the paleolithic and neolithic ages. paleolithic age paleolithic means “old stone” –used simple...

Download The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. Paleolithic Age Paleolithic means “old stone” –used simple stone tools Earliest humans were nomadic –Moved from place

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  • The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages
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  • Paleolithic Age Paleolithic means old stone used simple stone tools Earliest humans were nomadic Moved from place to place to survive. Followed animal herds and warmer weather. First lived in caves Later began to create shelters from wood and animal hides. Hunted and gathered for food. Learned what animals to hunt and what plants to eat. How? Created art Mostly depictions of animals
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  • Humans developed use of fire by about 500,000 BC Benefits? Provides warmth Keeps larger animals away. Cooks food Tasted better Easier to chew Lasted longer Better nutrition + better quality of life = more people! Use of fire was especially important during the last Ice Age 100,000 to 8000 BC Use of Fire
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  • Beginnings of Civilization End of last Ice Age was followed by the Neolithic Revolution 8000-4000BC The shift from hunting animals and gathering food to keeping animals and growing food. Systematic Agriculture Growing of food on a regular basis. Domestication Adapting animals for human use.
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  • Effects of Neolithic Revolution Because there is enough food, humans could give up their nomadic ways of life. Begin to live in settled communities. Gives people more control over their lives. More time?
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  • Effects of the Neolithic Revolution Development of food surpluses meant not everyone needed to farm. Division of labor Different jobs for different people. People do the job they are the best at. Development of trade Construction of storehouses and walls Protect food surplus Development of armies? Society improves quickly
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  • A quickly changing world Neolithic Age Bronze Age Iron Age 8000 4000 BC 3000 1200 BC After 1000 BC


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