The Science and Art of Visual Storytelling

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How to create an effective video content strategy for your brand Content remains the marketing buzzword du jour and while the appeal of video to consumers is clear, many brands are yet to implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy with video at its core. With exciting developments like Instagram Video and Vine adding to the complexity, in October 2013 Diffusion hosted a seminar, where media industry experts from YouTubem and Videojug shared their content marketing insights and advice.


<ul><li> 1. The Science and Art of Visual Storytelling 16 October 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. WELCOME TO DIFFUSION 3. About Diffusion Who we areDiffusion launched in 2008 to offer brands a truly integrated approach to communication and help them really connect with audiences across mainstream media, digital and social media platformsWe also wanted to offer clients real accountability, so we stand by our campaigns through guaranteed deliverables, clear metrics and a focus on measurementWhile campaign outputs really matter, we believe they always need to be aligned to clear business outcomes. Clients work on Diffusions payment-by-results modelWe are now a 30 strong team, based in London and New York implementing campaigns in the UK, US and internationallyWe have built dedicated teams specialising in the Consumer, Business Services, Entertainment and Mobile sectorsOur campaigns have received industry recognition for their creativity and measurable business results 4. Our Clients Experience in lifestyle &amp; personal finance 5. Martin Ashplant Head Of Content, FROM THE PUBLISHER 6. VIDEO CONTENT ON METRO.CO.UK What works, what doesnt 7. METRO.CO.UK SOME QUICK FACTS 16.8m UVs per month of which 50%+ are from mobileMobile-first site and outlook Responsively-designed site launched in Dec 2012Emphasis on stories worth sharing Social media referrals up 5x since Jan 2013Hugely data-driven Analytics monitored closely for all contentVideo stories accounted for appx 1m PVs in Sep 2013 about 6% of all trafficPROJECT NAMEDD/MM/YY7 8. 5 THINGS TO MAKE VIDEO DO A VIRAL Make them funny Ensure they provoke a reaction Are they topical and of the moment? Can they be easily embedded? If they are PR, be honest about itPROJECT NAMEDD/MM/YY8 9. ONE TO LEARN FROMPROJECT NAMEDD/MM/YY9 10. @mashplant on Twitter 11. Hamish Nicklin Head of YouTube and Creative Agency Sales at GoogleVIEW FROM YOUTUBE 12. Tom Laidlaw CEO, VideojugVIEW FROM PRODUCTION 13. How To Get Video Working For Your Brand Five Common Questions &amp; Essential Tips1. We need a video?2. How much is a video? 3. Do we really need more than 1 video? 4. Why Is no-one watching it?5. What about Vine &amp; Instagram? 14. Q: We Need a Video A: You Probably Need a Sustainable Content StrategyVideo is the most powerful medium &amp; improves performance of all channels.But what exactly are you trying to do? 15. Q: We Need a Video A: You Probably Need a Sustainable Content Strategy1. Awareness Social distribution, seeding to 3rd party sites Viral and/or Pre-roll content 2. Engagement Dwell-time &amp; repeat visits to brand channels Consistent formats3. Conversion Very specific information Purchase influenceTip 1: Be Clear Early On About How Video Fits In With Your Content &amp; Comms Strategy 16. Q: How Much Is A Video? A: Lets Ask The Right QuestionsA man with cam= 250A top agency= 100kMost are between the two. 17. Q: How Much Is A Video? A: Lets Ask The Right Questions1.Overall Budget Must reflect value to your business2.Production Costs One-offs are expensive, cheaper in volume Be careful selecting talent, locations &amp; music3.Distribution Costs Lots to do here Save 10-50% for it depending on objectives4.Feedback &amp; Sign-off Most cost over-runs come post-production Feed-back &amp; sign-off work-flow clarity is criticalTip 2: You decide the budget. Let the agency tell you how to spend it. Stick to the plan. 18. Q: Do I Really Need More Than 1 Video? A: Yes You Probably DoYou probably have a lot to say. Attention is short. 19. Q: Do I Really Need More Than 1 Video? A: Yes You Probably DoOne-offSeriesHow to Make Quick &amp; Easy DoughnutsKeep Calm &amp; Bake: Homemade DougnutsTime live3 yearsTime live7 monthsViews10,734Views19,115Audience Retention34.7%Audience Retention51.9%Subscribers Gained9Subscribers Gained136Likes/Dislikes29/4Likes/Dislikes348/6Comments0Comments67Shares0Shares10Tip 3: Audiences build up if you serialise your story &amp; listen constantly to the audience 20. Q: Why Is No-one Watching? A: Because You Need to Do This Bit Properly As Well100hrs of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 1m views. 21. Q: Why Is No-one Watching? A: Because You Need to Do This Bit Properly As Well Viral hits are fantastic, but statistically very rare. Most probably have paid views. This is part of the campaign Data is more useful than views. Focus on view-thru, shares &amp; subs Publish at the right time of the week With the right meta-data, especially thumbnails Embed in FB, tweet, seed to influencers etc (ideally within 48hrs) Engage directly with the audience whenever possible Dont bury it. Embed &amp; link it on landing pages.Tip 4: Video does not watch itself, so either your agency has to do these things or you do 22. Q: What About Vine? And Instagram? A: If Youre Already Social, Why Not Have A Go Right Now?A Vine is 4x more likely to be watched than a brand video1. Instagram videos have 2x engagement rate of photos2.Stats courtesy of 17th Chamber, 2Simply Measured 23. Q: What About Vine? And Instagram? A: If Youre Already Social, Why Not Have A Go Right Now?BacardiVideojug FoodTip 5: These are social channels so its about building followers with consistency &amp; fun stuff. 24. How To Get Video Working For Your Brand Common Questions &amp; Essential Tips1. Set a clear video content strategy planned early 2. Align your budget to the opportunity, then find the best agency to match 3. Video does not just get watched, someone has to make this happen 4. Develop consistency, a conversational video strategy is most sustainable 5. Take it further on Vine &amp; Instagram with chatty, unselfconscious content 25. Tom Malcolm Head Of Consumer, DiffusionVIEW FROM THE AGENCY 26. Our core philosophy The future is integratedPaidOwnedEarned 27. Air New Zealand An Unexpected Briefing One of Mashables Most Viral Videos Of 2012 28. RESULTS Top10 In Mashables Global 2012 Viral Video Chart+10m Views of 2012 Hobbit Safety Video 29. Air New Zealand: The Official Airline To Middle Earth Coverage highlights 30. Air New Zealand: The Official Airline To Middle Earth Online EngagementCNN Travel Writer (52,724 followers) 31. BUT THIS WAS NOT AIR NEW ZEALANDS FIRST STEP INTO VIDEO 32. THE FIRST VIDEO WAS LAUNCHED IN 2009 WITH CREW IN BODY PAINT 33. AND SINCE HAS INCLUDED THE ALL BLACKS 34. RICHARD SIMMONS GETTING PASSENGERS FIT TO FLY 35. AND BEAR GRYLLS IN THE WORLDS FIRST OUTDOOR SAFTEY VIDEO 36. SO WHAT HAS BEEN THE PRECIOUS SECRET TO THEIR SUCCESS? 37. 1. TRANSFORMED THE TRADITIONALLY BORING INTO THE UNIQUE AND INTERESTING 38. 2. IDENTIFYING TALENT WITH INTERNATIONAL APPEAL 39. 3. FRAME THE STORY FOR DIFFERENT INTERNATIONAL MARKETS 40. 4. SUPPORT AND SEED THROUGH OWNED SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS 41. 5. BUILDING THE STORY BEYOND THE CONTENT 42. ANY QUESTIONS? 43. Contact Information Tom Malcolm Head Of Consumer T: +44 (0) 207 291 0233 E: Copyright Notice Ideas are our business, so youll understand that we proactively monitor and defend our intellectual property. All concepts, materials and creative ideas presented in this plan remain the property of Diffusion PR and Communications Limited, until such time as a legally binding commercial agreement is in place.</p>