the renaissance 1485-1625 mrs. cumberland 1485-1625 mrs. cumberland

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  • The Renaissance1485-1625

    Mrs. Cumberland

  • Break it Up1558-1602: The Elizabethan1603-1625: Jacobean1625-1649: Caroline Age1649-1669: Commonwealth Period

  • The Reign of: The reign of Elizabeth I: 1586-1603The reign of James I: 1603-1625

  • Rebirth: interest in Greek/Latin classics

  • RulersTudor England (1500-1557)Henry VII- acceded to throne in 1485

  • The RulersHenry VIII: acceded to throne in 1509Edward VI: acceded to throne in 1547Mary I: acceded to throne in 1553-57

  • ContentWorld view shifts from religion and afterlife to one stressing the human life on earthPopular theme: development of human potentialRefinement of the language:NationalVernacular literatureUnrequited love:Constant, timeless, courtly

  • Style/ GenrePoetrySonnetMetaphysical poetryElaborate and unexpected metaphors called conceits

  • Drama:Written in verseSupported by royaltyTragedies, Comedies, Histories

  • EffectCommoners welcomed at some productions while conservatives try to close the theaters on grounds that they promote brazen behaviorsNot all middle-class embrace the metaphysical poets and their abstract conceits

  • Key AuthorsShakespeareThomas WyattBen JonsonCavalier PoetsMetaphysical PoetsJohn DonneChristopher MarloweAndrew MarvellRobert HerrickKatherine Phillips

  • Historical ContextWar of the Roses ends in1485 and political stability arrivesPrinting press helps stabilize English as a languageEconomy changes from farm-based to one of international trade

  • British Events/ World Events1485: Henry VII becomes the first Tudor king1500 Everyman first performed1516 Thomas More publishes Utopia1492 Columbus lands in Western Hemisphere1497 Africa: Vasco da Gama rounds Cape of Good Hope1503 Italy: Leonardo da Vinci paints Mona Lisa1509: Michelangelo paints ceiling of the Sistine Chapel1513: Ponce de Leon explores Florida

  • Cape of Good HopeMona LisaPonce de LeonMichelangelos painting

  • British Events/ World Events1534 Henry VII issues Act of Supremacy1534: Church of England established1535: Thomas More executed1549: The Book of Common Prayer issued1521: Italy: Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther1530: Poland: Copernicus completes treatise on astronomy1532: Peru: Pizarro conquers Incas

  • Thomas MoreCopernicusChurch of EnglandPizarro

  • British Events/ World Events1558: Elizabeth I becomes queen1563: More than 20,000 Londoners die in plague1564: Shakespeare is born1556: India: Akbar the Great comes to power1567: South America: 2 million Indians die of typhoid1567: Brail: Rio de Janeiro founded by Portuguese

  • Akbar the GreatShakespeareBubonic PlagueRio de Janeiro

  • British Events/ World Events1576: Francis Drake return from circumnavigating the globe1588: English navy defeats Spanish Armada1590: Edmund Spenser publishes The Faerie Queene, Part I1594: Shakespeare writes Romeo and Juliet1599: Globe theatre opens1580: France: Montaignes Essays published1582: Italy: pope Gregory XIII introduces new calendar1595: South America: Sir Walter Raleigh explores Orinoco River

  • Francis DrakeEdmund SpenserThe Globe TheatreSir Walter Raleigh

  • British Events/ World Events1600: East India Company founded1603: Elizabeth I dies; James I becomes king1606: Guy Fawkes executed for gun powder plot1606: Royal debt amounts to more than 600,0001605: Spain: Cervantes publishes Part I of don Quixote1607: North America: British colony established at Jamestown1609: Italy: Galileo builds first telescope1609: North America: French colony of Quebec established

  • James IGuy FawkesCervantesGalileo

  • British Events/ World Events1611: King James Bible published1625: James I dies1618: Germany: Kepler proposes laws of planetary motion1618: Europe: Beginning of the Thirty Years War1620: North America pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock


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