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January 28, 2015 edition of the The Northern View


<ul><li><p>250.624.9298Suite 6 - 342 3rd Ave W.</p><p>Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. As a licensed realtor with over 25 years of experience, whether you are selling or buying, I am here to guide you through every phase of the process with skill and integrity. For a free consultation please call or e-mail me today. I look forward to helping you fi nd the perfect home!612 Cassiar Avenue612 Cassiar Avenue</p><p>$385,000$385,000</p><p>Gordon KobzaThe Power of Experience</p><p>VOL. VOL. 1010 NO. 04 NO. 04 Wednesday, January 28, 2015Wednesday, January 28, 2015 FREE FREE</p><p>PRINCE RUPERTPRINCE RUPERT</p><p>Heart of our City: Sam Bryant</p><p>Page A5</p><p>FeatureFeature</p><p>Port-related employment grows</p><p>Page A11</p><p>BusinessBusiness</p><p>Rainmakers dominate Masset</p><p>Page A15</p><p>Pirates take over Lester Centre</p><p>Page A22</p><p>ArtsArts</p><p>SportsSports</p><p>HONOURING THE FALLENHONOURING THE FALLEN</p><p>Shaun Thomas / The Northern ViewPrince Rupert RCMP members, along with other emergency personnel, march down Third Avenue West on Jan. 26 to honour Const. David Wynn who was murdered during a routine traffi c stop in St. Albert, Alberta on Jan. 17.</p><p>Alaskans postpone ferry dock upgrades</p><p>BY SHAUN THOMAS PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>Prince Rupert found itself in the middle of an international incident last week as the Canadian government took aim at what it sees as protectionism by the U.S. government when it came to an approximately $15 million upgrade to the Alaska ferry terminal.</p><p>As a taxpayer-funded body, the Alaskan government was required to adhere to Buy America legislation that would have required all of the steel for thedock upgrades to come from the United States. But since the terminal rested on land owned by the Canadian government and administered by the Prince Rupert Port Authority, Minister of International Trade Ed Fast said that simply would not be allowed to happen.</p><p>We have been clear: The application of protectionist Buy America provisions on </p><p>Canadian soil is unacceptable and an affront to Canadian sovereignty, he said in a statement on Jan. 19. </p><p>Buy America provisions deny both countries companies and communities the clear benefits that arise from our integrated supply chain and our commitment to freer and more open trade. We call upon our American friends to join with us to end the harm such policies are doing within our shared North American economy.</p><p>While the State of Alaska could have asked for a waiver of the clause in this case, it declined </p><p>to do so, leading to the Canadian government to sign an order under the rarely-used Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act to secure Canadas right to prevent compliance with the Buy America provisions for this project. The result was the State of Alaska cancelling plans to move forward with the upgrades at this time. </p><p>The decision puts at-risk a $15 million investment in the area, but Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain said he is confident the project will move ahead at a later date.</p><p>I talked to Minister Ed Fast, I talked to the deputy chief of staff for the Governor of Alaska and Ive talked with MP Nathan Cullen ... the assessment I have is all parties know how this will affect things on the ground in Prince Rupert. I think once the election is over in the fall, the Alaska government will re-release the call for bids because they do feel this is an issue in an election year, he said </p><p>The cancellation of the bid The cancellation of the bid process ... should be a major process ... should be a major </p><p>concern.concern.</p><p>- Scott Farwell- Scott Farwell</p><p>Multi-million dollar project sparks international incident</p><p>See TERMINAL on Page A2</p></li><li><p>A2 Northern View January 28, 2015A2 Northern View January 28, 2015 www.thenorthernview.comNews</p><p>The Prince Rupert Port Authoritys Community Investment Fund provides nancial support for projects or initiatives in the Prince Rupert area that enhances quality of life or contributes to a lasting legacy to the community.</p><p>Only projects or initiatives that are broad community-based and have a meaningful and wide-reaching impact in the Prince Rupert and regional communities will be considered.</p><p>Projects or initiatives leveraging other funding sources will be considered on a preferential basis.</p><p>All projects must provide tangible longterm benets to the community; have broad, demonstrated community support; leverage other private and/or public funding; and be environmentally sound.</p><p>Contributions will not be made to the operating costs of a project or initiative; to individuals; to partisan political projects/initiatives; to projects or initiatives that are restricted to the use or benet of specic individuals or organizations within the community; where activities related to or resulting from are in violation of any federal or provincial law, regulation or policy; or to renancing of all or any part of any term debt obligations of the funding recipient. </p><p>Applicants submitting a request for nancial support can be non-prot entities, locally-based forms of government such as municipalities; Districts and First Nation Band Councils and non-prot cooperatives. </p><p>Priority will be given to projects, initiatives or events which provide the greatest funding leverage from other sources. Community support could include written support by local community groups.</p><p>Normally the Community Investment Fund will not contribute more than 90% toward project costs. However, priority will be given to those seeking 50% or less for a project, initiative or event.</p><p>To download the application form, visit the Prince Rupert Port Authority web site at:</p><p>Applications may be submitted to the Prince Rupert Port Authority either by regular mail or electronically between the dates of January 14th to February 14th, 2015.</p><p>Mailed applications shall be sent to:Prince Rupert Port Authority</p><p>Attention: Mr. Maynard Angus Manager, Community Relations200 215 Cow Bay Road</p><p>Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A2</p><p>Proposals sent by electronic mail shall be sent to:</p><p>COMMUNITY INVESTMENT FUND</p><p>Rupert population on the decline</p><p>BY SHAUN THOMAS PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>The population of Prince Rupert took a drop in 2014 and is now the lowest it has been in four years, according to the latest figures from BC Stats.</p><p>The agencys population estimates put Prince Ruperts population at 11,918, down 2.9 cent from the 12,275 estimate for 2013. That number puts Prince Rupert at the top of the list when it comes to year-over-year population declines in municipalities over 5,000, just ahead of Smithers at 2.7 per cent. The current population estimate is down even further compared to 2011 when BC Stats estimated 12,802 people called the city home, a drop of 884 people over the past four years.</p><p>Im not concerned about the decline, were just going to focus on attracting a new industrial tax base ... I think this is a good indication that Prince Rupert needs to start saying yes to more things, said Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain, adding a declining population doesnt mean fewer people on the streets. </p><p>There is a lot of transient people, </p><p>a shadow population, working in areas related to the LNG industry so it is tough for people to feel a population decline ... there are a lot of people renting and the hotels are full, so I would estimate there are significantly more people in town. </p><p>But Prince Rupert isnt alone in seeing year-over-year declines. BC Stats estimates the population of Port Edward was also the lowest it has been in four years in 2014, sitting at 536 compared to a high of 554 in 2013 equal to a 3.4 per cent decline. Terraces population is also estimated to be at a four-year low of 11,265, down from a high of 11,688 in 2011.</p><p>Its a different story on Haida Gwaii, where BC Stats estimates minor population increases in all communities.</p><p>It is a good indication It is a good indication that Prince Rupert that Prince Rupert </p><p>needs to start saying needs to start saying yes to more things.yes to more things.</p><p>- Lee Brain- Lee Brain</p><p>Brain said he plans to raise the topic when leaders from the region get together later this year. </p><p>When the Southeast Alaska Conference comes up I will be hosting a Mayors Forum to see if we can come together with one voice on this and other subjects, he said.</p><p>However, the cancellation of the project at this time did not sit well with those in the tourism industry. </p><p>The cancellation of the bid process on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry terminal in Prince Rupert should be a major concern for both local residents and their community, provincial and national leaders. It appears that politics has clouded Ottawas judgement on an important piece of transportation infrastructure that ultimately benefits our community, Northern B.C. and Canada, wrote Tourism Prince Rupert board chair Scott Farwell in a letter [see </p><p>Page A7 for the complete letter]. While the Canadian government touts it as a </p><p>threat to Canadas sovereignty, the fact remains that the Americans are the ones paying for the upgradesno Canadian dollars are involved at alland thus deciding what products they want to be used in construction. Is this different than a local homeowner deciding to renovate their home and choose the products they desire? If not, why is it we should feel differently about a ferry operator looking to make an investment in infrastructure at no cost to the Canadian taxpayer?</p><p>While some in Alaska, including an editorial published in the Juneau Empire, have pointed to this as a reason to leave Prince Rupert, Brain said he doesnt see that happening. </p><p>They have assured me there is no intention to cut Prince Rupert from the route, he said.</p><p>Prince Rupert and Alaska have a strong relationship.</p><p>Shaun Thomas / The Northern ViewPlans to delay a multi-million dollar dock upgrade is worrying some in the community. </p><p>TERMINAL from Page A1</p><p>Cancellation causes concern</p></li><li><p>January 28, 2015 Northern View A3January 28, 2015 Northern View News</p><p>208 1st Ave East, Prince Rupert 208 1st Ave East, Prince Rupert </p><p>250-624-9498 1-800-808-3988250-624-9498 1-800-808-3988</p><p>Serving the North Coast and Haida Gwaii since 1995Serving the North Coast and Haida Gwaii since 1995</p><p>February 2015 (Price includes GST)Basic Security Feb. 4-14 (Wed/Thurs/Fri- 5:00 10:00 pm &amp; Sat 8:00 am 2:00 pm) 40 Hours! 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For the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission pipeline, the Gitxaala receive a $308,000 payment upon signing and could receive another $770,000 when pipeline construction begins and a further $770,000 when the pipeline begins operations. The one-time payment for the Westcoast Gas Transmission pipeline is valued at $328,000 with a further $820,000 at the start of both construction and operations. </p><p>Gitxaala First Nation welcomes the opportunity to be an active partner of LNG in B.C., said Chief Clarence Innis. </p><p>In addition to our pipeline benefits agreements, we look forward to our members further participating in skills training and environmental stewardship opportunities that form part of the comprehensive package being tabled by government.</p><p>Others signing benefit agreements last Monday were the Kitselas First Nation near Terrace and the Yekooche First Nation near Fort St. James.</p><p>Gitxaala sign benefits dealMore than $4 million</p><p>BY MARTINA PERRY PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>Prince Rupert RCMP are turning to the community in hopes of locating a carved First Nations mask that was stolen earlier this month. </p><p>At approximately 8:40 p.m. on Jan. 6, the Prince Rupert RCMP detachment received a complaint regarding a stolen piece of property from the BC Ferries Northern Expedition vessel. </p><p>When RCMP arrived at Prince Ruperts BC Ferries terminal they were advised that a carved mask had been taken from the ferry. The traditional piece of First Nations art had been swiped from a display case in an area of the ship that was closed to passengers for several days before the incident occurred. </p><p>On Jan. 22, Prince Rupert RCMP issued a release publicizing the theft, asking anyone with information on the incident to contact police. </p><p>At this stage of the investigation we are looking to the community of Prince Rupert and surrounding areas to assist in generating any additional leads. This is a unique piece of traditional artwork and we are asking anyone who sees this mask to contact police, said Const. Matt Ericson, spokesperson of the Prince Rupert RCMP. </p><p>The investigation into the theft is ongoing, with RCMP asking anyone with information to call the detachment at 250-627-0700 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). </p><p>Northern Expedition struck by theft</p><p>RCMP / Special to The Northern ViewPrince Rupert RCMP are seeking the publics assistance in locating this mask, which was stolen earlier this month.</p><p>Carved mask stolen from ferryCarved mask stolen from ferry</p></li><li><p>BY MARTINA PERRY PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>The Prince Rupert Airport (YPR) terminal may be in rough shape now, but by summers end it will be completely redone. </p><p>While it appears little has been done since the first phase of the renovation project started in late July, a lot of progress has been made. </p><p>Richard Reed, manager of the Prince Rupe...</p></li></ul>