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<ul><li>1.The RusticRoseOlamide IsraelArt 1301 Section 62430</li></ul> <p>2. Yellow Roses in a Vase (Rosesjaunes dans un vase) Yellow rose is a oil oncanvaspainting, painted in 1882by a French artistnamed GustaveCaillebotte. This paintingwas painted to reflectthe lushness of the openpetals as they drop, atthe same time focusingthe viewers attention tothe full blown roses inthe center. 3. The Rustic Rose by OlamideIsrael The rustic rose is a image of a roses amongst order flowers. taken on January 6, 2013 using an Apple iPad 2. 4. ART ELEMENTS AND DESIGNPRINCIPLES The image of the rose was fully blown to reflect the actual lines and natural patterns that draw attention to the rustic roses uniqueness without cutting out the image of the other flowers around the rose. The image radiates ambient light which helps to show the rusticity of the roses. The colors in this image is a mixture of natural colors and hue colors. The natural colors on the flowers in the background helps focus the viewers attention on the roses. 5. INTERPRETATION OF THEMES Rather than other titles thatcame to my mind, I choose toname this image The Rustic Rosebecause the title reflects not onlythe image as whole but also thefocus of the image. The Rustic inthe title represents the visualtexture of the image. The sharpcontrast of the roses and variedfadedness of each roserepresents an object of time pastthat is losing its strength/texture:at the point of death. While thelittle petals in the backgroundrepresents the uprising of a newlife. 6. INTERPRETATION OF THEMES By painting an image ofroses that are fully blownand roses whose petals arefalling off in the same vasethe painter is depicting lifeand death. The fully blownside of the vase which isthe right side depicts lifeand new beginning alongside the white marble tablein which the vase is placed.While the left side of thevase represents death. Thiscan also be associatedwith the dark backgroundof the painting. 7. MEDIA AND TECHNIQUE, TIMEPERIOD AND GEOGRAPHICALLOCATIION Gustave Caillebotte wasan impressionist painterwho started painting ataround the age of 11.from the time he startedpainting till when hedied in 1894 he wasknown to have paintedvarious still life oil oncanvas painting such asYellow Rose. Thepainting was painted inFrance in 1882 whenGustave was 34. 8. COMPARE onYELLOW ROSE 1882 Oil AND CONTRASTTHE RUSTIC ROSE 2013 canvas painting by Gustave Picture by Olamide Israel. Caillebotte 9. COMPARE AND CONRAST Both are a representation of roses and flowersin general and they are art thatcommunicates thoughts ideas and emotions. Gustavo incorporated light and darkness intohis painting through the painting of the lightmarble table and the dark background whichhelps to focus the viewers attention on thevase. Rather than use light and darkness to focusthe viewers attention on the roses, I snappedthe picture of the roses at close proximitymaking the petals around the roses less visible. 10. REFRENCE Gustave Caillebotte. "Yellow Roses in a Vase (Roses JaunesDans Un Vase)." Dallas Museum of Art - Collections. N.p., n.d.Web. 14 Jan. 2013. Lazzari, Margaret R., and Dona Schlesier. Exploring Art: AGlobal, Thematic Approach. 3rd ed. Boston, MA:Thomson/Wadsworth, 2008. Print. </p>