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August 28, 2013 edition of the The Northern View


<ul><li><p>250.624.9298Suite 6 - 342 3rd Ave W.</p><p>Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. As a licensed realtor with over 23 years of experience, whether you are selling or buying, I am here to guide you through every phase of the process with skill and integrity. For a free consultation please call or e-mail me today. I look forward to helping you nd the perfect home!</p><p>1219 7th Ave East $365,000</p><p></p><p>Gord KobzaThe Power of Experience</p><p>Brand New Interior Upgrades!</p><p>VOL. 8 NO. 36 Wednesday, August 28, 2013 FREE</p><p>PRINCE RUPERT</p><p>Council toying with longboard laws</p><p>Page A3</p><p>News</p><p>A salute to labour in Prince Rupert</p><p>Page A9</p><p>Feature</p><p>Canucks coming to Prince Rupert</p><p>Page A11</p><p>Sports</p><p>Music at the Edge of the World</p><p>Page B1</p><p>Haida Gwaii</p><p>A FURRY FRIEND</p><p>BY MARTINA PERRY PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>Nathan Cullen said Canadas Minister for Fisheries and Oceans is as absent as this years sockeye salmon run causes closures around B.C. </p><p>The Skeena-Bulkey Valley MP slammed Minister Gail Shea for not being involved during a crisis of record-low sockeye salmon numbers in the Skeena River this year. </p><p>We cant seem to get their attention at all on what we think is a significant crisis in the fishery, the absence of such an important fish, Cullen said. </p><p>Just getting some basic response from her office is incredibly difficult. This is no time for her to take vacation. This is a fishery that needs </p><p>support. Certainly if this was happening on the east coast she would be all over it, but because its happening out here it doesnt seem to be as important. Thats a shame because shes the federal fisheries minister, not just for one region.</p><p>Cullen said the ministers absence is all too familiar. </p><p>Weve seen this rodeo when she was [the </p><p>Minister of Fisheries and Oceans] before. It took almost a year to get her to visit the North Coast, and then she showed up without any understanding, he said.</p><p>The minister ... is doing just as good as a job as she did last time, which is to say terrible.</p><p>The Skeena-Bulkey Valley MP said Canadians on the west coast have justifiably began to feel like second class citizens. </p><p>My hope was she learned ... heres her first test. Were weeks into this thing and shes as missing as the salmon, he said. </p><p>Shea was unavailable for comment, however Sophie Doucet, the ministers spokesperson, said the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans has been working to address the issue. </p><p>BY SHAUN THOMAS PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>The loan to the Prince Rupert Airport Authority approved by city council to refurbish the terminal, runway and access road is not yet a done deal.</p><p>Although the bylaw has been passed, the agreement signed and the paperwork for the $7 million loan has been forwarded off to the Municipal Finance Authority (MFA) for approval, under the Community Charter, a municipality borrowing money to loan to another public authority must seek out the approval of the electorate. </p><p>Once the City of Prince Rupert receives approval of the MFA, the borrowing will need to either be approved via referendum or through an alternate approval process, under which a referendum would be sparked with 10 per cent of registered voters signing a petition against the borrowing.</p><p>Larry Golden, who attended the Aug. 19 council meeting, is also questioning why the airport deal was passed during an in-camera session a session that did not have the airport matter on the agenda. According to the agenda for the in-camera meeting, council was to discuss honouring an individual, Watson Island and the annual municipal report. </p><p>Acting mayor Gina Garon did not immediately respond to repeated requests for comment from the Northern View. </p><p>Airport loan may still need voter approval</p><p>Cullen slams Shea over sockeye crisisFeds fire back wondering why MP voted against fisheries funding, allege Cullen just playing politics</p><p>Were weeks into this thing and shes as missing as the salmon.</p><p>- Nathan Cullen</p><p>Martina Perry / The Northern ViewPrince Rupert BCSPCA branch manager Anna Terebka plays with Reeka, one of the dogs currently under care of the SPCA. Reeka, who was found locked up in a con ned space amongst piles of garbage and her own feces, is one of the animals to bene t from the 2013 Paws for a Cause. For more on the 2013 BCSPCA Paws for a Cause, see Page A17.</p><p>See FEDS on Page A2</p></li><li><p>A2 Northern View August 28, 2013</p><p>DISCOVERA WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY</p><p>AT THE PRINCE RUPERTPORT INTERPRETIVE CENTRE</p><p>LOCATED ON PRINCE RUPERTSSCENIC CENTRAL WATERFRONT</p><p>OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK9:00 AM5:30 PM</p><p>FREE ADMISSION CHILDREN ARE WELCOME</p><p>CALL 250 624-4559 FOR INFORMATIONWWW.RUPERTPORT.COM/CENTRE</p><p>THIS IS WHAT SAFETY LOOKS LIKEAT THE PORT OF PRINCE RUPERT.</p><p>At the Port of Prince Rupert, commitment to safe shipping is part of who we are. Local experts and organizations work together every day to apply industry-leading practices in vessel handling and harbour safety. Rubayet and the senior marine inspectors of Transport Canada are part of the picture. Get the facts today at</p><p>Print layouts corrected size.indd 15 8/26/2013 9:50:48 AM</p><p>News</p><p>Our government recognizes the importance of salmon to British Columbia, which is why in Budget 2013 we announced $10 million to support local groups working to improve fisheries habitat. We have also dedicated all funds collected through the sale of Salmon Conservation Stamps to the Pacific Salmon Foundation and its many partner organizations for the funding of conservation projects in B.C., Doucet said. </p><p>The ministers spokesperson lashed back at Cullen for his comments.</p><p>I hope Mr. Cullen will explain to his constituents why he voted against millions of dollars to improve the fisheries habitat. It seems as if he may be more interested in playing politics than actually helping the fishery, Doucet said. </p><p>Cullen said he would like to see the federal government put resources into finding out what happened to the fish, meet with fishermen and First Nations on the west coast and respond to what was heard to be more supportive of the fishing community. </p><p>It seems as if he may be more </p><p>interested in playing politics </p><p>than helping the fishery. - Sophie Doucet</p><p>Feds counter Cullen claims</p><p>FEDS from Page A1</p><p>BY MARTINA PERRY PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>The Prince Rupert School District is ensuring students know when and where to be at their schools on Sept. 3, to prevent the I didnt know excuse from being used. </p><p>All our schools are up and running ... its business as usual, Sandy Jones, superintendent of the Prince Ruperts School District, said. </p><p>Its really important students come on that first day and get ready to go. </p><p>Parents of kindergarten students will be notified of their childrens starting time on Sept. 3 by their school.</p><p>Grade 1 to 5 students from elementary schools around the district should be at their school at 10 a.m., with the first day back ending at noon. </p><p>New students entering Grade 6 at Prince Rupert Middle School will have to be at the school from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Sept. 3, at which time they will go to their first-term classes. </p><p>All other PRMS students should be at the school at 10:30 a.m., and are expected to be done with their first day back to school by noon. </p><p>The school district wants Charles Hays Secondary School (CHSS) students to know the importance of high school students attending the </p><p>first day of school to ensure they have a seat in classes they need. </p><p>High school students in Grade 9 and 10 must be at CHSS at 9:45 a.m. on Sept. 3, with Grade 11 and 12 students starting their first day at 1 p.m. </p><p>Pacific Coast School students should be ready to start their first day of the school year at 10 a.m., with students expected to be released at noon. </p><p>Any young people new to the Prince Rupert School District are </p><p>now able to register for the upcoming school year. Parents or students who know which school they should be registering at are able to sign up until Aug. 30. Anyone unsure can contact the board office to find out. This includes students registering for kindergarten. </p><p>On the first day of school, buses and ferries schedules to transfer students will line up with the special start times. </p><p>The return to school also means the return of school zone speed laws.</p><p>Shaun Thomas / The Northern ViewStudents will be heading back to schools across the city next week, including Pineridge Elementary.</p><p>Students heading back to school</p></li><li><p>208 1st Ave East, Prince Rupert 250-624-9498 1-800-808-3988</p><p></p><p>TRAINING CENTRESeptember (Price includes GST)</p><p>Fork Lift Sept. 13&amp;14 (Fri 1-5 Sat TBA) ........................$353.33Food Safe. 21 (Sat) 9-5 .............................................$115.00Computer Skills Sept. 25-27 (Wed-Fri) 9-4 ................$183.75Drivers Prep Sept. 23 &amp; 24 (Mon &amp; Tues) 9-4 pm ..........................$145.69Sept. 23 &amp; 24 (Mon &amp; Tues) 9-4 pmSept. 23 &amp; 24 (Mon &amp; Tues) 9-4 pm $145.69$145.69</p><p>BASIC SECURITY TRAINING SEPT 11-21 (40 HOURS)WED, THURS &amp; FRI 5-10 PM &amp; SAT 8 AM - 2 PM</p><p>EXAM ON SEPT 28 (SAT) 9-11 AM $582.10* YOU MUST COMPLETE 40 HOURS TO BE </p><p>ELIGIBLE TO WRITE THE EXAM</p><p>208 1st Ave East, Prince Rupert 208 1st Ave East, Prince Rupert </p><p>IN PARTNERSHIP WITH FOX PRO Class 1 Advanced - Sept. 4-6 (Wed 1-5)(Thurs &amp; Fri 8-4:30 pm)* .......$7,200.00</p><p>Class 1 with Air Brakes (8 Weeks ongoing)..$5,200Air Only...$313.60</p><p>363-500 2nd Ave WestUpper level of the Rupert Square </p><p>Shopping Centre</p><p> Rupert</p><p>Nadia Movold250-600-2334</p><p>Keith Lambourne250-622-8546</p><p>Heather Bullock250-627-9416</p><p>Emily Kawaguchi250-600-7343</p><p>Dorothy Wharton250-622-7653</p><p>Victor Prystay250-624-1202</p><p> $90,000</p><p>115/127 Nelson DrPort Edward</p><p>Listed by Emily Listed by Dorothy</p><p> $419,000</p><p>1933 Graham Ave</p><p>$187,500</p><p>110 Gull Cr</p><p>Listed by Dorothy</p><p>Listed by Emily</p><p>$127,500</p><p>$99,500</p><p>1078 11th Ave E</p><p>1635 Atlin Ave</p><p>Listed by Heather</p><p>Listed by Heather</p><p>NEW LISTING</p><p>$239,000</p><p>1815 2nd Ave W</p><p>NEW LISTING</p><p>115/127 Nelson Dr115/127 Nelson Dr115/127 Nelson Dr115/127 Nelson DrNEW LI</p><p>STINGNEW LI</p><p>STING</p><p></p><p>NEW LISTING</p><p>Prince Rupert</p><p>NEW LISTING</p><p>Sandra Smith-Haines250-600-6742</p><p>August 28, 2013 Northern View</p><p>By Shaun ThomaS PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>Prince Rupert council isnt a fan of the idea of banning longboards from city streets but, following a presentation by Const. Maury Tyre, they will take steps to regulate the popular sport more closely.</p><p>Tyre came to the Aug. 19 meeting at the request of council, and spoke about the dangers associated with longboarding.</p><p>There is a really good chance someone is going to end up dead when they are hit by a vehicle while riding a longboard ... there have been deaths related to the use of longboards, but more so to do with the attitude than the equipment, he said.</p><p>It is an issue. We see a lot of it because we drive around at night a lot, and that is when we receive most of the complaints.</p><p>Other municipalities have taken a variety of steps to address the issue. Victoria, for instance, banned longboards while North Vancouver treats the boards more like bikes but with different rules, including the need for helmets, reflective gear and a spotter at intersections before making a turn. Other municipalities, said Tyre, have put in place similar rules but have also taken the step of banning longboards from certain streets.</p><p>Currently, the City of Prince Rupert has a bylaw in place that prohibits rollerblades, skateboards, skis and sleds from the streets, but it is rarely enforced and comes with only a $25 fine. </p><p>Councillors said a fine simply wasnt enough and directed staff to review the bylaw. </p><p>Possible recommendations include to ban the boards entirely on 2nd Ave. West and McBride Street, increase fines and regulate the hours of operation.</p><p>With longboards, Im not sure there is enough area to put the necessary reflective tape on to let people know they are there. Im not sure it shouldnt be OK during the day but not at night, said Coun. Anna Ashley, who found support in Coun. Judy Carlick-Pearson.</p><p>If parents are willing to let them </p><p>do a sport so high risk, they should be willing to help educate them and pay for unsafe behaviour. I would like to see something like a $45 fine for a first [unsafe behaviour] offence, $75 for a second and confiscation on the third, said Carlick-Pearson.</p><p>Coun. Joy Thorkelson said something needs to be done soon before someone gets seriously hurt.</p><p>Where I live, they go down 6th Ave. East, past Pjs, turn down George Hills Way and then turn on to Dry Dock Road, and every time they do it it makes me sick to my stomach watching, she said.</p><p>I believe there is a difference between a bike and rollerblades or a longboard because bikes have brakes. I feel you have more control on a bike.</p><p>Shaun Thomas / The Northern ViewConst. Maury Tyre discusses longboarding safety as Councillor Anna Ashley looks on.</p><p>City to regulate longboardingNews</p><p>In ShorT on The longBoard</p><p> A longboard is a wider, elongated form of a skateboard. </p><p> Instead of street-style skateboarding using ramps and pipes to do tricks, longboards are generally used for downhill racing or transportation. </p><p> Longboards are heavier than a standard board and are not ideal for doing tricks. </p><p> Longboarding is compared to surfing, such as surfing on land or surfing on concrete. The design of the longboard allows higher speeds and bigger turns</p><p> A longboard is defined not only by its length or width but also by its wheels, which are usually larger and softer than a skateboard.</p><p> Most longboards use trucks (axles) that allows the longboard to be turned at varying angles. This, along with the size of the deck and wheels, gives the longboard an ability to coast for long distances making them more suitable for street cruising than skateboards.</p><p> Mischo Erbane, of Vernon, B.C., broke a Guinness World Record going 129.94 km/h on his longboard on June 18, 2012.</p><p>There are many differences between the traditional skateboard and the longboard.</p></li><li><p>If there were ever any question that city council makes its decisions in-camera before meeting with the public, last Mondays meeting should put those doubts to rest. </p><p>Heading into the meeting, the agenda showed the Prince Rupert Airport Authority would be making its case to council about supporting a $7 million loan for needed improvements to the terminal, runway and access road. During the </p><p>presentation, council kept telling the airport reps they would be voting on the loan later in the meeting, under the bylaws section of the agenda. </p><p>Little did they know, or anyone in the public know, council had already approved the loan during an earlier in-camera meeting, rendering the whole presentation and the vote on the bylaw </p><p>completely moot. And as if to pour a bit of salt in the proverbial </p><p>wounds of open and transparent government, the announcement that council had authorized the city manager to enter into an agreement with the Prince Rupert Airport Authority behind close doors came right...</p></li></ul>