the oykin spaniel standard the s aa held a supported entry and puppy sweepstakes in t. ed garrison...

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    Dear BSCBAA Member, As we start 2017, BSCBAA is already having many exciting events to look forward to. We have the Hunt and Field Committee, chaired by Dan Kau- zlarich, overseeing the South Carolina Spring Hunt Test Committee which is chaired by Devon Ruth with Secretary, Troy Blalock. The Hunt Tests are sched- uled for March 4th and March 5th, details for the premium can be found on page 6 in this newsletter or on our website here. The BSCBAA looks forward to you entering your dog and joining us in the fun! We are preparing for the 2017 Annual Club Meeting, which is being held in con- junction with our Supported Entry at the Marshall Texas show. The Show Com- mittee, led by Beth Crocker, has been busy with all the details, having just fin- ished a very successful event at the Clemson Kennel Club show. The Marshall, Texas show will include Puppy Sweeps classes, in addition to all the other nor- mal classes, so plan to attend the event to show your dogs, support the BSCBAA, attend our Annual Meeting and enjoy all the comradery with other Boykin lovers! More details on page 3.

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    Report on Supported Entry P. 3

    BOD Nominations & Bios P. 4

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    PO BOX 781

    Cypress, TX 77410

    Club Registered Agent Service SC:

    Incorp, Inc.

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    THE BOYKIN SPANIEL STANDARD The Official Newsletter of the Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Association of America, Inc.

    October Quarterly Newsletter

    ISSUE 24 JANUARY 2017

    BSCBAA President’s Letter

    Featured Photo is Dixie, Owner Bill Eaton. Bill and Dixie had a great hunt this past dove season. Please see more brags about Dixie & this past year’s duck hunting season on page 8.

    Contact Information

    © 2017 The Boykin Spaniel Club and Breeders Association of America, Inc.

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    There are several Judges’ Education seminars planned, and the Education and Standards Committee, chaired by Greg Copeland, is working to expand our educa- tional materials with a newly prepared Breed Study Guide. This new guide will be illustrated with high quality drawings from photographs of Boykins sub- mitted by club members. (Please send profile, forward facing and rear facing photos of your beautiful Boykin to Ginger Hurley!) Carole Thomas has graciously vol- unteered to prepare the drawings for us! As we get farther into 2017, please remember to send in your BSCBAA club re- newals and dues. You can find a renewal application on page 6 of this newsletter. We are going to have a super 2017 and want all of you on our Membership roll. The Hunt Committee (Dan Kauzlarich, Gregg Parker, and Greg Copeland) has also been busy planning our spring Hunt Test, which is slated for March 2017. Premi-

    um and details are also on page 6. On the business front, both Club documents under revision are progressing. The Constitution and By- laws, was heavily researched and written by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, led by Butch Norckauer. Another draft for Board of Directors review is scheduled for distribution in late January to work toward a final document for submittal for AKC approval. Additionally, the revision of the Breed Standard, which is being led by Ginger Hur-

    ley, is nearing completion. Like the Constitution and Bylaws, the Breed Standard document is slated for distribution for Board review before the end of January. Our Hall of Fame Committee, chaired by Dan Kauzlarich, is changing names and will be know now as the Awards Committee. The committee will expand its mem- bership and complete its charter to administer all awards that the BSCBAA plans to offer. We currently have a Hall of Fame award, and the committee will be working on completing the requirements for it, and for two new awards for our Boykins. The new Versatility Award and the Performance Versatility Award will highlight and award the many accomplishments of our compact and talented gun dogs! The Nominating Committee, led by Greg Copeland, has assembled an impressive slate of candidates for induction into the BSCBAA Board of Directors in 2017. Our Board includes fifteen members, each serving a three-year term. Five Board mem- bers will be completing their terms this year, and five new members will begin. Please read details and bios on each nominee on page 4-5. We hope to see you in May, at the Marshall Texas show and Annual Meeting! There are more details on page 6 in this newsletter. Dana Weber BSCBAA President

    The BSCBAA: “…dedicated to all the things you do with your Boykin Spaniel.”

    BSCBAA President’s Letter Continued

    Supported Entry at Clemson KC Jan. 8,2017

    Angela Moore, Beth Crocker, Leslie Kern

    The Boykin Spaniel Standard

    ISSUE 24 JANUARY 2017

    BSCBAA BOARD OF DIRECTORS & OFFICERS (May 27, 2016) Class of 2017

    Beth Crocker—SC

    William Howard, DVM - TX

    Ginger Hurley—TX

    Dana Weber—TX

    Joshua Simmons—OK

    Class of 2018

    Melody Bacon—TX

    Dan Kauzlarich—IL

    Leslie Kern—SC

    James Machala—TX

    Gregg Parker—GA

    Class of 2019 Ellen Harvill—AL

    Greg Copeland—TX

    Larry Lynch –GA

    Tim Pullian—GA

    David Allen—TX

    The Officers

    President - Dana Weber

    Vice-President - Beth Crocker

    Secretary - Ginger Hurley

    Treasurer - James Machala

    Alternate - Larry Lynch

    © 2017 The Boykin Spaniel Club and Breeders Association of America, Inc.

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    The BSCBAA held a supported entry and puppy sweepstakes in T. ED Garrison Arena, Pendleton, SC at the Clem-

    son Kennel Club on January 8, 2017. Thanks to all of the exhibitors and other supporters for making this a

    GREAT show! We couldn't do it without trophy sponsors (Lynne Brown, Donna Cauthen Evans, Sharon Kau-

    zlarich, Marcus Mcclamrock, Debi Jaquith Odom, Beth Crocker, Leslie Kern and Melody Bacon), exhibitors and

    people like Deb Travers who served as our Sweeps judge. We were thrilled to have some first time pups and

    owner handlers in the ring. All in all, it was a GREAT entry of good looking dogs and good sportsmanship by all.

    Pictures are provided below from the Supported Entry on January 8th.

    The next BSCBAA Supported Entry will be held in conjunction with the BSCBAA Annual Meeting at the Marshall

    City Arena, Caddo Kennel Club of Texas in Marshall, TX on May 6, 2017. The BSCBAA will sponsor the “Best of

    Breed” with an embroidered chair. If you would still like to donate to our awards for the supported entry, you

    may contribute to the general awards fund by contacting Jackie DeAngelo at top- Checks should be made out to the BSCBAA and mailed to 24 Old Orchard Lane Ridge

    NY 11961 . Thank you in advance of our trophy sponsors. Hotel is reserved for the Boykin Spaniel Group at La

    Quinta Inn & Suites Marshall, 6015 East End Blvd. South, Marshall, TX (Ph. 915-888-2798).

    © 2017 The Boykin Spaniel Club and Breeders Association of America, Inc.

    S U P P O R T E D E N T R Y M AY 2 0 1 7

    The Boykin Spaniel Standard

    ISSUE 24 JANUARY 2017

    BOB: CH Texas Trace Hudson JH, handled

    by Cathy Pullian, Owner is Greg Copeland BOS: CH Thornhill's Bonnie of Arlington , handled

    by Lara Spears, Owners Larry Lynch & Leslie Kern

    WD: Thornhill's Hollow Creek Hunters Jackpot,

    handled by Beth Crocker, Owners A & T Crocker

    Pictures above were from the BSCBAA Supported Entry with Clemson Kennel Club

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    The BSCBAA Board of Directors established the 2017 Nominating Committee for the nomination of candidates for the five Board of

    Director vacancies created by outgoing BSCBAA Board Members: Ginger Hurley—TX, Beth Crocker—SC, Bill Howard—TX, Dana We-

    ber—TX and Joshua Simmons—OK. Thank you outgoing board members - we appreciate your service to the club. The