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In the rolling hills between Napa and Sonoma is a place that heightens all the senses. A place where the present is creatively infused with a historic past – a perfect blend of old world ambiance, country charm, modern design and luxury resort. Here, nestled in the vineyards are luxurious farmhouse cottages playfully organized and set along crunchy gravel paths, a birdhouse signpost at every corner. It’s the kind of home and atmosphere in Wine Country you’ve always imagined.This is The Orchard at The Carneros Inn – A Timbers Resorts Residence Club. Napa made perfect.


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In the rolling hills between Napa and Sonoma is a place that heightens all the senses. A place

where the present is creatively infused with a historic past – a perfect blend of old world ambiance,

country charm, modern design and luxury resort. Here, nestled in the vineyards are luxurious

farmhouse cottages playfully organized and set along crunchy gravel paths, a birdhouse signpost

at every corner. It’s the kind of home and atmosphere in Wine Country you’ve always imagined.

This is The Orchard at The Carneros Inn – A Timbers Resorts Residence Club. Napa made perfect.

S t r o l l E x p l o r e E x p e r i m e n t L e a r n Ta s t e S a v o r

G a t h e r E s c a p e B a s k S o a k N o u r i s h S e e B e S e e n

M i n g l e L a u g h R e f l e c t G a z e R e s t o r e W o n d e r S m i l e

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alifornia’s Napa, Carneros and Sonoma

Valleys require no lengthy introduction…

for they are a study in superlatives. These

valleys are home to many of the finest and most

creative vintners and wines in the world.

They are celebrated for their rich history, endless

diversions, near-perfect climate and enlightened

lifestyle. From your home at The Orchard, the

boutique towns of Sonoma, Yountville and

St. Helena are just minutes away. Bikes,

balloons, wine and olive oil tastings, antiques,

art, even golf – every point of the compass

invites exploration. The only challenge is a

delightful one – summoning the willpower

to leave that good book and your home at

The Orchard behind.


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etting out from your private Cottage at The Carneros Inn, days

at The Orchard are spent blissfully meandering along footpaths

from spa to pool to country market. Not too much has changed

since the early settlers farmed this land a hundred years ago –

life remains pure and refreshingly simple. Begin the day with

flapjacks at the Boon Fly Café and finish with foie gras at FARM,

the property’s renowned restaurant. Along the way there’s

always time for a game of bocce, a leisurely spa treatment, a

warm sugared donut dipped in chocolate, or maybe just a nap by

the vineyard. Here are 27 lush acres where architecture, dining

and daily life are as sophisticated as they are unpretentious. In

all, the resort village includes three unique restaurants, each with

an inviting bar; a poolside motion studio and fitness center; the

scenic Hilltop spa, lounge and pool; a family-friendly pool with

cabanas, kiddie pool and snack shack; and those charming paths

where it’s always nice to just stop and smell the apple blossoms.


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he heart of The Carneros Inn is our classic Town Square, always busy, festive…

the place to see and be seen. There’s the Post Office, bocce courts, a village

green, and a great collection of trellised and draped gathering lounges warmed

by fireplaces. Al fresco dining and drinks served by FARM make for a sublime

Wine Country experience. And then there’s MARKET… where you’ll find warm

smiles, morning temptations, fabulous handmade sandwiches, and the very best

cheeses, oils, wines and even gourmet salts. Whether provisioning your Orchard

residence or excursions into the countryside with creative aplomb, MARKET

instantly becomes a favorite part of everyday life.


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The lively Boon Fly Café, named for a local pioneer, is

open early for robust coffee and house-made breakfasts –

including the famous Boon Fly donuts. Lunch and dinner

are adventurous journeys into cuisine that celebrates the

rustic agricultural heritage of the Carneros region. With

all this great food and wine, one has to stay in shape, the

perfect venue being The Carneros Inn’s 2,000-square-

foot, state-of-the-art Fitness Center and Motion Studio,

both located mere steps away from a sparkling lap pool.

In the afternoons, as the sun shines on the surrounding

vineyards, this area comes alive with families enjoying

the inviting cabanas, heated kiddie pool and snack shack.

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Handmade breads, pastries and artesian charcuteries. Organic fruits and vegetables. Free-range game and meats. Line-caught seafood. Fine

dining perfectly paired with the region’s outstanding vintages has made FARM a treasure in a region recognized for the finest dining on Earth.

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FARM’s eclectic cuisine finds its inspiration from the abundant natural wonders of Napa and Sonoma, and the approaches are always simple, elegant

and satisfying. An al fresco lounge, Cathedral ceilings, fireplaces, patio dining, and wines from the region and around the world welcome you.

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dewy pasture glistens in morning’s first light.

Horses graze. Steam rises from a mirrored

pool. Life is good, your world is at peace. This

is especially so at Hilltop, a retreat for you and

your guests that includes a vineyard-view pool

and hot tub, a private bar and dining room, and

a fashionable boutique to satisfy those retail

urges. Here, too, is The Spa, with treatments

and services inspired by the natural beauty and

local ingredients of the Carneros region – fresh

fruits, flowers, milks and more. Treatment

options are as soothing as the setting. The

Spa scored a perfect 100 from Condé Nast

Traveler for its setting, and was acclaimed by

SpaFinder for “Best Interior Design.” Indoor

and outdoor treatment rooms, one-of-a-kind

creek baths and herb-infused steam rooms

make The Spa a destination in its own right.


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he Orchard residences, like the resort itself, are fashioned after authentic early California farms, interpreted and

invigorated by a present day sensibility. This collection of just seventeen Cottages connects us as much to the rich

and authentic past as they do to the luxurious opportunities of modern life. Each is carefully designed to offer

private moments and spaces for memorable gatherings of family and friends.

The two-bedroom, two-bath Cottages combine contemporary décor with classic, unpretentious style. Abundant

natural light washes over Brazilian cherry wood floors. Baths are lavish retreats, with limestone countertops

and heated floors, while the living areas open expansively to the outdoors. There are two cozy fireplaces, and

the porches are heated for cool autumn nights. Fully equipped gourmet kitchens, state-of-the-art entertainment

systems, and large private gardens make staying home a reward in every season. Should you desire, resort spa

treatments and dining options can always be enjoyed in-residence.


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esidential interest ownership at The Orchard

is both practical and effortless, allowing one

to enjoy a Wine Country residence with all

of the five-star amenities and services of The

Carneros Inn, yet free from the traditional

worries and cost of a single family residence.

Thoughtful amenities include arriving to

a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry,

prepared meals and room service to be enjoyed

in your Cottage. There are dining options

throughout the property, spa services, and

a dedicated concierge who will see to your

every request on property, adventures in

Wine Country and beyond. Because there are

only a limited number of residential interests

available, you have the opportunity to use

your Cottage as often as you like, subject only

to space availability.


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lump Jack was Queen Elizabeth’s name for the rotund Falstaff

of Shakespeare’s “Henry IV.” So delighted was she with this

roguish character that she asked the Bard to write another

play in which Jack would fall in love. Shakespeare answered

her with “The Merry Wives of Windsor.” Plump Jack’s endless

good humor has inspired a company founded on the belief that

business can be fun, and is wholeheartedly dedicated to creating

“magical moments” that enliven and enrich each and every day.

Founded by Gavin and Hilary Newsom, PlumpJack today is

woven into the fabric of the Bay Area lifestyle. Its collection of

intimate hotels, wine shops, boutiques, vineyards and restaurants

are always fresh, eclectic and entertaining. As an Owner at

The Orchard you’ll enjoy special privileges throughout venues

that include the legendary Balboa Café in San Francisco and

PlumpJack Café in Squaw Valley, along with tasting events and

cellar recommendations… it’s a lifestyle that starts in the Napa

Valley, but knows no boundaries.


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WHAT IS A PRIVATE RESIDENCE CLUB? In recent years the idea of owning not all, but a fraction of a high-end vacation home has become increasingly popular. Private Residence Clubs, which Timbers has helped to pioneer and perfect, offer like-minded individuals the opportunity to enjoy hassle-free ownership of a residence. All Owners enjoy the benefits of five-star resort amenities and services. Here, at The Orchard at The Carneros Inn, each Owner receives a deeded interest in The Orchard property with unlimited usage in their home as often as they like, subject only to the reservation procedures.

WHY SHOULD I CONSIDER OWNERSHIP IN A PRIVATE RESIDENCE CLUB?Owning at a Private Residence Club makes sense for people who would like to have their home completely managed for them and have some flexibility when scheduling their vacation time. For a fraction of the cost of individually owning an entire residence and shouldering all the expenses and inconveniences alone, one can enjoy a residence of the highest quality, along with exquisite amenities and services of the club or resort. Perhaps most importantly, one purchases only the number of residential interests that match the amount of vacation time desired. This ownership concept allows a family to scale their investment to perfectly match their lifestyle.

WHY SHOULD I OWN AT A TIMBERS RESORTS PRIVATE RESIDENCE CLUB?The Timbers Resorts brand in large part owes its success to perfecting the Private Residence Club concept. The formula

is as deceptively simple in plan as it is difficult to execute and sustain… a spectacular, one-of-a-kind destination; a deliberately small membership; a private club environment focused on extraordinary Owner experiences; and handsome residences that Owners view primarily as a legacy for their families.

In addition, the creation of Timbers Collection has elevated this concept by expanding the benefits of ownership at one resort to around the globe, allowing Owners to discover and enjoy the entire portfolio of properties as well as a host of perks and privileges from travel partners known for their outstanding services and amenities. It’s all designed to enhance your lifestyle and to make travel more enjoyable.

WHY THE ORCHARD AT THE CARNEROS INN? For you, maybe it is the perfect location here in Carneros, set in the rolling hills between Napa and Sonoma, and just an hour to San Francisco. Perhaps it is the personalized attention that you will receive every time you return. It could be that you’ll treasure and come to depend on your private Concierge and a dedicated team to see to your every wish, and to faithfully watch over your investment at all times. Maybe it is the realization that the relationships you will build with other Owners at The Orchard and within Timbers Collection will last for years to come. Or it may simply be the opportunity to discover this spectacular Wine Country, to return as a local and get to know your favorite vintners, artisans and restaurateurs. For all the right reasons, this is the right place to call home.

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The highest praise for ownership with The Orchard at The Carneros Inn and Timbers Resorts comes not only from the press, but from our Owners themselves.

How often can one say that the reality of ownership at The Orchard has surpassed even our highest expectations? Ours has. The opportunity to own a piece of Napa and Sonoma – to enjoy all the amenities of The Carneros Inn and the opportunity to visit the other Timbers Resorts properties around the world makes ownership all the more special.

– The Wexler Family, The Orchard at The Carneros Inn

We were looking for a retreat for our family from our busy professional lives. The Orchard has been the perfect fit by providing us with hassle-free vacations, allowing us to focus our time on being with our children.

– The Wu Family, The Orchard at The Carneros Inn

We use The Orchard as much as we’d likely use our own second home, so this seems more efficient to us. Why own a home that sits idle and empty for weeks on end? Plus, we didn’t like the idea of having a lot of maintenance. We wanted a place to come relax, not work. We love it!

– Jess Wilson & Kathy Oneto, The Orchard at The Carneros Inn

Ownership here is a whole lot more like that of a residence than you’d feel in a hotel – it really is our second home. Everyone who works here gets to know you and in so many different ways, they make us feel that we’re the most special Owners they have. That feeling is always nice to come home to.

– The Borzone Family, The Rocks

When we bought our residence at The Timbers Club, we thought we were buying a convenient place to stay for family ski trips. And we’ve had the most unexpected and wonderful surprise– we spent an affordable amount of money and made our life better. We have great experiences year-round that we get to share with family and friends. And every day we enjoy our new friends we meet at the Club. Who could have promised us all that?

– The Rauch Family, The Timbers Club

We have total trust in Timbers Resorts. We know that if Timbers is involved the experience is going to be something special and we have nothing to worry about. It’s just that simple.

– The Maglio Family, The Residences at Esperanza

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

To learn more about residential interests at The Orchard and Timbers Resorts, we invite you to visit or simply call 888.400.9831.

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C A R N E R O S H I G H W AY R O U T E 1 2 1























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S n a i l L o o p

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to Sonoma










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W A R D ’ S W A L K



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to Napa

The Orchard aT The carnerOs Inn

4048 sOnOma hIghway

napa, ca 94559

888 .400 .9831



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E L E G A N T L i v i N G A N D D i N i N G R O O m S

• Brazilian cherry hardwood floors

• Custom walnut coffee table

• Window seats accented with Andrew Morgan pillows

• GIO lounge chairs covered in rich leather

• Carrera marble dining table with custom ostrich dining chairs

• Oversized Oberon mirror in coffee bean finished oak

• Custom draperies and Roman shades in white cotton with signature large grommets

• Framed black-and-white images of “Old Carneros” courtesy of our neighboring ranching families

• Accordion lanai doors open to the outdoors

P R i v A T E C O U R T y A R D A N D G A R D E N

• In-ground spa

• Outdoor seating areas for sun and relaxation

• Lushly landscaped, featuring native California species

L U x U R y B A T H S

• Spectacular limestone counters

• Radiant limestone floors

• Indoor/outdoor shower

C O m F O R T A B L E m A S T E R S U i T E S

• Two master suites with sleeping capacity for six

• Large private screened porch

• Custom headboard frames, bed benches and six-drawer dressers stained in dark coffee bean

• Herman Miller Eames lounger and cowhide sling chair by Le Corbusier

• Stainless steel floor lamps and swing-arm reading lamps

• White Italian linens with high-contrast custom box pleat bed skirts in aubergine ultra suede and faux fur pillows with a Wisteria jersey boucle bed throw

• Fold-down Murphy bed in second suite

S T A T E - O F - T H E - A R T E N T E R T A i N m E N T

S y S T E m S

• Three LG flat panel LCD high definition televisions

• BOSE DVD 5.1 Surround Sound indoors and out

• DirectTV

• iPod docking station

• Wireless Internet access

G O U R m E T k i T C H E N S

• Honed black granite countertops

• Electrolux refrigerator/freezer, Bosch dishwasher, Viking range and microwave, and KitchenAid and Cuisinart small appliances

• Fully and thoughtfully appointed with Fortessa china, ScHott Zwiesel crystal stemware, Christofle Hotel flatware, and All-Clad pots and pans

i N D O O R / O U T D O O R L i v i N G S P A C E S

• Spacious covered outdoor living room

• Indoor and outdoor fireplaces

• Custom outdoor reading bed

• Kingsley Bate chaises with custom cushions, pillows and white market umbrella

• Elegant designer furnishings throughout, including JANUS et Cie, Dunkirk, and Smith & Hawken

• Environmentally sensitive decking

• Space heaters overhead

• Viking gas barbecue

Stylishly appointed to delight indoors and out, the

two-bedroom, two-bath luxury Cottages at

The Orchard are ideal for relaxation, rejuvenation

and recreation.

The Orchard aT The carnerOs Inn

4048 sOnOma hIghway

napa, ca 94559

888 .400 .9831


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the Carneros region. A second complex with a lap pool, private cabanas, a children’s pool and a classic snack bar is located just steps from The Orchard. F I T N E S S C E N T E R

The Fitness Center is a remarkable 2,000-square-foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment for every workout regimen. Adjacent to The Orchard, it features Precor and Paramount exercise equipment and opens to the pool deck for a unique indoor/outdoor experience. M O T I O N S T u D I O

The Motion Studio features yoga, Pilates, meditation and movement classes that aid in both wellness and relaxation. Situated near the lap pool, the Motion Studio is also available for private classes and events. S P A

The award-winning Spa offers indulgent services inspired by the abundant natural beauty and unique local ingredients of the region.

• Nine indoor treatment rooms

• Five outdoor treatment rooms

• Two couple’s treatment rooms

• Separate men’s and women’s sauna and steam rooms

• Signature spa treatments specializing in natural ingredients

• Extensive spa boutique offering exclusive Red Flower spa products

• Cottage Services, a special menu of luxury spa services you can enjoy in the privacy of your residence O w N E R S ’ L O u N g E

At the Hilltop, a private building is being designed and built specifically for Owners, and features a large deck for private parties. Coming soon in 2009. H O u S E k E E P I N g

Light daily cleaning services as well as a full cleaning during each stay are provided for all Owners. Additional services are available upon request. P R E - A R R I v A L g R O C E R y S H O P P I N g

At your request, your favorite foods and beverages will be stocked in your Cottage just prior to your arrival. I N - C O T T A g E D I N I N g

In-Cottage dining is available for all Owners and their guests. L O N g - T E R M S T O R A g E

All Owners will have access to secure, temperature-controlled storage for wine and personal items. Your personal effects will be placed in your residence prior to arrival, ensuring a comfortable visit each and every time.

C O N C I E R g E S E R v I C E S

You will come to know and depend on the dedicated concierges at The Orchard, and you’ll find them knowledgeable, detailed and always looking for ways to exceed your expectations. Before you arrive they can arrange itineraries, make reservations throughout Napa and Sonoma, and schedule services at the resort. They’ll make certain your residence welcomes your arrival, with fresh-cut flowers, glowing lights in the evening, and refrigerator and pantries stocked to your liking. Simpy ask and consider it done. R E S T A u R A N T S

The three restaurants on property present diverse dining opportunities to satisfy every appetite. The renowned FARM features eclectic, locally inspired cuisine in a fine dining environment. The private Hilltop Dining Room offers stunning panoramic views and impeccable cuisine, exclusively for Owners and guests. And the Boon Fly Café is a rustic roadside eatery celebrating the agricultural heritage of the Carneros region. P O O L S

At the highest point of the property is the Hilltop, where the resort’s beautiful pool and hot tub overlook the stunning vineyards and hillsides of

From concierges to pools to the award-winning Spa,

the best of Carneros is at your doorstep at

The Orchard, where luxurious private residences and

five-star amenities go together like good food and wine.

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Bene f i t s o f Ownersh ipTravel, Trade, Wine & So Much More

Page 31: The Orchard at The Carneros Inn eBrochure
Page 32: The Orchard at The Carneros Inn eBrochure

Ownership in The Orchard at The Carneros Inn is made both practical and effortless through our Private Residence

Club program, which affords all of the benefits of owning a vacation home with none of the hassles associated with

traditional second home ownership. Beyond this, Owners can also take advantage of special partnerships with local

wineries; PlumpJack hotels, wineries and wine stores; and especially the exclusive perks and privileges available through

membership in Timbers Collection, which includes the opportunity to visit other Timbers Resorts destinations worldwide

through Timbers Reciprocity Program®.

Exc lus i ve P r i v i l eges fo r Owners a t The Orcha rd

While in residence, Owners enjoy the incomparable five-star services and amenities of The Carneros Inn plus additional benefits, including:

• Preferred dining reservations at FARM Restaurant and Boon Fly Café

• Savings on treatments and non-sale retail items at The Spa

• Savings on purchases at PlumpJack Sport

• Savings on purchases at MARKET

• Private shopping parties at PlumpJack Sport and invitations to exclusive shopping and fashion show events

• Invitations to private Owners-only wellness classes, including Pilates and Yoga

Page 33: The Orchard at The Carneros Inn eBrochure

For more information about our Travel Partners, please visit

Owners at The Orchard receive exclusive perks and privileges when visiting some

of the region’s most sought-after wineries. Through our partnerships, Owners enjoy

personalized vineyard experiences including private lunches, tastings and tours,

invitations to private release parties and winemaker dinners, and preferred rates on

wine purchases. Please let us introduce you to just a few of the experiences available

to Owners at The Orchard.

Winer ies We Love

PlumpJack Winery — With its lively tasting room

set amongst the Oakville vineyards, PlumpJack

Winery is a fun addition to any trip to The Orchard.

Their friendly staff treats Orchard Owners to

complimentary tastings and early previews of their

exceptional varietals that are consistently ranked

among some of the world’s best.

CADE Winery — As PlumpJack’s newest endeavor,

CADE offers a second-to-none tasting experience set

high atop Howell Mountain. Replete with picturesque

views and an inviting living room setting in which

Owners enjoy complimentary tastings and invitations

to spectacular private soirees, this unique, state-of-

the-art winery is striving to achieve LEED certifi cation

and is currently tracking to be Gold LEED Certifi ed.

Vintner’s Collective — What is the perfect way to

discover the region’s best boutique vintners all under

one roof in the oldest stone building in downtown

Napa? Vintner’s Collective is your answer. Owners

enjoy all the benefi ts of their robust wine club

including private seated tastings with their wine

experts and invitations to release parties, including

their Annual Harvest Party in the vineyards of Napa.

Artesa Winery — Best known for their handcrafted

vintages, stunning architecture and dramatic

panoramic views of the Carneros appellation, Artesa

Winery offers Orchard Owners private tastings,

access to their premier tours, pairings, vineyard hikes,

and private social events throughout the year.

Ancien Wines — Owners are invited to visit the

Ancien Winery in Coombsville for complimentary

vineyard tours, barrel tastings and even the

opportunity to take part in the production of their

renowned Pinot Noir vintages.

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The Leisurely LifestyleSave on a number of exclusive opportunities from Timbers Resorts’ hospitality affi liates, the world’s most highly regarded purveyors in the art of living well. Complimentary wine tastings, preferred hotel rates and upgrades, private club membership opportunities, and discounts on spas, dining and retail are among the many highlights.

Wine & Refi neExpand your cellar, manage your collection, and experience the world’s greatest wines through our unique partnership with Italian Wine Merchants, the country’s leading specialty wine retailer. In addition to special events, you’ll choose from four levels of wine club membership depending on your passion for the grape, then create, track and manage the cellar of your dreams.

Adventuresome TravelWhether they’re most at home along the coast, on the mountain or in the countryside, Timbers Resorts Owners are lovers of exploration, adventure and an active lifestyle. Exciting offers include one-of-a-kind trips, tours and getaways that promise inspiring routes, unique cultural encounters and endless adventure.

Getting from A to BWe have joined with a number of travel industry leaders to make your travel experience even more enjoyable, comfortable and hassle-free. Enjoy unique offers and preferred rates for private jet travel, car rentals, door-to-door luggage shipping, access to airport lounges, and other perks and services that simplify the travel experience so you can concentrate on what’s most important – enjoying your vacation.

Safe & Secure TravelJust as Timbers Resorts is committed to making the travel experience more enjoyable, we also strive to make it safe and secure. We’re pleased to offer extra assurance from leaders in emergency response, whose expertise will ensure your peace of mind and allow your entire family to focus on relaxing and enjoying your time away.

Beyond the countless activities and amenities at and near the resort, Owners at The Orchard also enjoy membership in Timbers Collection, a program that provides a host of exclusive perks, privileges and benefi ts that enhance the ownership experience.

A Signature Collection of Timbers Resorts®

For more information about our Travel Partners, please visit

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Because every Timbers Resorts property offers an unforgettable experience, it’s almost

unfair to have to choose just one to enjoy. Fortunately, as an Owner at The Orchard, you

won’t have to.

Timbers Reciprocity Program® extends the benefits of ownership by providing an

opportunity to experience other premier properties within the Timbers Resorts portfolio. Just

as you’ll discover at The Orchard at The Carneros Inn, every Timbers Collection property

offers a supreme setting with outstanding amenities, impeccable service and careful attention

to detail. Upon joining this simple program, you can trade your vacation weeks in Napa

Valley to soak up the sun in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; ski the slopes of Steamboat and

Snowmass, Colorado; unwind in the lush setting of Southern California; settle in to the

romance of Tuscany, Italy; and golf the celebrated courses of Ireland and Scottsdale.

And because we are actively developing new five-star properties around the world, the

collection of Timbers Resorts properties promises to grow, providing more opportunities

for exploration and adventure.

Arranging trades is as easy as point and click through our online system, and a dedicated

representative is available to assist with questions and details along the way. It is a new,

exciting and endlessly rewarding way to enjoy all the wonders of Timbers Resorts.

For more information about Timbers Reciprocity Program and the current properties

available, please visit 888.400.9831Snowmass | Cabo San Lucas | Scottsdale | Tuscany | Virgin Islands

Steamboat Springs | Napa Valley | Rancho Santa Fe | Ireland

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The Orchard at The Carneros Inn, 4048 Sonoma Highway, Napa, CA 94559 888.400.9831