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THE PARISH. AN EVANGELISING COMMUNITY. EVANGELISATION. From the Greek for Announcing Good News Is to experience, live, celebrate and share the Good News that we are loved unconditionally by God. EVANGELISATION. Ultimately the Good News is a person - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • EVANGELISATIONFrom the Greek for Announcing Good NewsIs to experience, live, celebrate and share the Good News that we are loved unconditionally by God

  • EVANGELISATIONUltimately the Good News is a person Whose name is Jesus, the Christ the Anointed One of GodAt the heart of evangelisation is the sharing of our experience of encounter with ChristNothing less

  • EVANGELISATIONWe cannot give or share what we never hadThose who have come into genuine contact with Christ cannot keep him to themselves, they must proclaim him.John Paul II

  • EVANGELISATIONThe desire in us to communicate Christ comes from the compelling power of Gods love within usJesus asks his disciples: Who do you say I am? Peter replies: You are the ChristEach disciple needs to be able to speak this answer of the Tradition not as something to be parroted but from their own experience of encounter with God in prayer

  • EVANGELISATIONWe need to be touched by the holiness of GodIn the holiness of Gods people the ChurchWe are immersed through baptism into the life of the thrice holy God in the family of the Church

  • EVANGELISATIONThis community/family we call Church does now what God does in and through JesusGod loved the world so much that He sent his only SonI have come that you may have life, life to the full Jn 10:10This is the Good News he brings to the poor

  • EVANGELISATIONThe work of evangelisation is at the heart of the Churches lifeShe is linked to evangelisation in her most intimate being. EN15it is the essential mission of the Church. EN14Evangelisation is not something extra but the pulse of the Churchs life and ministry

  • FOUR CORE MINISTRIES of PARISH LIFEKoinoniaDemanding that we be a community of living witness to Christian faith

  • FOUR CORE MINISTRIES of PARISH LIFELeitourgiaRequiring the public work to worship God together

  • FOUR CORE MINISTRIES of PARISH LIFEDiakoniaFilled by care for peoples physical and spiritual welfare

  • FOUR CORE MINISTRIES of PARISH LIFEKerygmaThat requires evangelising, preaching and sharing Gods word that comes from Tradition and Scripture

  • FOUR CORE MINISTRIES of PARISH LIFETom Groome describes these four core ministries asWitnessWorshipWelfareWord

  • FOUR CORE MINISTRIES of PARISH LIFEWhen we look at these four core ministries as we find them in the life of our parishWe need to view them through an evangelising lens

  • WITNESSModern men and women listen more willingly to witnesses than teachers and if they listen to teachers it is because they are witnesses..It is primarily by the conduct of her life that the Church will evangelise the world. EN41

  • WITNESSModern people thirst for authenticityIt is only the witness of our lives that will enable the ring of truth to be heard in what we sayWitness is offered at personal and institutional level

  • WITNESSPERSONALWhen we makes choices which serve the well being of the vulnerable/powerless, go counter culture and in tune with the GospelWhen we form alliances with other agencies that promote the common good and challenges conventional wisdom of powerful groups that serve only the interests of their members

  • WITNESSIn arenas of influence in business or political life to act in accord with gospel truthINSTITUTIONALEngaging with others in a process of dialogue, discernment and action in the interest of the common good

  • WORSHIPLord teach us to prayIn every parish setting providing opportunities for people to come to an initial and deeper awareness of the stirring of the divine in our lives and in our world

  • WORSHIPTo experience the God who delights in us as he delights in his son Jesus ChristTo recognise the image of God in every human beingTo live with a grateful heartTo grow in confidence in sharing their own particular experience of the divine at work in their livesEncouraging each other to engage in faith-filled conversations

  • PUBLIC WORSHIP-LITURGYIs it open and welcoming?How does it express full conscious and active participation by all the people?Is what is to be heard audible, intelligible and in a language that is accessible speaking to heart and head

  • PUBLIC WORSHIP-LITURGYIs what is to be seen visible and aesthetic?What role does music have?How does it enable us to be drawn into the mystery of Gods presence?

  • WELFAREBy this will all people know that you are my disciplesHow do these people care for their membersBut more importantHow is their care manifest for others in need locally and globally?

  • WORDWe do not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of GodHow do we create opportunities fro people to be nourished by the Word?How are people led to feast at the table of the word in the liturgy?

  • WORDHow is the bread of Gods word broken in the homily?How does our parish help people to ponder the word like Mary and share their reflections in small groups?How do we celebrate the liturgy of the Word in Eucharist and other settings?

  • CALLED to SHARE GOOD NEWSHow do you respond to the Good News in your life?

    How can you become a bearer of Good News for others?


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