The Optimizely Experience Keynote by Matt Althauser - Optimizely Experience London 2014

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In this the keynote of the Optimizely Experience London, Matt Althauser (GM Optimizely Europe) shows where Optimizely has started in 2010 and how the product has evolved since. During his talk fellow team members explained these additional features in more detail. Features include: - Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor - Mobile - API - Audiences - Balanced Content Delivery Network (CDN)


  • 1. THE OPTIMIZELY EXPERIENCEMatt AlthauserGM EMEA, Optimizely

2. AGENDA10:05 - 11:15 Optimizely Experience Keynote11:15 - 11:45 Case Study: The Student Room11:45 - 12:00 Break12:00 - 1:00 Optimisation Roundtables1:00 - 2:00 Lunch2:00 - 2:30 Case Study: Haymarket2:30 - 3:15 Creating a Testing Roadmap3:45 - 3:45 Case Study: StubHub3:45 - 4:00 Closing Notes4:00 - 5:00 Networking Drinks 3. OPTIMIZELYMatt Althauser, GM EMEA 4. Enable the world to turn data into action 5. OUR STORYObamaCampaign2008Optimizely.comLaunches!2010YC2009 6. DEMO 7. AN EXAMPLE: CODE.ORGHadi Partovi, Founder 8. CAPITALIZING ON TRAFFIC+12 MillionOriginal Winning Variationadditionalparticipants 9. CAPITALIZING ON TRAFFICStudents Organizers*Hadi Partovi, Simple Testing Can Boost CS Education 29% Overnight.PR Launch!A/B Testing BeginsWinning A/B Test !Variation Implemented 10. OUR STORYOptimizely.comLaunches!ObamaCampaignYC2008 20092010 11. Targeting2011 12. OPTIMIZE EVERY CHANNELContent MarketingPaid MarketingEmail MarketingOrganic TrafficLead AcquisitionSocial Media 13. AN EXAMPLE: LIFTOPIA!Dave Nuffer, Product Manager 14. OPTIMIZE EVERY CHANNELOrganic SearchPaid Ads(Search)Direct TrafficAvg. $ Size Avg. $ SizeAvg. $ Size% Conversion % Conversion% Conversion= Online Revenue 15. OPTIMIZE EVERY CHANNEL+20%additionalconversionsOriginal Landing Page Pared-Down Variation 16. OPTIMIZE EVERY CHANNEL+23.7%additionalconversionsOriginal Date Selection Page Pared-Down Variation 17. AN EXAMPLE: BLEACHER REPORTPeter Hastie, Frontend Development 18. CAPITALIZING ON TRAFFICOriginal Current Variation+764%social mediafollowers 19. CAPITALIZING ON TRAFFICImplementedoptimization strategy*Peter Hastie, Optimizely Developer Showcase, OptiCon 2014. 20. Targeting2011Mobile Web2012 21. AN EXAMPLE: RENTPATH!Scott Ehly, Site Optimisation/Usability Analyst 22. MOBILE WEBOriginal Variation+1.6%additionalleads 23. AN EXAMPLE: VEGGIE TALES!Megan Bush, Conversion Optimisation Consultant 24. MOBILE WEBOriginal Variation+28%Revenue perVisitor 25. Targeting Mobile Web2011 2012LocalizationLocalisation2013 26. LocalizationLocalisationTargeting Mobile Web2011 2012 2013 27. 2014Audiences 28. WELL-KNOWN EXAMPLES OFPERSONALISATION 29. AN EXAMPLE: IRON MOUNTAINEric Bruyn, Digital Marketing 30. PERSONALISING CONTENT+123%contentengagementVariation - Original - No Personalisation Targeted for Healthcare 31. CUSTOMER SUCCESS!Steven Grijzenhout, Solution Architect Team Lead 32. DEMO 33. 2014AudiencesDeveloperPlatform 34. CUSTOMER SUCCESS!Adam Levinson, Customer Success Manager 35. WHAT MAKES CLIENTS!SUCCESSFUL IN TESTING? 36. THE MILLION DOLLAR/EURO/POUND!QUESTION:!!HOW DO WE GO FROM 37. THIS 38. TO THIS 39. WHAT DOES THE DATA SAY? 40. MORE DATA 41. MORE DATA 42. MORE DATA 43. KEY FINDINGS Correlation between business impact and # of tests run. (Not earth shattering) Correlation between # of users and business impact. People focusing on the right thing, can drive huge impact. 44. TESTING (LIFE) IS A FUNCTION OF:!HOW MANY / WHAT 45. PHILOSOPHIZING + TESTINGTL:DR: Time spent / Impact Success at the gym: How many times you go to the gym / what exercisesyou do Success in your job: How long you work / what work you do Success in your relationship: How much time you spend together / Whatkind of time you spend together 46. THE PROBLEMHow can we run more impactful testswhile decreasing the time spent to run those tests? 47. WHY DONT MORE PEOPLE TEST!HEADLINES? 48. KEY FINDINGS Short lifecycle- an article lasts a day 49. KEY FINDINGS Complicated process with a lot of stake holders. 50. KEY FINDINGS Give access to your editors and your website could look like this 51. OR THIS 52. NOW INTRODUCING: !REST API + DEVELOPER PLATFORM 53. DEVELOPERS.OPTIMIZELY.COM 54. 2014DeveloperPlatformAudiences Ecosystem 55. PARTNERSHIPSTai Rattigan, Head of Partnerships EMEA 56. ECOSYSTEM TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS SOLUTIONS PARTNERS COMMUNITY 57. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS 58. action!data!causal!inference! 59. Campaign Integrations!What will our ecosystem look like?!action!data!Audience Integrations! Goal Tracking Integrations!CMS Integrations!Analytics Integrations!causal!inference!!!!experience! 60. 13! 61. SOLUTIONS PARTNERS 62. +Training Certification 63. COMMUNITY 64. DeveloperPlatformAudiences EcosystemNativeMobile 65. OPTIMIZELYOren Cohen, UK Team Lead 66. 2014DeveloperPlatformAudiencesNativeMobileEcosystem 67. Enable the world to turn data into action