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February 06, 2013 edition of the The Northern View


<ul><li><p>Vote</p><p>Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Proudly serving the north Coast - The enVy of the north 250-624-8088 VOL. 8 nO. 6</p><p>DISCOVERA WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY</p><p>AT THE PRINCE RUPERT PORT INTERPRETIVE CENTRE</p><p>at tHE Cow Bay watErfront in PrinCE rUPErt</p><p>TUESDAYS FRIDAYS 1:00 PM4:30 PMSATURDAYS 9:00 AM5:00 PM </p><p>frEE aDMiSSionCaLL 250 624-4559 for inforMation</p><p>WWW.RUPERTPORT.COM/CENTRE</p><p>Untitled-4 1 11/9/2012 4:47:26 PM Funded in part by:</p><p>FOR INFORMATION CALL 250-624-9498</p><p> WORK BC EMpLOyMENT SERvICE CENTRE JOB OpTIONS BC </p><p>AFFNO </p><p>NORTh COAST IMMIgRANT &amp; MuLTICuLTuRAL SERvICES SOCIETy</p><p>Skills Connect for Immigrants Training</p><p>TRAININg CENTREST JOhN AMBuLANCE </p><p>training &amp; first aid supplies</p><p>Gordon KobzaBroker/Owner</p><p>Feature Property</p><p>Office and Cell: (250) 624-9298 Email: </p><p>Suite 6 - 342 3rd Ave W. Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L5</p><p>For Sale:$298,500</p><p>1080 JuBiLee CReS</p><p>Pride of ownership is evident both inside and out of this exceptional 4 bedroom family oriented home. With care and attention to detail the present owners have upgraded and renovated this property into near perfect condition. All this and a quiet Port Edward subdivision location that is ideal for a family and raising young kids. A few of the many features of this property include a gourmet style kitchen, hardwood floors, skylights, sundeck off of the master bedroom, office/den on the main floor, an excellent garage and storage area and more!Call Gordon @ (250) 624-9298 for the additional details and your appointment today</p><p>Ice carnIval...</p><p>Prince Rupert Middle School students construct an inflateable ice castle as part of Carnival dhiver on Feb 1. This is the first year the school honoured the Fracophone event, where children chose two of 10 activies held at the school throughout the afternoon. In place of actual ice, teacher Wil Barrow offered students this engineering challenge with duct tape and celophoane.</p><p>Proposal made to ship oil from rupertBy Shaun Thomas</p><p>The Northern View</p><p>Prince Rupert could one day be exporting oil if a proposal by Nexen Energy proceeds. </p><p>The Calgary-based company, which is in the midst of a $15.1-billion takeover by China National Offshore Oil Corporation, has spent over a year working on a plan to move oil by rail to an export terminal on Ridley Island. Nexen has been in discussion with the Prince Rupert Port Authority since late 2011 and the Globe and Mail reports a piece of land on Ridley Island has been selected for a potential export terminal. </p><p>Prince Rupert Port Authority manager of corporate communications Michael Gurney said not much is known about the proposal. </p><p>We are approached all the time by many different companies to </p><p>move many different commodities through Prince Rupert. We have had discussions with Nexen, but they have been very, very preliminary, he said, noting there would need to be a thorough environmental assessment done before this project moved ahead. </p><p>Gurney also said he could not confirm the location of any potential oil export terminal on the North Coast.</p><p>I cant give a lot of specific information because this is not yet a project, it is a concept.</p><p>For its part CN said it will not rule out the movement of oil along its track to Prince Rupert. </p><p>u comIng by raIl</p><p>city opposing rTI sale</p><p>By Martina PerryThe Northern View</p><p>The City of Prince Rupert doesnt want to see Ridley Terminals Inc. (RTI) sold into the private sector. </p><p>Council decided to express opposition to the sale at the Jan. 28 city council meeting, more than a month after the Federal Government announced its plan to sell Ridley Terminals. </p><p>Selling Ridley into the private market caused confusion for councillors because of the success the operation has seen over the past few years. Previously, the Federal Government had to subsidize RTI to keep it running, with government support deteriorating from $4.5 million a year to zero. Additionally, operating profits at Ridley grew from zero to $33.5 million annually since 2005. </p><p>Furthermore, RTI is expected to make even more profits due to undergoing expansions that will see the terminals annual shipping capacity increase from 12-to 24- million tonnes by the end of 2014. </p><p>The most vocal member of council against the sale was councillor Joy Thorkelson.</p><p>u IndusTry</p><p>Should CN decide to try to move forward with its proposal, it would face major opposition and risks to the company. -Environmental groupsNexen project met with heavy opposition from environmental groups</p><p>See Oil, Page 3 See RTI, Page 3</p></li><li><p>Page 2 - The NorTherN VIeW - WedNesday, February 6, 2013 WWW.TheNorTherNVIeW.comNeWs</p><p>I am confident.</p><p>I am talented.</p><p>I am a student at NVIT.</p><p>With campuses in Merritt and Vancouver and over 300 courses available, come and experience what makes NVIT a great place to grow. </p><p>Nicola Valley iNstitute of techNology MERRITT CAMPUS 250.378.3300 VANCOUVER CAMPUS 604.602.9555 TOLL FREE 1.877.682.3300WWW.NVIT.CA </p><p> ThE hOME OF AbORIgINAL POST-SECONdARy EdUCATION IN bC</p><p>KamloopsAugust 20-24 </p><p>...Over 3500 55+ BC Seniors </p><p>expected to participate !</p><p></p><p>Come Play with us</p><p>Click on your geographic zone and you will find lots of </p><p>information</p><p>Click on your geographic zone and you will find lots of </p><p>information</p><p>It includescontact info for people </p><p>who would be glad to help you get involved</p><p>It includescontact info for people </p><p>who would be glad to help you get involved</p><p>Visit our website to findout more about what </p><p>we have to offer</p><p>Visit our website to findout more about what </p><p>we have to offer</p><p>ArcheryBadminton</p><p>BridgeCarpet Bowling</p><p>CribbageCycling</p><p>DartsDragon Boating</p><p>Equestrian5 Pin BowlingFloor Curling</p><p>GolfHorseshoesIce CurlingIce Hockey</p><p>Lawn BowlingMtn. 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Biking</p><p>PickleballSlo-Pitch</p><p>SoccerSwimming</p><p>Table TennisTennis</p><p>Track &amp; FieldWhist</p><p>court hears Queen of the North distress callu QueeN oF The NorTh TrIal</p><p></p><p></p><p>Got a confidential </p><p>TIP OR </p><p>STORY IDEA?</p><p>Got a confidential </p><p>TIP OR </p><p>STORY IDEA?</p><p>Got a confidential</p><p>TIP OR </p><p>STORY IDEA?</p><p>Got a confidential </p><p>TIP OR </p><p>STORY IDEA?</p><p>Got a confidential </p><p>TIP OR </p><p>STORY IDEA?</p><p>Find this link on our website to contact website to contact </p><p>the editor or newsroomthe editor or newsroom</p><p></p><p>Find this link on our </p><p>IDEA?</p><p></p><p></p><p>rice considering optionsBy Quinn Bender </p><p>The Northern View</p><p>Jennifer Rice will remain on City Council during her run for North Coast MLA, but whether she steps down in the event of a victory is a decision shell make then.</p><p>Its too early to decide, she said. Its something Ill have to evaluate after the election.</p><p>There are no laws prohibiting Rice from holding two seats of public office simultaneously in either the BC Community Charter or Elections BC rules. </p><p>Rice said there are many options to consider, but admits holding the two positions is probably not recommended. Rice may also allow her council seat to simply expire if she won the MLA seat, and let the two positions to overlap in the 13 months between Mays municipal elections and the September sitting of Legislature. </p><p>I really want to talk to my council about that, said Rice. Its a collective decision. </p><p>Rice was nominated as the BC NDP candidate for North Coast Jan. 26 at Fishermans Hall in Prince Rupert. She has held her seat on City Council since 2011.</p><p>u seekINg mla elecTIoN</p><p>By Quinn Bender The Northern View</p><p>Jury members listened to the Queen of the Norths emergency radio broadcast in a Vancouver courtroom Jan 31. The recording offered a moment-by-moment account of the disaster that is believed to have claimed two lives, after the ship ran aground on Gill Island and sunk soon after. The recording reveals the BC Ferries crews confusion over their exact location and chronicles the ships evacuation and rapid assistance from fishing vessels in the area.</p><p>At 12:22 a.m. a distressed crew member radioed the Prince Rupert Coast Guard saying the ship had run aground and required assistance.</p><p>And confirm you are not taking on water, says a Coast Guard dispatcher.</p><p>We are taking on water, replies a ships crew member. He informs the Coast Guard 101 people are on board. The coordinates are relayed but shortly after the Coast Guard tells the Queen of the North that position is incorrect for Sainty Point. Before a precise position can be relayed, a crew member says the ships list is increasing and they are in need of immediate assistance. </p><p>The Coast Guard issues a call for help to which a shrimp vessel responds. After coordinates are again relayed by BC Ferries crew, the next broadcast is dispatched from an officer in the life rafts.</p><p>The Queen of the North has been abandoned and its listing, he says. Maybe tell people to stay clear of it.</p><p>Roger, and its confirmed theres no one left on board? asks the Coast Guard.</p><p>Were attempting to confirm that right now.</p><p>The operator of a private vessel then joins the broadcast, saying he is circling the Queen of the North looking for any stranded passengers, but none can be seen. </p><p>Survivors were brought aboard fishing and rescue vessels then ferried to safety in Hartley Bay or the Coast Guard ship Sir Wilfrid Laurier. But controversy arose after crews gave inconsistent information on how many people were on board and how many made it off alive. </p><p>Passangers Gerald Foisy and Shirley Rosette were never seen again and presumed drowned. </p><p>Karl-Heinz Lilgert, the fourth officer aboard the Queen of the North when it sank, is facing two counts of criminal negligence causing death.</p><p>To Catch A Fish,First cast a line.</p></li><li><p> Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - The norThern VIeW - Page neWs</p><p>844-3rd Ave West624-3122</p><p>Rupert Square Mall 627-8436</p><p>Wishing you a... Happy New year &amp; all the very best during </p><p>the year of the snake</p><p>While CN is not moving crude oil to Canadas west coast ports for export purposes today there is no infrastructure in place at those ports to unload crude oil from rail cars to vessels the Company cannot preclude the possibility of such traffic in future if the infrastructure is built. CN has common carrier obligations under law requiring it to move traffic when its tendered to the railway, explained CN director of communications and public affairs Mark Hallman.</p><p>CN supports the development of Canadas natural resources and seeks to give industries effective access to markets. CNs commitment is to provide efficient transportation services for all goods, including crude oil, in the safest and most environmentally responsible manner. This commitment extends to all of our customers and the communities through which we operate.</p><p>Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen, who has been vocal in his opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, said although talks between Nexen and the Prince Rupert Port Authority were </p><p>very preliminary, he will be taking a thorough look at the proposal. </p><p>Oil by rail has been dismissed by energy companies not just because of the risks but because of the cost. I would have to look at the numbers, but regardless I believe they are talking about thousands of rail cars carrying oil moving through our communities on a thin track that has a history of accidents... [Nexen] is now a Chinese government initiative, and Im not sure they have Canadas best interests in mind, he said. </p><p>Im going to apply the same test I applied to the proposed pipelines, which is the potential costs versus the potential benefits, and will consult with people in the northwest about it. I dont know that my opinion would change just because the oil is now moving on rail... I </p><p>dont know if were just jumping from the frying pan and into the fire with this.</p><p>The prospect of oil on rail caught the attention of 16 environmental groups who banded together to warn CN about pursuing the idea. </p><p>Should CN decide to try to move forward with its proposal, it would face major opposition and risks to the company. We urge you to stop any forward movement with shipping tar sands oil by rail through British Columbia, reads the letter, signed by groups such as Greenpeace Canada, Friends of Wild Salmon, the Living Oceans Society and the T.Buck Suzuki Foundation.</p><p>Transporting tar sands to the port of either Kitimat or Prince Rupert is unprecedented and would result in the introduction of oil tanker traffic to Canadas North Pacific coast. The risks to coastal fisheries and tourism jobs, as well as to cultures and communities who reside there, are too great.</p><p>Cullen raised concerns about the safety record of rail, something CN said is solid. </p><p>Railways have a solid record in transporting hazardous material traffic. According </p><p>to Association of American Railroads, 99.9 per cent of hazardous material carloads moved by railroads are accident-release free. CN has improved its safety record. In 2012 CN had the lowest Transportation Safety Board of Canada Main-</p><p>Track Accident Ratio on record. And none of CNs 2012 main track accidents caused the leak of dangerous commodities, said Hallman. </p><p>Repeated calls and e-mails to Nexen communication officials went unanswered. </p><p>Photo courtesy of CN RailTrains carrying oil for export to Asian markets could be making their way along the Skeena River to Prince Rupert. </p><p>cn says oil export talks very preliminary, but possibleu energy</p><p>Continued from Page 1 CN supports the development of Canadas natural resources .- Mark HallmanOther than philosophy, </p><p>why is the government getting rid of the cash cow? It seems to me to be inane. It was okay for the government to have it when it was [putting] $4.5 million into it a year. Now it makes $33 million a year and were going to sell it? she said.</p><p>Thorkelson said she worries if there were a contraction in the coal mining industry and the new terminal operator decided to close it down, </p><p>there would be little the City could do to stop it. </p><p>If private enterprises decide to close it in the future because of a loss, we will have no recourse. Its too much part of our community to allow that to happen, she said. </p><p>Thorkelson moved the City communicate to both the federal and provincial governments that the City of Prince Rupert objects to the sale of Ridley Island Terminals and believes the government should maintain operations at RTI. </p><p>Then, Thorkelson moved to suggest the government provide revenue sharing on operations going through Prince Rupert as a new way of raising income. </p><p>If the Canadian budget is so wealthy, they can turn over that $33.5 million over to the City of Prince Rupert every year, Thorkelson said.</p><p>This is the second time </p><p>the Federal Government has attempted to sell RTI in the past decade, first putting the operation up for bidding in 2005. Back then Fortune Minerals was identified as the preferred buyer, bidding $20...</p></li></ul>