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This issue is about self rebirth.


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SPRING has quickly arrived! Now time to exhale the past and move onto bigger and better for 2013. This year let the question be “How can I better myself?” because this is where we struggle. How can we progress if we don't reflect on ourselves and push for improvements? We live for improvements in ourselves and we urge for that growth of status, that growth of knowledge and simply the growth of self reflection. In this issue you will see that its about allowing yourself a REBIRTH, giving yourself the option to become a better person and become whoever it is that you want to be.Allow the Rebirth to show you changes, take you through stories that make you want to try something new for a change.


Victor LuisFounder/Editor-in-Chief


“Supernova”Photography Jonathan Croft

Model Megan Lessard Style Ethan Starr + Melissa Parrish

Hair/Make up Myrna Garcia for Nube Nove

Manicurist Lashon Evans of Flaunt Beauty Bar

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Written by Michelle Marks

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NATIVE is a trendy watering hole that puts a twist on your local neighborhood bar. A place where the decor and name resonates with the rich culture and history of Orlando. For first experience in Native I was blown away with the kindness of the staff and not just the ones searching for a tip but everyone from door guy to GM. Their knowledge of the newest bar on the block was impressive including the potential exclusive micro brews from Orlando breweries, the best whiskey downtown and word on the street is the owners may decide to feature a different local artist each month and with the artist culture growing in Orlando, what a great idea (and honor) it would be for local artist of all kinds.

The Team Market Group (TMG) has done a phenomenal job in not only the construction but the tone and vibe of this new jewel. All I see from here is an upward spiral to stardom for this venue with so much potential and growth with this new concept down town!

This revamped and upgraded space is open and airy, roomy and nice. Not only great for going and hanging out with your friends and colleagues, but how about an artist showcase, a charity happy hour or football Sunday? Not to mention the private VIP loft party area on the second floor! Here you can rent out the entire space or they have bottle service.

Native is located in the heart of downtown at 27 W. Church St, Native is looking to bring the buzz back on the block and from what I see this is happening. Their soft opening consisted of 2 days (originally planned 1 day) was wall to wall comfortably. Their drink specials fit the...

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area so nicely, during happy hour you can get a $2 “Tall Boy” served with a paper bag around it for esthetic.

For the history buff, footprints of the early Seminole Tribes, remains of famous Fort Gatlin, and achievements by original pioneers such as Joseph Bumby are all brought to life as they pay tribute to what laid the foundation for what we have all come to know and love about Central Florida can all be observed while enjoying your ice cold “Tall Boy.”

They are open 7 days a week and welcome you to come as you are, whether it be after work, pre-dinner, post-game, or dressed to the nines for a night on the town. You can enjoy live music during their happy hour from 6-9pm and enjoy scenic views of historical Church Street from their outside patio. They offer an eclectic mix of beverages, from proprietary specialty drinks to local craft beer that is brewed just blocks away from the bar. Or you can sample exclusive whiskey brands or experience their bottle service, if you so desire. Their staff is vibrant, friendly and refreshing. The vibe is relaxed and the music is always familiar. They’ve created this bar for you, the Natives.

For more information on upcoming events, visit their website at

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CONTRIBUTORS:NATIVE Social Bar, Michelle Marks, Shelby, Jessica Diana, Carlos Mazo, Love+Leather, Brooke Register, Hunter Denoyelles, Alecia Renee, Luis Lopez, Bridget Ray, Samantha Alvarez, Katrina Koory, Megan Lessard, Myrna Garcia, Lashon Evans, Flaunt Beauty Bar, Christelsie, Bo Spencer, Posche Models, Shannon Kristen,Angee Killian Huntley, Della Belleza e Moda, MArlene Garcia Turner, Darryl Sposato, LAura Kirkpatrick, Eri Vincent, Elina Bolam, K Hendrix Clothing, Gregorii, Jai Gallery, Thomas Synnamon, Troy Cannata, Ford Models, Michael Fusco and Ariel Vaga.

SPECIAL THANKS:NATIVE Social Bar, Nube Nove, Truffles Grill, Jai Gallery and all the photographers, MUA, Hair Stylists, Designers, Assistants, Models, Stylist, Art Directors, agents, artist and everyone who made this issue possible. We are here because of all your support! VIVA LA MODA!

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éclatPHOTOGRAPHY Jona!an Cro" STYLE E!an Starr + Mel#sa Pa$% Model Shelby

MAKEUP Jessica Diana HAIR Carlos Mazo


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Ring Henri Bendel

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Necklace Love+Leather

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Necklace Love+Leather

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Bangles/Bracelets Henri Bendel

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Necklace Love+Leather

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Earrings Henri Bendel

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Shoes Gianni bini Handbag Henri Bendel

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Shoes Gianni biniSunglasses Stylist’s own Handbag Henri Bendel

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What sparked your interest in creating jewelry?

My love for fashion and wanting to create unique pieces for myself that I could rock that couldn't be found at the mall.  How is designing jewelry different from designing clothes? I think that jewelry is designed to stand out and make the outfit or complete it. Its kind of the extra "edge" to the clothing you are wearing.

What is the inspiration behind the name "Love+Leather"? I wanted to combine a soft side, Love, with a harder/rocker side, Leather, to bring a line that everyone can rock.  Where can we find your work?

All of my pieces are available on my website, You can also follow me on instagram @loveandleather to keep up with ootd style posts of my necklaces.   Is there anyone in particular that you would absolutely LOVE to see where your jewelry?

 I'd love to see Love + Leather rocked by my fave style maven Alexa Chung!! or Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie Where do you hope to see Love+Leather in the future? I want get my line out to LA.  I want to see it being worn by celebrities and in magazines and used on the runway and in photo shoots.  I want Love + Leather to become the necklace everyone wants to be seen wearing!

 Do you plan to venture outside of jewelry design?

Right now I just want to focus on creating the best of the best in jewelry but who knows what may happen in the future. i wouldn't rule it out!   So far, what is your favorite collection that you have created and why?

My favorite collection is probably the Rocks + Roll collection.  I just love the edginess and the rocker feel of it.   What type of person are your designs geared towards?

My pieces are made for the rocker rebels, the boho lovers, and anyone who wants to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. They are versatile enough to rock with a vintage band tee during the day and then be thrown on with a cocktail dress at night. Do you think your jewelry makes a statement? what does it say?

It says "I rock" "I'm unique" "I've got style" (its a blabbermouth-haha) What advice would you give aspiring designers?

I would tell them to have a vision, set goals for what they want to accomplish and then keep on going and never give up! Don't sit back and hope success comes to you, go out and make it happen!

“Its kind of the extra "edge..."

Renee Tobias is a self taught jewelry designer with a passion for creating and an entrepreneurial spirit.


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WILD &FREEPhotography Jonathan Croft Model Brooke Register @ Elite Hunter Denoyelles Hair Carlos Mazo Make up Alecia Renee Style Ethan Starr+ Melissa Parrish On set Assistant Luis Lopez


Page 23: The Rebirth

Chiffon top, denim top and skirt from Dillard’s

Page 24: The Rebirth

Hunter: Tattoo top by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, fur vest by H&MBrooke: Chiffon top, denim top and skirt from Dillard’s

Page 25: The Rebirth

Top by Material Girl @ Macy’s, denim stonewashed skinnies from Macy’s

Page 26: The Rebirth

Hunter: Sequined blazer H&M’s luxury line, Owl sweatshirt from Zara

Page 27: The Rebirth

Brooke: Lace top at Dillard’s, snake skin leggings by INCHunter: Dress by Gianni Bini, fur vest from BeBe

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MICHELLE MARKST: 678-367-7508

E: [email protected]

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New Beginnings, New Design, New DirectionHere we are, a new year and a new season around the corner. I think many of us gladly welcomed 2013 with open arms. We have our New Year resolutions, new goals and new plans. 2013, will it be a lucky year? As we’ve spent the last several years in a down economy and with a sense of uncertainty, what better reason to make a change? Make a fresh start, a new beginning, a rebirth of our lives. Spring is a time of renewal and it is just about to bloom.

As a business owner, my new beginning is the launch of Cherish Baby Planning and Interior Design. My name is Bridget Ray; I’m the founder and owner of this consulting and interior design company. What’s a baby planner you ask? My five second elevator description: “I’m a consultant to new and expecting families. I provide complete baby planning, concierge and interior design services.” Compared to most industries out there, this one is still very new. Many people have not heard of it or they have heard of it but really don’t understand what we do. Now that I think about it, it’s more than just a new beginning for me, but something new for those who want and need this service. Baby Planners are now, what wedding planners were about twenty five years ago.

Now, regarding the interior design side of my business. That alone was my first job out of college. A graduate from The University of Alabama, I studied design and received my Bachelor of Science degree in interior design. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for it, and I was always very creative. I always had quite the elaborate and ingenious Barbie homes, which would take up almost all the floor space of whichever room I decided to claim. I must have had some very understanding and patient parents to deal with that. So fast forward to now. I’m now doing what I love, and what I’ve always dreamed of. I will say this; it’s the passion behind the work that distinguishes Cherish Baby Planning and Interior Design from the rest.

I mentioned earlier about a rebirth of our lives. How can we do that? In the world of fashion and design, it can be a makeover, a new look. Ask yourself this question: “What inspires me?” That inspiration is the seed that is planted and grows into something that is special and something beautiful. That inspiration is also how the design process begins. To do what I do, and do it well, it’s my job as a professional to get in a client’s head. I find out all about a person’s likes and dislikes, feelings and emotions, and put it all together. The end result is a space that is carefully executed, harmonious and makes a statement when you enter the room.

Perhaps you have contemplated redoing your home, or perhaps just a room such as your family room. You’re really tired of the same old same old, but are not sure where to begin. Are you drawn to certain styles and colors? Or do you view interior design as too complicated and overwhelming and are not sure what you really like? Either way, it’s okay. That’s where I come in. I help you figure all that out and make it happen. If you’re thinking now how you have spring cleaning to do, why not go ahead with plans for that design project that’s been on your mind for so long?

Here’s a list of to do’s:

1. Figure out your style. There are so many styles of design. Classic, Contemporary, Rustic, Minimalist, Gothic, Art Deco, Southwestern, Tropical, Mediterranean and so on. Perhaps you like elements from several styles. Once you relate to a style, store that away for safe keeping. Collect photos that convey this style you admire. You’ve now created a foundation for defining who you are.

2. Now consider the color, light, texture and sound. What is it about your current design that you like? Dislike? Is the room too dark? Are you tired of the color on your walls? Is your sofa uncomfortable and too small for the size of the room? Does the sound from your television bounce off the walls and create an unpleasant, overly loud noise? What changes would you like to make? These factors all stimulate us, whether we realize it or not, when we enter a room.

As a designer, when I work with a client I have many considerations to think about. The aesthetics, the psychology and budget. These are just a few. It’s a job that requires me to wear many hats! It’s my passion to create a space that is functional, uniquely yours and within budget. Though every job is different, there are some aspects about design that are constant.

1. Scale and proportion – furniture should be appropriate to the size of the room.

“Figure out your style”

Page 35: The Rebirth

2. Lighting – creates the ambiance in a room. Accent lighting highlights a specific object or area creating effect and adding drama. Ambient lighting can be a ceiling mounted pendant or wall light which can be dimmed for mood lighting. Task lighting is direct lighting needed in a specific area such as work surfaces like a desk or counter.

3. Texture – it adds variety, both a visually and sensory experience. Pattern can show up in fabric, but another interesting way to add pattern is by repetition of objects, such as vases on a shelf.

4. Color – the easiest way to create a new, visually appealing look. A fresh coat of paint on the walls or furniture can drastically update the appearance of a tired room. A super quick change is adding pops of color such as new accent pillows on a sofa, a new area rug or even a lamp.

Like the world around us, interior design is always changing. 2013 showers us with many new opportunities. New ideas, new trends, new products, the options are unlimited. One I’m very excited about is color! They’re hot, brilliant, strong and saturated. Take a look, get inspired and imagine how adding color to your world would change things.

1. Emerald Green: “Symbolically, emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal, and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world.” Quoted by the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

2. Young, vibrant colors are still going strong. Think classic red lipstick, glowing bright yellow, shocking pink and electric blue.

3. Tan is the new tan! The old neutral grays have gone by the wayside. Though grays can still be used, the tan will bring a fresh, warm glow to the neutral scene.

4. Stronger and darker blue and navy. These colors are showing up everywhere from wall color to fabrics. Use it as an accent wall color or be bold with all over wall color to make a statement.

5. Black and White. Back again, and it’s used as dominant colors on furniture and fabrics. This will pop up in finishes that are both matte and also lacquer. Think back to the days when everything was ultra-gloss!

So as the volume is turned up on color, there’s a lot of other excitement with design too. We can start to see more classic patterns show up on fabric, a step in the opposite direction of the plainer, simple looks we’ve been accustomed to. Remember brass lamps? They’re back in a big way, along with other high shine, metallic surfaces. Think old Hollywood Glamour: sunburst mirrors and polished, reflective surfaces. You will also see a shift of the sleek modern look take on a warmer, vintage look. And still going strong, as it will continue for a while are ways to conserve our resources and offer solutions and products that are more eco-friendly and green.

There are so many options, and they’re full of life and energy. Our senses are awakened by the crystal clear digital impact of television and computer monitors, and so are our homes and environment. We can add small elements of design to bring a room to life or we can go bold and make an impact. The choice is yours. Do what you like, think

differently than how you’ve thought in the past. Let your imagination soar and be yourself. Make it your own.

The possibilities are endless.

Bridget Ray

Cherish Baby Planning and Interior Design

Orlando, Florida

“Spring is a time of renewal and it is just about to bloom.”

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“Resurrection” (c) Samantha Alvarez


Page 37: The Rebirth

Say goodbye to misery(c) Samantha Alvarez

“Untitled” (c) Samantha Alvarez

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Fashion Designer Katrina Koory Photography Jonathan Croft Make up Jessica Diana Hair Carlos Mazo Style Melissa Parrish


Page 39: The Rebirth


How did Asylum Fashion House come about?

Asylum Fashion House technically came about when I was a little girl. I have dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since the 5th grade. My friends and I had come up with a “Fashion Club”, which we would submit new sketches to a folder every week. We would show off and compare our sketches. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Blanton, saying she would wear “that one”, pointing to mine. It made me feel so great that what I drew could actually be worn! From 5th grade on, I really felt that being a fashion designer is what I have wanted to become. I had a book filled with red carpet gowns that I wanted to see come to life. Sometimes my mom would call my name and point at the tv during the Grammies or Emmies and say “Didn’t you come up with something similar to that!?” She swore Big Brother was watching me. I have always been an artist, whether it was sketching tattoos for friends, painting sunsets and beach scenes, and of course illustrating fashionable outfits.

I learned how to sew in 7th grade during Home Economics class. I enjoyed it SO MUCH that I remember lying down on my mom’s old curtains, tracing my body outline, and sewing the 2 pieces together to make a pretty mermaid shaped gown, at least I thought it was pretty then… Never really kept up to par on my sewing skills, but the art continued throughout my school days. In high school, I was involved in AP (Advanced Placement) Art Portfolio. We focused on a “portfolio” based around a single idea in our senior year. Mine happened to be the prom dress I wanted to create for myself. We made a series of mixed media pieces, sculptures, pencil drawings, etc. based on this one idea. In the end, it helped me pass the AP program, gaining me a college credit. None the less actually hiring a seamstress to create the dress and then gaining a $1,000 First Place Illustration scholarship out of it!

When I was deciding on which college to choose from, I really wanted to go to NYC to attend Parsons. However, being so young, I wanted to stay a little closer to home in case anything happened to me. Also so it would be easier to get home on holidays and birthdays, etc. I ended up attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Close to my last quarter at AiFL, I had swimwear class. I really loved this class! Everyone would complain about how hard it was to sew spandex material, but it just came so natural to me. I created a zebra and turquoise bathing suit that no one had ever come up with. This was before it came out in major retailers! However, mine had what looked like slashes across the back of the bottoms, and on the triangle tops. Therefore I named the collection “Zebra Slasher”. When this fabric combination started making it into stores about a year later, once again my mom swore Big Brother was watching me again.

My “Zebra Slasher” caught the attention of a model, whose name was Polina. She emailed me on MySpace (when it was cool in 2006) saying she had a great opportunity to show some of my designs, explaining that she toured with HIN (Hot Import Nights, a huge car show that toured the nation) and was their fashion show coordinator. She requested 10 pieces for the show that would be held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center, which is the largest convention center that I know if in Orlando! I was so stoked! I was moving back to Orlando from Fort Lauderdale the month before the show and there couldn’t have been a better opportunity for me! Needless to say, I made the pieces, the girls

rocked the runway in front of HUNDREDS of people, the crowd’s reaction to my designs was priceless, and it is still the largest crowd I have shown at TO THIS DAY! I finally understood my calling in the fashion industry after this moment. SWIMWEAR!

Since then, I have designed several hand sewn collections. All of which are very rock-glam and pinup inspired. I have planned and attended many events, and showcased in a variety of fashion shows under the collection name The Kat Collection. I liked the name for a while, but it just wasn’t really something I wanted to stick with. I also felt like I needed to get away from the image I was starting to obtain as a designer. I was starting to do fashion shows at night clubs all the time, wasn’t using the right models for shows, half of them would call out on me, as well as hair stylists and makeup artists. So I then decided to revamp my image, become a better business woman and have my designs be noticed by the community as a whole. Not just by the party scene in Orlando.

Then, Asylum Fashion House was born in January 2011. People ask why “Asylum?” Well, I got the name because my designs, I feel, are completely unique, from colors, to textures, all the way to the complete design. I’ve always had an edgy, rock, dark, yet glamorous and sophisticated concept to everything I’ve created, therefore a bit daring and “crazy” if you will. Where do you go when you’re “crazy”? An ASYLUM. Slap FASHION HOUSE on the end of it, and there can be endless possibilities to how

Page 40: The Rebirth

crazy I can get with designing any garment. A fashion house to me means everything from clothes, styling, designing, etc. So who knows where Asylum Fashion House will go from here!

In 2011, one of my biggest goals was to attend a fashion week outside of Florida. Another was to plan a fashion event for a cause. I am proud to say that being unemployed for a year at the time, I found a bunch of sponsors who helped me achieve my dream of attending an out of state fashion week. I traveled to and from Detroit Fashion Week, 20 hours each way, by myself, car full of swimwear, luggage, road trip food, and sewing machines. I stayed half way (to and from) in Tennessee with my aunt and uncle, then stayed most of the time with family that I had in Michigan while I was there for the week. What a great experience! I felt so accomplished and so proud. Made me more dream hungry! Now one of my goals is to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami (which is also known as Miami Swim or Miami Fashion Week), since it focuses on Swimwear Designers.

I also achieved my other goal of planning a fashion event for a cause. I planned my first huge show outside of the clubbing scene for a family friend of mine, Jenn. She had PNET of the kidney and was in Stage IV of the cancer. The event was held at Ember Orlando and approximately 200 people were there. We raised nearly $2,000 to help Jenn with her treatments. It felt so great to help someone close to me. Unfortunately though, in case the readers are wondering, she did pass away later that year. She was my age, newly married, and had a baby who was only a few months old at the time. I am just happy I was able to help in some way.

I have also of course had the lifelong dream of becoming a manufactured brand. About 2 years ago, when I lost my job, I finally had time to sit down and come up with a business plan. I had a couple of investors who potentially had interest. They ended up never coming through, let alone even looking at my plan. But I still had my research done in case I had come across the money that would enable me to do this.

In the beginning of 2012 my uncle Val passed away. I never really got to see him, as he lived in NY, so I wasn’t expecting the phone call from my cousin saying that I was going to be one of the beneficiaries of our uncle’s estate. I didn’t know if that was $100 or $1,000. It just felt so nice to know that my thought of his nieces and nephews highly enough to put us on his will and help us with our futures.

I won’t tell you how much I received, but I will tell you I nearly had a heart attack when I got my check in the mail. Under such unfortunate circumstances, I was finally able to put my business plan to use and get a line manufactured for the first time in my life without having to rely on a bank or investor, and worry about having to pay them back!

It took me about 2 weeks to design my recent collection for spring 2013, and another 2 months to have it manufactured overseas. I won’t lie. I cried when I pulled them out of the box. How exciting. My dreams were finally on the way to coming true. Hand chosen colors and patterns on my suits. Technical drawings of MY designs had come to life. This was totally mind blowing.

The next step of the plan was to have a launch party. With the help of my publicist, Michelle Marks, we planned a fabulous show at Grey Goose One80, which is on top of the Amway Center, downtown Orlando. It was so successful! Great media outlets came, along with a great crowd, Asylum Fashion House had great reviews, and even a few awesome edited videos from Orlando Live and Filmscape Productions. I had launched my newly manufactured line.

As far as big time shows go, I exhibited at the Southern Women’s Show in October and finally Surf Expo in the beginning of January. The Southern Women’s Show wasn’t everything I had hoped for. The crowd was catered more towards middle aged women or retired women, basically looking for cheap or free stuff. You should have heard the comments my beautiful JailBirds (aka Asylum Models) were getting. All’s I can say is NEVER AGAIN! Haha! Surf Expo has been a dream of mine as well for a very long time. I have helped other companies sell during this trade show and have always known that I would end up there one day with my collection! I can say that Surf Expo was one of the best experiences of my design career, and I feel like I am finally getting even just my toes in the door. Next goals include not only the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami, but the Miami Swim Show, which is another huge trade show. I still have so much to learn as an entrepreneur and business woman. I look forward to ALL of it!

I have so many people who believe in me. From my parents, to my publicist, to all the models, models’ moms, photographers, hairstylists, and MUA’s… This is what keeps me going. These are the people that keep me remembering what I want to do for the rest of my life no matter what!

What has been your biggest obstacle and how have you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle, I’m not sure that I can answer this entirely because it gets a bit personal. But my second biggest obstacle would be the NOW. Now I have this line that is able to be manufactured. Now I have all these doors opening slowly for me. Now I just need that one sale. That one buyer to say “Let’s do it!” The problem with buyers, what I learned at Surf Expo, is they are very weary of WHO they buy from. They like buying from established companies who are already in stores and who have had several years of manufactured lines under their belt. They also like to see the same “names” at all these trade shows. The more trade shows you exhibit at, the more you show these buyers just how serious you are. Do I have a buyer from Surf Expo? Well, I am actually trying to work a deal with one company! So where we go from here, we will just have to see.

How I will overcome this obstacle if it DOESN’T work out with this specific buyer… Well, I will just have to move on. Focus on another strategy to make sales happen. Create another line. Send out look books to the buyer contacts I received while at Surf Expo. Keep building that network to the point where someone will finally put me in stores! It’s just called DETERMINATION!

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We saw the Debut of your swimwear collection and instantly fell in love. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind the designs? Why the certain cuts and colors?

This collection (Picnic Party and Carnival Collection), as all of my collections, has been inspired by rock-glam looks and definitely a vintage, retro-modern feel. I have always loved the 80’s punk rock scene and the glamour of the 1940’s/50’s when “pinup” girls were around. I’ve always designed based around this and pinup is definitely making a comeback. Recently, after all these years of designing this look, I have seen numerous pictures of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in these styles, as well as photos in international magazines, like Vogue.

I’m very old school at my young age of 26. I kind of giggle at that because I am a mom and feel a LOT older, but I really have always tried to keep it classy! I actually was a surfer for about 6 years and stopped once I became pregnant, but I have always been on the thicker side, no matter how fit I was, making it hard to find a suit that was comfortable up top or wouldn’t give me wedgies in the water while trying to catch that wave. So I always try to incorporate comfort, support, and adjustability into my swimwear. I also wanted to give larger girls an option to look killer in the AFH designs, so the size run goes up to XXL.

The colors and patterns that I chose for this particular collection were kind of 80’s feeling, yet sort of resort. Being spring, people like brighter colors, as opposed to darker colors during the fall/winter season. Brighter colors also pop on your super tan body! I have always wanted to design a line inspired by candy. Then I started thinking of candy stores and other places that have bright colors. It came to me that carnivals are very bright and fun. I chose the pink and blue palette, inspired by cotton candy. Thought it would look fabulous with some sailor stripes to give it an edge, yet stay resort. Then I liked the idea of a yellow and green palette, which automatically reminded me of a lemons and limes. Mixed that with a bright pink, almost red, polka dot, and it felt like a watermelon or strawberry. Therefore, reminding me of a picnic. I love designing spring swimwear because it gives me a chance to show my fun, flirty side. Fall and winter tends to be definitely darker and edgier. I guess I make a great Gemini!

All colors and prints were hand chosen by me and printed onto the swimwear fabric using a process called sublimation. These colors aren’t available anywhere in the world, which makes this collection super special. I would love to have every collection be this way!

Your swimwear collection is super trendy and chic! Do you only plan on designing swimwear?

I have mostly been known for my swimwear. It will stay that way for a while. You might ask me why, and to be honest, I feel like doing more than one thing at once is hard to base a specific clientele around. I don’t want to overwhelm people with what to choose from. I want them to know that if they buy from my website, YES. There is always going to be swimwear on it. Will it limit me to all the possibilities in the fashion industry? Hell no. The reason the company name has “Fashion House” and not “Swimwear” on the end is so that I can build an empire. So just WAIT!! ;-)

I have actually done a lot of freelance work, designing wedding gowns, quinceañera gowns, and even audition outfits for a former Magic Dancer. I have also done a couple of styling gigs, which I absolutely loved doing. I’ve also done hair and makeup for weddings and proms. I am passionate about everything in this industry. I have to be. It’s essentially my job! Fashion and clothing are just so fun, and to be a grownup who is able to play in it all the time, who could ask for anything more!?

Will you ever branch out as just "Katrina Koory"?

I don’t know that I would ever branch out as my name. Honestly, no offense to my dad’s side of the family, but “Koory” isn’t too catchy to me! It’s not as cool sounding as Vuiton or Dior or Choo. But that might just be me. Only time will tell. I actually kind of like being the head of the company incognito, if you will, where people have to question or Google about me. It’s kind of fun!

What can we expect from you and Asylum Fashion House?

You can expect to see a lot more happening within the next year or two. I feel like this is the journey that I belong on. I just have to make it happen and it has to keep happening in order to be successful. You can definitely expect another line sometime relatively soon, but it might be hand sewn OR manufactured. Depends on which route I decide to take!

Can you give us exclusive insight about Asylum for our readers?

I really feel like I’ve covered it all! I’m in the process of planning out my year right now, so really fans should just add the Asylum Fashion House social networks ( Facebook , Twitter, Instagram) to stay posted! I really try to keep everyone up to date with what I have planned. If anyone has questions, I try to answer all of my emails and respond to people through my social networks as soon as I can. I like to be personal with my fans and make them feel like they are a part of my brand and a part of my journey!

Facebook: /AsylumFashionHouseTwitter: @AsylumFHInstagram: @kat_von_awesome

swimsuits photographed by B. Mello

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SUPERNOVAPhotography Jonathan Croft Model Megan Lessard Style Ethan Starr + Melissa Parrish Hair/Make up Myrna Garcia for Nube Nove Manicurist Lashon Evans of Flaunt Beauty Bar


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Clothes + Jewelry by H&MShoes by Jessica Simpson, Clutch from Henri Bendel

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Dress from Express, Jewelry by H&M

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Suit by New York n Company, accessories from H&M, Handbag Henri Bendel

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Romper by Rachel Roy, Shoes by Michael Kors, Handbag Henri Bendel accessories from H&M

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It's a new year and I'm sure you've made several resolutions. Well, I hope investing in yourself is at the top of your list. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing that you can do! Of course here at Couture Adornments by Christelsie/ we believe that, “True Beauty Can Only Be Achieved When The Inside Is Just As Beautiful As The Outside” therefore we pride ourselves on, “Adorning You From The Inside Out”. You deserve to be fabulous in 2013, so here are a few inner and outer beauty tips to insure that you are your most FABULOUS you!

Taking time for yourself is important. You are worth it and you deserve it! Take time to exercise get a massage, try a new hairstyle, get a mani and pedi, spend time alone, read a book, whatever positive activity it is that makes you feel good, do it. You don't have to have big bucks to do something positive for yourself. Get creative! Investing time in yourself makes you feel better about yourself, which builds your self-esteem. Individuals with higher self-esteem, make better choices and are more likely to take care of their outer appearance. Fabulous on the inside leads to a fabulous you on the outside.

Once you start adorning yourself on the inside with assets there will be no stopping you. Dress yourself with higher self-esteem and determination this year. Where a little confidence. How gorgeous is an individual that walks with pride and certainty. Tell me that's not sexy! Once the inside is together, it will radiate on the outside.

Here a few tips to help you radiate that new found inner beauty. It's not necessary to wear a full face of makeup everyday. Natural looking makeup is in! I'm sure you can carve out an extra 10 minutes in your day for yourself.

A little time in the mirror with makeup goes a long way. A fabulous look can be created in 10 minutes! A light application of foundation will create an even looking complexion. If you're someone that thinks makeup feels too heavy, there are products just for you. I recommend a mineral powder. I love MAC's, Satin Skin finish compact mineral foundation. Add mascara to your eyelashes, and then groom your eyebrows. A brow gel to hold your brows in place, or a soft application of a brow shadow or pencil to shape them to frame your face. If you want a little extra drama, add eyeliner to your eyes. Apply a soft blush and finish the look with a beautiful shade of lipstick or gloss. 10 minutes later, you're fabulous!

There are no excuses. You have the tools you need to be the most fabulous you, that you can be. Remember, you deserve it!

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NATURAL SIMPLICITY Photography: Shannon Kirsten Photography Models Angee Killian Huntley @ Della Belleza e Moda Marlene Garcia Turner Darryl Sposato Laura Kirkpatrick Makeup: Eri Vincent Makeup Assistant: Elina Bolam Hair: Myrna Ortiz Garcia Art Director: Darryl Sposato Wardrobe Designer: K Hendrix Clothing


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book an online appointment!

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“Venetian Mask and Rose”(c) Gregorii


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Gregorii: Pushing the Next Wave of Collectible ARTTo anyone visiting brick and mortar art galleries or galleries online, there's an awful lot to choose from, literally. Art seems to be found everywhere, suiting every taste and satisfying every instance by reflecting the turbulence of the times back at the viewer. Whether new art is politically driven, socially charged or just exposed for the intrinsic shock value that it is, artists are driving their expression outward into the crowds hoping to become the one untold pioneer of their 'Emotional Connection' trade.

So what's next?

While the art explosions, pop and otherwise, make for a vast array of shape, tone and color, todays art collectors are left tense, unsure, and a little bewildered. Is mixed media collectible? Can a photo of Public Art gain value? Can short life span and biodegradable art be collected? How does the digital age impact the value of original art?With so many emerging artists, it's tough to determine the next big thing. GREGORII, a contemporary artist represented by Jai Gallery, seems to have a grasp on at least a few of those collector concerns, and his art is unlike anything seen in most galleries or museums. At least for now...

Creating art referred to as 'still excitement' and 'shadows of motion', Gregorii's art stems from his technical and conventional experiences as an apprentice in the photographic, advertising and commercial printing industries. Gregorii's style is inspired by a few unconventional sources: while his art suggests a dramatic tone reminiscent of Rembrandt, his temporal distortion tends toward that of Salvador Dalì and his construct is a montage of Chaos Theory by mathematicians Bernoit Mandelbrot, Michael F. Barnsley, and software artist extraordinaire, Scott Draves.

The concept of Gregorii's art is the expression of emotional circumstance, symbolized by shape, color and composition, tied together biologically and illuminated to give the presence of energy, dimension and narrative. All art is square and optically designed to draw the viewer in, helping connect the thought behind the creation of each piece.

When creating his art, Gregorii establishes a theme and tone first, pushing primitive shapes through his own selected color scheme. These shapes are duplicated many times, grouped together and distorted, creating a repeating pattern more noticeable in the fine details, but revealing a portrait or scene as a collective whole. The geeky part about this is that this pushing and pulling and twisting is managed by mathematical functions, formulas and variables fed into a computer to produce a large, finely detailed transparency photograph, all without using any photo manipulation programs or tools. The photo

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transparency is then applied by hand to a rigid substrate, using a specialized masking process Gregorii developed to give the image depth. Then, using a patented light diffusion process, the art is backlit, framed and ready for viewing. Detail and quality are paramount in the creation of Gregorii's pieces. The lighting and substrate have been spectrally tested and provide a minimum of 15-18 years continual use without issue to the lighting or the art.

All Gregorii original sales are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity outlining the edition numbers. Original files are 256-bit encrypted and password encoded by the buyer, via a secure login, at the time of purchase. This guarantees one original artwork. Should the artwork need to be reproduced due to damage, the buyer provides the file's unlock code and a new signed replacement is created. This process means lifetime protection from decay of the art. That's instant restoration!

Gregorii's art has been featured in special performance arts events locally, museum showcases, corporate shows and local sporting events. Gregorii's artwork has also displayed in Chicago and Atlanta, and three books of his works have been published, all featuring work from his Dark Illuminations series.

The convergence of art and technology has been a longstanding passion of Gregorii. Art and technology are both founded in concept and connection. Gregorii aspires to support and contribute to the convergence of art and technology whenever possible, and hopes to open up display and education channels to give free thought, interpretation, and numbers-based liberal arts an opportunity to thrive together.

As an emerging artist, Gregorii has distinctive originality, a plan for longevity, a prolific catalogue of existing art, and an impressive roadmap for navigating the digital frontier. Collectors take note.

Where to find Gregorii’s art

Gregorii is currently represented in Orlando by Jai Gallery (, a contemporary art gallery featuring a mix of sculptures, paintings, photography and mixed media pieces, located at 101 S. Garland Ave Suite 101, in the historic Exchange building (once known as the historic Leon Building) built in 1920 and adjacent to Church Street Station.

Jai Gallery exhibitions showcase sculpture, mixed media, painting and photography by more than 15 international artists. Jai Gallery’s aim is to provide a quality art experience for collectors, enthusiasts and hipsters alike. “We are extremely excited at the prospect of sharing our unique selection of super-talented international artists. We hope it will be a treat for any art lover in and around Orlando and an opportunity for them to purchase outstanding pieces of contemporary art”, says Director Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon.

The gallery holds monthly events featuring solo exhibitions, interviews, art/fashion/cultural talks, and private viewings with established names, as well as emerging artists. Jai Gallery is the official Orlando host for Slow Art Day 2013, an annual international event celebrating

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art by encouraging visitors to look at art “slowly”. Participants will look at five works of art for 10 minutes each and then meet together over lunch to talk about their experience. That’s it. Simple by design, the goal is to focus on the art and the art of seeing.

“Chaos-Like Clock Work”(c) Gregorii

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“The Three Sorcerers”(c) Gregorii

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“Wave 1 Surfer 0”(c) Gregorii

Page 68: The Rebirth

“Ghost Caught In The Cobwebs of My Memory” (c) Gregorii

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“Kilkenny Forest” (c) Gregorii

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Truffles Grill, a restaurant located in The Winter Park Village. Known for their specialty menu filled with variety and food of quality; they won’t disappoint. The ingredients used for their menu items are locally sourced to ensure freshness while supporting the local market. Established in 1983 you can expect the expertise that comes from a well established business. My visit to Truffles was undeniably memorable! The staff was kind, the food was delicious and the presentation certainly left an impression. What won my heart over were their Crab Cakes with jumbo lumps of crab meat and drizzled with Wasabi Mayonnaise, if you think you have had the best crab cake you might want to reconsider.

What about Gluten? Yes, Gluten free is definitely an option here and not three items like other restaurants this is more of a full menu. The menu includes appetizers, pastas, salads, sides, a dessert and even gluten free bread!

Next time you are in the area check out this vibrant restaurant and explore the menu, whether you like an italian style pasta or just a gourmet grill cheese there is definitely something you will end up coming back for.

VIVA LA MODA!Victor Luis


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Awaken Magazine’s Ethan Starr and Melissa Parrish also known as ME STYLES are Orlando’s most talked about styling team. They are soon to lead you into their world of titillating conversations as they discuss fashion, models, trends, culture and much more in a conversational column piece.


Melissa Parrish Style Director

Ethan StarrFashion Editor

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Photography Thomas Synnamon Model Troy Cannata @ Ford Style Michael Fusco Hair/Make up Ariel Vaga



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Shirt - Rodd & GunnTrench - Burberry Jeans - Burberry Shoes - Vintage Shoe Company

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T-shirt - Rodd & GunnJacket - La MarquePants - BershkaShoes - Walk-Over

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Shirt - Rodd & GunnVest/Jacket - La MarquePants - DockersShoes - TopManJewelry- Angel Court

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Shirt - Rodd & Gunn Jacket - La MarqueJeans - Burberry Shoes - Manee Milano

Page 79: The Rebirth

Shirt/Pants - Joe FreshSweater - TopmanShoes - Vintage Shoe CompanyJewelry - Angel Court

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Shirt - Rodd & GunnLeather Pants - La MarqueShoes - Vintage Shoe CompanyJewelry - Angel Court

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Expect this young male model to take over in 2013. His looks combined with his determination will make him a star.


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Height 5' 10" Suit 38 Waist 31" Inseam 32" Shoes 10.5 Hair blond Eyes blue

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