The Rhetorical Appeals: Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Three methods to Persuade ethos pathos logos.

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  • The Rhetorical Appeals: Ethos, Pathos, Logos
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  • Three methods to Persuade ethos pathos logos
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  • Ethos In speeches, ethos is appeal based on the expertise of the speaker. An ethos-driven document relies on the reputation of the author.
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  • Ethos Persuading by the use of the authors character. Ethical appeal: the author shares the same values and morals as you. plain folks appeal: the author/candidate tries to say that they are like regular people; they are on your side.
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  • Ethos Testimonial: relies on endorsements from celebrities or satisfied customers.
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  • Example George Foreman and his Grilling Machine Boxer Fitness Preacher, too!
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  • Pathos This is an appeal to emotion. Persuading an audience through the use of their emotions.
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  • Pathos Appeal to pity, fear, or vanity: uses strong feelings rather than facts and evidence to persuade. Loaded language: uses words with positive and negative connotations to stir peoples emotions. Transfer: connecting a product, candidate, or cause with a positive image or idea.
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  • Few of our children breathe fresh air in their schools, which are being sprayed, inside and out, with millions of pounds of deadly, nervous system destroying pesticides.
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  • The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge provides a safe refuge for 180 species of migratory birds, serves as a birthing ground for one of the hemisphere's largest caribou herds and has been home to the Gwinch'in people for a thousand generations. Ninety-five percent (95%) of Alaska's North Slope is already available to Big Oil, but these companies want it all.
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  • Logos This is an appeal based on logic. The author/speaker tries to use logic to persuade.
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  • Logos Persuading by using reasoning skills. Appeal to logic: Author/speaker tries to reason with you with logic, facts, and data. Deductive reasoning: when you apply a general principle to a specific situation. Inductive reasoning: when you look at specific evidence and make a generalization.
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  • NASA sees its mission to explore Mars as an endeavor to seek out the possibility of life on that planet. Knowing if water was on Mars is the first step in this research.
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  • Ethos and Pathos have their place in a communitys rhetoric generally not used for professional or academic purposes
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  • Logos Logic, or the appearance thereof, is what you want to strive for in academics, work, and other professional endeavors.


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