The Rise of Home Based Businesses

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Infographic showing the Rise of Home Based Businesses


<ul><li> 1. Home Based Businesses The Numbers Are Through The Roof! Presented by 38 Million Home businesses in the US today.... ...Thats nearly 1 in every 8 homes! FACT: More than 1/2 of all new businesses start as home-based businesses Generating And lots of new jobs: 75.4% 58.0% 31.6% In annual revenue Have paid full-time employees Have paid part-time employees Use contractors or outside consultants Wake-up call: Home based businesses create 1 new job every 11 seconds! 58.2% Woman-owned 46.5% Minority-owned 55.4% Veteran-owned 50.8% Have a college degree 7.9% Service-disabled Its opportunity for entrepreneurs of all ages:</li></ul>