the rusty orchestra oboe annabelle farid¢¾° sheila byfield melissa barnier cor...

The Rusty Orchestra OBOE Annabelle Farid¢¾° Sheila Byfield Melissa Barnier COR ANGLAIS Leanne Glover
The Rusty Orchestra OBOE Annabelle Farid¢¾° Sheila Byfield Melissa Barnier COR ANGLAIS Leanne Glover
Download The Rusty Orchestra OBOE Annabelle Farid¢¾° Sheila Byfield Melissa Barnier COR ANGLAIS Leanne Glover

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  • Sunday 16 June Perth Concert Hall

    On Stage Tonight



    Peter has entertained young audiences in Asia and Australia with concerts designed to introduce young people to the delights and excitement of classical music. The highly successful Babies Proms Concerts with Singapore Symphony Orchestra, West Australian Youth Orchestra and Penang Philharmonic are now in their 14th, 30th and 3rd year respectively.

    He is a frequent guest Conductor/Presenter with West Australian Symphony Orchestra and is delighted to be invited as conductor for ‘The Rusty Orchestra’ for the 6th year.

    Peter has also had a distinguished career as a professional bassoonist, having been a member of Scottish Chamber Orchestra,

    West Australian Symphony Orchestra and for 13 years, Principal bassoon with Australian Chamber Orchestra. He has also played as guest Principal bassoon with Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

    From 2004 – 2016 Peter was Principal Baroque and Classical bassoon with Australian Brandenburg Orchestra.

    For 20 years Peter was an Associate Professor and Head of Wind Studies/Conducting at the University of Western Australia, and is regularly invited to conduct the WAAPA Symphony Orchestra.

    Currently Peter is Musical Director and Conductor for West Australian Youth Orchestra Association, a position he has held since 1988.

    SIBELIUS Finlandia PROKOFIEV Romeo and Juliet: Montagues and Capulets TCHAIKOVSKY Selections from The Nutcracker March Character Dances (Divertissement): Arabian Dance Chinese Dance Russian Dance (Trepak) Waltz of the Flowers SHOSTAKOVICH Symphony No.5 (fourth movement)

    Peter Moore conductor

    This evening’s program will include:

    The Rusty Orchestra

    *Instruments used by these musicians are on loan from Janet Holmes á Court AC

    VIOLIN Semra Lee-Smith A/Assoc Concertmaster

    Jason Chong Zak Rowntree* Principal 2nd Violin

    Marianne Holzherr Amy Furfaro^ Beth Hebert Jane Johnston Ellie Lawrence Andrea Mendham Lucas O’Brien Ken Peeler Jolanta Schenk Baodi Tang Teresa Vinci⁰ David Yeh Heidi Celestin Ruth Chang Lynne Cunningham Eva Gabriels Heather Lane Helen Milner Ronniet Orlando Ichina Parker

    Tanya Ramakrishnan Jake Taylor

    VIOLA Alex Brogan A/Principal Viola

    Kierstan Arkleysmith Nik Babic Alison Hall Allan McLean Shelley Cross Renee McKenzie Margaret Schlink Darren Schwarz Maxinne Sclanders

    CELLO Shigeru Komatsu Oliver McAslan Fotis Skordas Tim South Melinda Forsythe⁰ Ross Burton Aileen Emery Deborah Fairbairn Alison Mayne Jennifer Quartermaine

    DOUBLE BASS Andrew Sinclair* Louise Elaerts Christine Reitzenstein Keith Bender Christine Bezic Marco Campagna

    FLUTE Andrew Nicholson ˇAnonymous

    Penelope Hall Susan Kay Richard Scales

    PICCOLO Michael Waye ˇJosh & Pamela Pitt

    OBOE Annabelle Farid⁰ Sheila Byfield Melissa Barnier

    COR ANGLAIS Leanne Glover ˇSam & Leanne Walsh

    CLARINET Allan Meyer Lorna Cook Glenda Husk Didi Jaeche Karina Preston

    BASS CLARINET David Thompson

    BASSOON Jane Kircher-Lindner Jake Busby Donna Feehan

    CONTRABASSOON Chloe Turner

    HORN David Evans Alex Morton⁰ Francesco Lo Surdo Lucie Alexander Alan Cressie Martin Lodge Alina Luff

    TRUMPET Fletcher Cox⁰ Peter Miller Martin Parkinson Barry Telfer

    TROMBONE Joshua Davis ˇDr Ken Evans & Glenda Campbell-Evans

    Phil Mendel

    BASS TROMBONE Philip Holdsworth Paul Steed

    TUBA Cameron Brook ˇPeter & Jean Stokes

    Andrew Marsden Arthur Thompson

    PERCUSSION Brian Maloney Francois Combermorel Jet Kye Chong Ruth Lira Carissa Soares

    HARP Bronwyn Wallis^

    PIANO Adam Pinto^

    SAXOPHONE Matthew Styles^

    Principal Associate Principal Contract Musician° Guest Musician^ Rusty Orchestra Musician ˇChair partnered by