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Africa. The Plateau Continent. Landforms and Resources. Shape and landforms are result of location in Pangea . Other continents moved a great amount while present day Africa moved very little. True size of Africa. Vast Plateau. Nile. Med. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ch. 18 The Plateau Continent

The Plateau ContinentAfrica

1Landforms and ResourcesShape and landforms are result of location in Pangea.Other continents moved a great amount while present day Africa moved very little

True size of Africa

Vast PlateauMajority of land lies on a plateau that stretches across the continent.The majority of land is 1000 ft. above sea levelBasins: depressions in the groundNile River: worlds longest river, 4,000 mi. long, flows N to Egypt

NileMedVictoria Falls:One of the 7 Wonders of the World

Distinctive African LandformsRift Valleys: continental plates pull apart, form huge cracks, land sinksStretch 4,000 mi. Lakes form at the bottomMount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro (Africas Highest Mount.) are both volcanoesEscarpment: steep slope with a flat plateau

ResourcesMineralsGold, platinum, chromium, cobalt, copper & diamondsBecause of colonialism, Africa hasnt developed the infrastructure needed to make a profit

Diamond MinersOilLibya, Angola, Nigeria and Algeria are leading producersAmerican oil companies pay fee to Angola which turns and uses money to fund ongoing civil war.

Diversity of ResourcesCoffeeMost profitable after oilLumberAgricultureSingle most important econ. activity 60% of Africans earn their living in farming

Climate and VegetationWarm ContinentSahara: largest desert in world. Temp. H: 136.4 (day), below freezing at nightAquifers: underground stores of HO. Known as an oasis when they reach surfaceTropical weather all year long90% of land lies between tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn

SaharaSunshine and RainfallRain forest receives most rain (on or near Equator)W coast receives a great dealModerate area (N & S tips) only receives rain in winter

Grassy ContinentTropical Grasslands cover most of AfricaSerengeti Plain: grassland in N. TanzaniaPerfect for animals to graze


Rain ForestSits along Equator area of Congo basinWide variety of plant & animalsMost live in the canopy (near the tops of the trees)Farmers using slash and burn have cut down already, now endangered

Human Environment InteractionNigeriaSixth leading oil producer, most shipped to U.S.Oil spills (4,000 in 40 yrs)Oil pipeline explosions, sabotage by rebelsFires lead to acid rain

Desertification of SahelSahel: shore of the desertDesertification: expansion of dry conditions into moist areas that are near desertNormal, natural process that is sped up because of grazingCauses include: overgrazing, farming, pop. increase

Controlling the Nile1st Aswan Dam completed in 1902Aswan High Dam4 miles up river form 1st DamCreates Lake Nasser (artificial), Egypt shares with SudanIncreased farmable land by 50%Natural renewal of silt (sediment), which occurs during floods, goneExpensive fertilizers now usedMosquitoes increased


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