the renaissance. agenda bell ringer: what is the impact of the black death on europe? lecture, the...

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  • The Renaissance

  • AgendaBell Ringer: What is the impact of the Black Death on Europe? Lecture, The RenaissanceImage Analysis, famous Renaissance PaintersMachiavelli AnalysisWas the Renaissance relevant? Video Impact of Technology Discussion

    HW: Begin next set of focus questions. Read the sections on the Renaissance in Chapter 13, All of Chapter 15.

  • RenaissanceA rebirth of art and learning.Black Death ruins economic growth.Medici family controls Florence through wealth.Part of the merchant class.Renaissance focuses on learning Greek and Roman traditions. (Powerful Empires)Focuses on human potential and achievement.Focuses on Greco-Roman values instead of Christian teachings. Humanities

  • HumanismFocuses on human potential and achievement.Focuses on Greco-Roman values instead of Christian teachings. Humanities PetrarchCreated a library of Roman and Greek Manuscripts. He aided in getting Greek and Roman names out to the public.

  • Machiavelli and the RenaissanceWrote The Prince in 1513.The handbook on how to control a country.Two perspectives, a way to give rulers an upper hand. A way to provide peasants with a guide to ruling families.

  • Northern Renaissance WritingsErasmus is known for creating a New Testament and placing it in the vernacular. The Praise of FollySir Thomas MoreWrote UtopiaAn ideal society where men and women live in harmony.ShakespeareBegins writing in the 1580s, also wrote in vernacular.

  • Gutenberg and the Printing Press1456, Gutenberg invents the printing press. Created the complete edition of the bible, and it went on to sell 20 million copies.Many learn to read.Expanded intellectualism.

  • Artists of the RenaissanceMichelangeloStatue of David (Stone)Painting the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

  • Artists of the RenaissanceLeonardo Da VinciBorn 1452, a genius. Paintings were realistic, a departure from Medieval works. Mona Lisa, The Last Supper

  • Artists of the RenaissanceDonatelloCredited with David (but a bronze one completed 40 years before Michelangelos.

  • Artists of the RenaissanceRaphaelPaintings represented an ideal beauty, MadonnasSchool of Athens

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