the power of partnerships: bringing consumer experiences to life

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In his keynote presentation, Giovanni will share some of iON Cameras' key sponsorships and activations and how these partnerships are leveraged to reach consumers. By allowing a direct interaction with their products, iON's partnerships have allowed the organization to elicit responses from consumers and evoke a lasting memory of the brand. Drawing on case studies such as Snow Sports Canada, FIA World Rallycross, Manchester City, and PowerChalk, Giovanni will demonstrate how iON has used their technology to give their sponsorships dimension and activate them successfully, generating ROI for the organization by engaging the end consumer and motivating retail partners to support the iON franchise.


  • 1. Canadian Sponsorship Forum The Power of Partnerships Bringing Consumer Experiences to Life
  • 2. So what makes us special? WHY? How we make our customers feel is as important as what we do. Our products enable our customers to live the most important experiences of their lives. We build platforms that empower our customers to share those experiences with the most important people in their lives OR simply the world. We build communities The shared experiences we enable will inspire exploration and discovery of new experiences across borders and continents. We are inclusive and appeal to everyone and anyone who lives their lives to the fullest. Our audience is diverse, interesting and curious of the world around them.
  • 3. Evolution & Competition World of Computers Mainframes (IBM) Minis (Digital Equipment Corp) Work Stations (Apollo / Sun Micro) PCs (IBM) Laptop (Compaq) Tablet (Apple) Now Samsung has taken the tablet business on aggressively.. (Challenger Brand / Open Source)
  • 4. Evolution & Competition - Imaging Tape Recorders Panasonic Mini DV Sony Solid State Sony / JVC / Canon / Panasonic Solid State (You Tube) Flip Smart Phone (killed all DV and Point & Shoot) Action Camera Go Pro Sports Imaging & Home iON People want solutions and not more devices
  • 5. We will continue to drive this message at retail We will ensure that our UI / APPS etc. reflect this Deliver this message to over 6,000 Doors
  • 6. 2014 Marketing Spend Brand Marketing 31% Sponsorships 45% Activation 21% Trade Shows 3% GLOBAL BY CATEGORY
  • 7. Participation - Outdoor Fishing [Saltwater & Freshwater) 15,347,000 Hunting [Bow, Handgun, Rifle, & Shotgun] 11,103,000 Hiking 9,109,000 Camping 5,258,000 Target Shooting 4,241,000 Backpacking 2,664,000 Archery 2,549,000 Horseback Riding 2,260,000 Rock Climbing 1,088,000 Source: MRI Shopped at Walmart or Best Buy in the past 6-12 months with intention to buy Consumer Electronics.
  • 8. Participation Mainstream Sports Golf 8,458,000 Basketball 8,236,00 Baseball 4,267,000 / Softball 2,961,000 Football 4,907,000 Soccer 3,424,000 Hockey 1,209,000 Source: MRI Shopped at Walmart or Best Buy in the past 6-12 months with intention to buy Consumer Electronics.
  • 9. Participation Action Sports 1 Source: MRI Shopped at Walmart or Best Buy in the past 6-12 months with intention to buy Consumer Electronics. Boating [Power] 4,883,000 Motorcycling & Motocross 3,533,000 Jet Skiing 2,060,000 Auto Racing 1,932,000 Snowmobiling 983,000
  • 10. Participation Action Sports 2 Source: MRI Shopped at Walmart or Best Buy in the past 6-12 months with intention to buy Consumer Electronics. Mountain Biking 3,480,000 Snorkeling/Skin Diving 1,718,000 Whitewater Rafting 1,284,000 Water Skiing 1,235,000 Snowboarding 1,227,000 Skateboarding 1,082,000 Scuba Diving 1,026,000 Surfing/Windsurfing 935,000
  • 11. Ski & Snow (1st Phase) 3rd Year of the Franchise Continue to Secure Great Content Solid Athlete Endorsement Attracts Global Athletes
  • 12. 950,000 event attendees On-site product education On-site product demos Official event POV camera Utilized during CBS broadcast Reached global audience
  • 13. NBC The Dew Tour 4 Annual Events, in 2014 Commercial space on NBC & NBC Sports Integrated into live programming Over 3 Billion Impressions projected for 2014. Significant Pass Through Rights @ Retail
  • 14. Mexican Marketplace On-site activation & product education Interactive social media giveaway Pass Through Rights to retail
  • 15. Golf Baseball Football Soccer Basketball Many More
  • 16. Manchester City Major Tie Up with Top 10 Franchise Opened Doors at the League Level Significant Retail Opportunity US/UK PowerChalk Platform New York City / Melbourne Hearts
  • 17. MCFC @ Dicks Meet & Greet @ Dicks HQ Invite the Press / Groups / Kids Photo / Trophy / Autograph Signings Tickets to the Game
  • 18. Tough Mudder UK Program Major Engagement Strong Media Play Great Content
  • 19. FLW / IFA Major Share in this Space 60M buy fishing licenses in Nth America Biggest Brands use iON for TV Billy McDonald (On Staff)
  • 20. v
  • 21. Official POV Camera of Team Lucas Motorsports & Lucas Studios 509 hours total TV programming : CBS CBS Sports Network NBC Sports Network MavTV 1,300 + :30 Units Across all Networks $1.8 Million CP:30 Value 495 Million Impressions
  • 22. Miller Group Great Partner Tour of Utah (Cycling) Ford Motor School Program Ford ST Program
  • 23. Campos Racing F3 3 Cars GP2 1 Car FIA WTCC 1 Car Major Retail Activation
  • 24. World Rally Cross 800 Million Homes Worldwide 2 Major Team iON Members Essential Equipment Significant Branding / Retail Activation
  • 25. Point of Sale Total Solution
  • 26. Consumer Needs a Choice
  • 27. Viable Partner Across Platforms Building Solid Pillars in the Business Action Sports Auto / Moto Business Mainstream Sports Hunt & Fish Home Solid Distribution Went from Zero to 6,000 Store Fronts in 12 months. We will go to 10,000 by the end of the year.
  • 28. Thank You


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