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August 05, 2015 edition of the The Northern View


<ul><li><p>VOL. VOL. 1010 NO. 31 NO. 31 Wednesday, August 5, 2015Wednesday, August 5, 2015 FREE FREE</p><p>PRINCE RUPERTPRINCE RUPERT</p><p>Heart of our city: Norm Craddock</p><p>Page A5</p><p>FeatureFeature</p><p>Communities share $6.4 million</p><p>Page A4</p><p>NewsNews</p><p>On-shore radar coming to port </p><p>Page A10</p><p>Special Olympics seeks volunteers</p><p>Page A11</p><p>SportsSports</p><p>BusinessBusiness</p><p>SLAP OF SILENCESLAP OF SILENCE</p><p>Shaun Thomas / The Northern ViewMartina Perry looks on as Heather MacRae prepares to silence Chrys Thompson with a solid slap during a rehearsal of Interrogation, one of seven shows that comprise Udderfest 2015. Udderfest begins tonight and carries on through Sunday at the Tom Rooney Playhouse.</p><p>Fishing season set to be one of the worst yet</p><p>BY KEVIN CAMPBELLPRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>It might have been a first for Prince Rupert council chambers.</p><p>The 1984 comedic film Ghostbusters was referenced by Coun. Joy Thorkelson at the last council meeting in July, but the councillors message was anything but funny.</p><p>[The ocean has] had a growth of algae thats created a slime. If anyone has seen Ghostbusters, theyll know ectoplasm. Thats what the slime is like ectoplasm, said the councillor.</p><p>Very few people Very few people ... are going to ... are going to have enough have enough hours to get hours to get </p><p>unemployment unemployment</p><p>- - Joy ThorkelsonJoy Thorkelson</p><p>See SALMON on Page A2</p><p>Gitxaala want mining firm to leave Banks Island</p><p>BY SHAUN THOMASPRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p>The Gitxaala Nation is demanding that Banks Island Gold clean up the environmental damage from their mine and leave Banks Island permanently.</p><p>Chief Clarence Innis said regardless of the measures taken by the company, the Gitxaala no longer want Banks Island Gold in their territories.</p><p>The Gitxaala People have no confidence in this company. They have contaminated one of the most important food gathering areas within Gitxaalas traditional territory, he said.</p><p>They need to clean up and get out.As well as taking aim at the company, Innis </p><p>said the provincial government needs to be accountable for the recent spill at the site.</p><p>There has been a lack of environmental assessment and oversight and inadequate consultation with the Gitxaala Nation, he said.</p><p>We demand the Province of B.C. treat this situation as seriously as Mt. Polley. There should be zero tolerance for these violations.</p><p>Innis said the next step for the band is to launch legal action again both Banks Island Gold and the provincial government to ensure </p><p>the damage is cleaned up and the habitat is restored. At the same time, the band has launched an environmental assessment of its own to support the legal action.</p><p>For its part, the company says the pollution abatement order is related to a June 25 spill of water and sedimentation in a location where backfilling was taking place. While toxicity testing showed 100 per cent survival of Rainbow Trout in the area, the spill is estimated to be 240 m3 of water containing one tonne of solids. As well as that spill, Banks Island Gold says sedimentation containing drill cutting also entered two small waterbodies in the Discovery Zone. </p><p>Since receiving the order, backfilling at the site of the spill has been stopped while Tel Mine, which has space available for six months of production, was prepared for backfilling. </p><p>The Gitxaala people The Gitxaala people have no confidence in this have no confidence in this </p><p></p><p>-Chief Clarence Innis-Chief Clarence Innis</p><p>Band planning legal action following pollution spill</p><p>See GOLD on Page A3</p><p>Less than one million sockeye projected</p><p>250.624.9298Suite 6 - 342 3rd Ave W.</p><p>Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. As a licensed realtor with over 25 Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. 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Right now, it looks like well have less than a million, said Thorkelson, who is also a representative of the UFAW.</p><p>Not only is the run much lower than expected, sitting at approximately 855,000, but the sockeye have been much smaller than in previous years, with the average fish weighing in at five pounds.</p><p>Multiply that by $1.75 per pound in sockeye and thats how much [North Coast] fishermen have made this year. It used to be $3.00 per pound ... Very few people in the cannery are going to have enough hours to get unemployment insurance, which is going to create a bigger crunch on housing because people are going to have to rely on welfare and welfare will claw back all of the money theyve earned this summer, which wont </p><p>be very much, Thorkelson added.Along with the low return of Skeena </p><p>sockeye, the Nass was expected to produce a run of 700,000, but its now looking like the return will be 200,000, said Thorkelson.</p><p>The situation hasnt been catastrophic enough to warrant the potential closure of the Food, Social and Ceremonial (FSC) Fishery this year, but the Skeena Fisheries Commission is informing all FSC fishermen from the Gitksan, Gitanyow, Wetsuweten, Lake Babine and Lax Kwalaams Bands that if the run continues to be downgraded in-season, it may be necessary to consider restrictions to limit Skeena sockeye catch for conservation reasons, read a release from the commission.</p><p>Currently there are no restrictions on First Nations FSC fishing in the Skeena River. Recreational fishers can only take one Skeena sockeye per day and no commercial fishing for Skeena </p><p>sockeye is anticipated for this year, including inland fishing, the July 23 release stated, adding no commercial fishing is allowed until the run reaches the 1.05 million threshold.</p><p>We still have faint hope, but hope is becoming fainter. Pink salmon havent shown up. The first day of canning was on July 9, which is the latest canning in my whole career, said Thorkelson.</p><p>Record ocean temperatures are a full three degrees higher than normal, scientists have said, and have caused </p><p>a toxic algae bloom. A large warm blob of ocean water has moved into northwest B.C. waters, causing warm water predators to move farther north. The warm water also kills off some of the nutritious food that salmon usually eat, which explain why they may show up smaller and thinner than usual.</p><p>Ocean conditions are changing and I guess the sooner we all realize that we have to reduce our carbon footprint, [the better], Thorkelson said.</p><p>We still have faint We still have faint hope, but hope is hope, but hope is becoming fainter.becoming fainter.</p><p>- Joy Thorkelson- Joy Thorkelson</p><p>SALMON from Page A1</p><p>High water temperatures partly blamed</p><p>Black Press photoLow Sockeye returns mean less money will be coming into the community this year, says councillor and UFAWU representative Joy Thorkelson.</p><p>Ceremonial food fishing at risk due to low returnsCeremonial food fishing at risk due to low returns</p><p>Trade is building stronger communities.The Port of Prince Rupert is growing opportunities and prosperity by </p><p>connecting the communities of northern BC. Last year, port activity was </p><p>directly responsible for the equivalent of 3,060 permanent full-time jobs. </p><p>Watch and share our video tribute to the workers and families of BCs </p><p>gateway industry:</p></li><li><p>August 5, 2015 Northern View A3August 5, 2015 Northern View News</p><p>208 1st Ave East, Prince Rupert </p><p>250-624-9498 1-800-808-3988</p><p>Serving the North Coast and Haida Gwaii since 1995Serving the North Coast and Haida Gwaii since 1995</p><p> August 2015(Price includes GST)</p><p>Cashier Training August 13 (Thurs) 9:00 am to 3:00 pm ........................................................................$89.25 Basic Security Training August 19 to 22 and August 26 to 29 (Wed to Fri) 5:00 to 10:00 pm and(Sat) 8:00 am to 2:00 pm 40 hours - Exam: September 5 (Sat) 9:00 to 11:00 am ..................................$614.25You must complete 40 hrs of class time to be eligible to write the exam.Fork Lift August 20 &amp; 21 (Thurs/Fri) 9:00 am to 4:00 pm .....................................................................$378.00Traffi c Control August 29 &amp; 30 (Sat/Sun) 9:00 am to 5:00 pm .............................................................$399.00</p><p>September 2015(Price includes GST)</p><p>Basic Security Training September 16 to 19 and 23 to 26 (Wed to Fri) 5:00 to 10:00 pm and(Sat) 8:00 am to 2:00 pm 40 hours - Exam: October 3 (Sat) 9:00 to 11:00 am .......................................$614.25You must complete 40 hrs of class time to be eligible to write the exam.Traffi c Control Re-Certifi cation (By appointment)Online ............................................................... $$35.00 Paper .............................................................$50.00NEW! Microsoft Offi ce Specialist Certifi cation We offer Core and Expert modules in the following:MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS Onenote ...........................$294.00/moduleCall for more information</p><p>The company submitted its Sediment Control Plan, Water Management Plan and Tailings Management Plan on July 20. While waiting to hear back regarding the report, Banks Island Gold maintained production by crushing and bagging high grade pyrrhotite and will continue limited activities on-site over the coming days while working with authorities. </p><p>Media are reporting that the Yellow Giant Mine is closed and/or shut down. These statements are incorrect. The company is continuing processing of Tel mineralization but production has been significantly impacted by the events previous disclosed, read a statement from the company.</p><p>The company expects that this delay will have a significant impact in production and gold sales for July.</p><p>Meanwhile, the federal government has confirmed it is getting involved reviewing in the spill to see if federal regulations have been broken.</p><p>Environment Canadas enforcement branch is currently investigating to determine whether there have been any violations of the pollution prevention provisions of the Fisheries Act, Environment Canada spokeswoman Barbara Harvey said in a written response. </p><p>As the investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to provide further information at this time.</p><p>Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen weighed in on the situation, saying this should serve as a wake-up call to government that more regulatory oversight is needed. </p><p>How many warnings, how many canaries in the mine, do we need before taking a closer look at tailing ponds and pollution from mines ... it is frustrating to me that often the communities that feel the brunt of these incidents are left in the cold, he said. </p><p>This is very concerning. This mine hasnt been operating for very long and we are seeing another large mine spilling pollution into the environment.</p><p>Banks Island Gold working on cleanupGOLD from Page A1</p><p>BY SHAUN THOMASLAX KWALAAMS/ The Northern View</p><p>Residents of Lax Kwalaams will soon have access to a paved road, a completely refurbished ferry and additional sailings to Prince Rupert.</p><p>Minister of Transportation Todd Stone announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Lax Kwalaams leadership on July 28 that will move forward the needed engineering work to pave Tuck Inlet Road, while the ministry will provide funding to refurbish the Spirit of Lax Kwalaams in 2016/2017 and support five additional weekly trips between Aero Point and Tuck Inlet beginning this summer with a $400,000 annual commitment.</p><p>By ensuring safe and reliable access to the community, were supporting local traffic and helping encourage future economic development in the area, which will benefit the </p><p>Lax Kwalaams and all British Columbians, said Stone, noting the ministry will work with the band regarding a future replacement for the current ferry.</p><p>News of the paving moving forward was welcomed by Lax Kwalaams Mayor Garry Reece, who recounted some of the experiences residents have had driving to and from their homes.</p><p>In 1997, Tuck Inlet Road was not more than an upgraded logging road from the </p><p>community to Tuck Inlet. Our trucks and cars had to withstand the two-feet potholes and dusty road, which had a tremendous effect on what we could bring into the community such as food, building material and general supplies, he said.</p><p>Today we can celebrate the commitment that the Province of B.C. is making to all of us to have this most-critical transportation system upgraded and paved. This is a long-awaited dream.</p><p>BC Government / Special to The Northern ViewB.C. Minister of Transportation Todd Stone and Lax Kwalaams Mayor Garry Reece sign the MOU.</p><p>Tuck Inlet Road paving proceedingTuck Inlet Road paving proceedingMOU adds </p><p>more sailings to community</p><p>LOCATED ABOVE SUBWAY LOCATED ABOVE SUBWAY RESTAURANTRESTAURANT</p><p>Your Hub for Sports &amp; 30 fl avours of Wings!</p><p>KARAOKE WEDNESDAYS 10 P.M.</p><p>OPENOPENTuesdayTuesday</p><p>4 to midnight4 to midnightWednesday - SaturdayWednesday - Saturday</p><p>4 to 2 a.m.4 to 2 a.m.</p><p>Our Facebook </p><p>Page has our Page has our </p><p>Daily SpecialsDaily Specials</p><p>BEERDOMESTIC </p><p>$5.50IMPORTED</p><p>$6.25</p><p>SPECIAL</p><p>Coming SoonComing Soon</p><p>Kids welcomeKids welcomealways... until 10 p.m. always... until 10 p.m. accompanied by adultaccompanied by adult</p><p>SUMMER</p></li><li><p>A4 Northern View August 5, 2015A4 Northern View August 5, 2015 www.thenorthernview.comNews</p><p>BY SHAUN THOMAS PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View</p><p> Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen says both he and the NDP are ready for the 2015 Federal Election, regardless of when the campaign gets underway.</p><p>We are absolutely well-prepared and well-positioned for this campaign. Were used to marathons, not sprints, because of the nature of politics, he said of what would be the longest election campaign in almost 90 years.</p><p>Were ready and willing to fight Mr. Harper from coast...</p></li></ul>