the orc in grades 4-6 bawlf school november 12, 2013 jamie davis, orc coordinator

Download The ORC in grades 4-6 Bawlf School November 12, 2013 Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator

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  • The ORC in grades 4-6 Bawlf School November 12, 2013 Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator
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  • Welcome! Please share your: Name Your position Your familiarity with the ORC
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  • Accessing the ORC O In school automatic authentication O Remote access requires a district username/password O BRSD username: LA02 password: 9883 O Share your district username/password using low tech methods O Email for your districts remote username/password
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  • TrueFLIX O Newly created sister resource to BookFLIX designed for grades 3-6 O Nonfiction content divided into 2 broad themes with 3-5 subthemes O Each ebook includes an introductory video to help build background knowledge of topic O Human voice read along feature O Interactive table of contents for each ebook O Essential inquiry questions and project ideas for every ebook
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  • O Bring an author into your classroom any time you need O Search for Meet-the-Author Movies or Book Readings, Author Audio Name Pronunciation, book guides and lesson plans O Access Alberta specific booklists: O Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Readers Choice Award (YRCA) O ELA Authorized Novel and Nonfiction Reading Lists grades 4-12 O Meet-the-author book readings in French O Canadian Book Award Winners/Canadian Book and Author Resources O Personalized Book Lists upon request
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  • PowerKnowledge Suite O Content divided into 3 databases: Earth Space, Life Science and Physical Science O Includes a customizable read aloud feature O Short, segmented articles with introductory videos to build background knowledge O Embedded science experiments and educational games O Aligns with 95% of the grade 3-6 science curriculum and 87% of grade 1-6 science curriculum
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  • PowerKnowledge: Earth Space O Curriculum areas covered: O Grade 4 Light and Shadows, and Waste and Our World O Grade 5 Weather Watch, and Wetland Ecosystems O Grade 6 Sky Science O Social Studies mapping skills
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  • PowerKnowledge: Life Science O Curriculum areas covered: O Grade 4 Plant Growth and Changes, and Waste and Our World O Grade 5 Wetland Ecosystems O Grade 6 Trees and Forests
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  • PowerKnowledge: Physical Science O Curriculum areas covered: O Grade 4 Wheels and Levers O Grade 5 Electricity and Magnetism and Classroom Chemistry O Grade 6 Trees and Forests
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  • Muzzy Online O Learning languages through the context of a story O Hundreds of words and phrases embedded in stories O Six movies in each language level with subtitles that can be turned on/off O 101 thematic video lessons with embedded language learning games divided into level I & II O All new 3D animation O All new recording studio
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  • Canada In Context O Canadian content! O Customizable read aloud feature O Articles downloadable to MP3 O Text translation to 13 languages O Featured videos, news, and stories on homepage O Jump to related articles within the article
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  • Science In Context O Featured news and videos on homepage O Content organized into Featured, Reference, News, Statistics, Videos, images, etc. on topic pages O Customizable listen feature O Download articles to MP3 O Text translation into 13 languages O Resources section includes resources for students, teachers and librarians O Curriculum Standards for Alberta
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  • Visual Thesaurus O 6 languages including English, French, Spanish and German O Correct word pronunciation O Images related to words with right click O Word of the day/week/month O Personalized word lists and spelling bees* O Vocabgrabber* *With personal account
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  • Setting up a personal Visual Thesaurus account
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  • World Book Student O New text to speech feature O General encyclopedia O Includes atlas, dictionary (with voice pronunciations), images, web links, and charts O "My Research" option for students to track and save their research online. O Timeline feature embedded O Available on iPads O Online Training Available
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  • Canadian Points of View O Essays written from multiple sides of current Canadian- themed issues O Organized by category and then related topics O Homepage guides for research O In the Spotlight O Customizable listen feature O Access Canadian magazines, newspapers, International newspapers, Bios, Radio and News transcripts, etc. O Embedded Canadian Curriculum standards O With An Account: O Can create folders and sort by date, articles, videos, etc. O Can create RSS feeds on searches
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  • Alberta Source O Free website accessible to anyone, no login required ever O Although recommended for grades 6-12 good fit to Div II Social Studies curriculum O Includes articles, video, audio, images and primary documents related to: O Albertas history (First Nations & Francophone included) O Arts and culture O Politics O Education O Industry and natural resources. O Links to educational resources with lesson plans and edukits
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  • ORC Support Site O Resource training materials - podcasts, videos, archived webinars, and guides O Information about upcoming free ORC PD opportunities O Information about province-wide resource trials and surveys O Online booking system for ORC sessions O Calendar of ORC Events O Links to ORC Twitter and Facebook accounts
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  • ORC Listserv O Weekly email updates organized by E/J/S: O New resources and features O Province-wide trials O Surveys O Free PD opportunities O No emails during school breaks O Membership has its benefits joining incentive O Email or visit the ORC Support Site to join
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  • Contact For more information or to schedule a school presentation please contact Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator Call 780-414-0805 ext.229 OR Email:
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  • Links to Check out ORC Support Site ORC ListServ ORC Facebook


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