by price range on May 12 th .
    • The bottom chart (blue bars) shows months of inventory based on 1 st quarter sales and inventory on May 12th.
    • The entry level remains the most active segment of the market, notably between $150,000 and $250,000.
  • 14. Boulder: Notable Sales The Arette 1077 Canyon Blvd, #302 Key Statistics: 3 Bed, 3 Bath 2,546 SQFT Sold: 4/19/10 Days On Market: Unknown Sold: $2,775,000 Percentage of Original Asking : Unknown At over $1,000 per SQFT, the sale price may set a record. One of two over the last thirty days at The Arette. Landmark Lofts 2810 E. College Ave, #302 Key Statistics: 2 Bed, 3 Bath 1,280 SQFT Sold: 4/26/10 Days on Market: 1,049 Sold: $430,000 Percentage of Original Asking : 96% Originally listed as under contract (during construction), this unit is one of 11 sold at the Landmark Lofts over the past thirty days. Holiday Neighbr. 1675 Zamia Ave Key Statistics: 2 Bed, 2 Bath 1,168 SQFT Sold: 4/21/10 Days on Market: 68 Sold: $315,000 Percentage of Original Asking : 94% Purchased for $299,000 in 2005, only cosmetic upgrades. Sets an appreciation benchmark of only 1.1% for comparable units.
  • 15.