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August 05, 2015 edition of the The Northern View


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    Heart of our city: Norm Craddock

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    Communities share $6.4 million

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    On-shore radar coming to port

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    Special Olympics seeks volunteers

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    Shaun Thomas / The Northern ViewMartina Perry looks on as Heather MacRae prepares to silence Chrys Thompson with a solid slap during a rehearsal of Interrogation, one of seven shows that comprise Udderfest 2015. Udderfest begins tonight and carries on through Sunday at the Tom Rooney Playhouse.

    Fishing season set to be one of the worst yet


    It might have been a first for Prince Rupert council chambers.

    The 1984 comedic film Ghostbusters was referenced by Coun. Joy Thorkelson at the last council meeting in July, but the councillors message was anything but funny.

    [The ocean has] had a growth of algae thats created a slime. If anyone has seen Ghostbusters, theyll know ectoplasm. Thats what the slime is like ectoplasm, said the councillor.

    Very few people Very few people ... are going to ... are going to have enough have enough hours to get hours to get

    unemployment unemployment

    - - Joy ThorkelsonJoy Thorkelson

    See SALMON on Page A2

    Gitxaala want mining firm to leave Banks Island


    The Gitxaala Nation is demanding that Banks Island Gold clean up the environmental damage from their mine and leave Banks Island permanently.

    Chief Clarence Innis said regardless of the measures taken by the company, the Gitxaala no longer want Banks Island Gold in their territories.

    The Gitxaala People have no confidence in this company. They have contaminated one of the most important food gathering areas within Gitxaalas traditional territory, he said.

    They need to clean up and get out.As well as taking aim at the company, Innis

    said the provincial government needs to be accountable for the recent spill at the site.

    There has been a lack of environmental assessment and oversight and inadequate consultation with the Gitxaala Nation, he said.

    We demand the Province of B.C. treat this situation as seriously as Mt. Polley. There should be zero tolerance for these violations.

    Innis said the next step for the band is to launch legal action again both Banks Island Gold and the provincial government to ensure

    the damage is cleaned up and the habitat is restored. At the same time, the band has launched an environmental assessment of its own to support the legal action.

    For its part, the company says the pollution abatement order is related to a June 25 spill of water and sedimentation in a location where backfilling was taking place. While toxicity testing showed 100 per cent survival of Rainbow Trout in the area, the spill is estimated to be 240 m3 of water containing one tonne of solids. As well as that spill, Banks Island Gold says sedimentation containing drill cutting also entered two small waterbodies in the Discovery Zone.

    Since receiving the order, backfilling at the site of the spill has been stopped while Tel Mine, which has space available for six months of production, was prepared for backfilling.

    The Gitxaala people The Gitxaala people have no confidence in this have no confidence in this

    -Chief Clarence Innis-Chief Clarence Innis

    Band planning legal action following pollution spill

    See GOLD on Page A3

    Less than one million sockeye projected

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  • A2 Northern View August 5, 2015A2 Northern View August 5, 2015 www.thenorthernview.comNews

    Area fishermen face the dire reality of a much lower-than-expected return on Skeena River sockeye salmon, a trend that is seemingly affecting all areas of B.C. due to the slime and warmer than usual temperatures on the North Coast.

    Its too bad because this was predicted to be the best year since 2001. [The United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union (UFAW)] were predicting to have a 3.5 million [run] return on the Skeena. Right now, it looks like well have less than a million, said Thorkelson, who is also a representative of the UFAW.

    Not only is the run much lower than expected, sitting at approximately 855,000, but the sockeye have been much smaller than in previous years, with the average fish weighing in at five pounds.

    Multiply that by $1.75 per pound in sockeye and thats how much [North Coast] fishermen have made this year. It used to be $3.00 per pound ... Very few people in the cannery are going to have enough hours to get unemployment insurance, which is going to create a bigger crunch on housing because people are going to have to rely on welfare and welfare will claw back all of the money theyve earned this summer, which wont

    be very much, Thorkelson added.Along with the low return of Skeena

    sockeye, the Nass was expected to produce a run of 700,000, but its now looking like the return will be 200,000, said Thorkelson.

    The situation hasnt been catastrophic enough to warrant the potential closure of the Food, Social and Ceremonial (FSC) Fishery this year, but the Skeena Fisheries Commission is informing all FSC fishermen from the Gitksan, Gitanyow, Wetsuweten, Lake Babine and Lax Kwalaams Bands that if the run continues to be downgraded in-season, it may be necessary to consider restrictions to limit Skeena sockeye catch for conservation reasons, read a release from the commission.

    Currently there are no restrictions on First Nations FSC fishing in the Skeena River. Recreational fishers can only take one Skeena sockeye per day and no commercial fishing for Skeena

    sockeye is anticipated for this year, including inland fishing, the July 23 release stated, adding no commercial fishing is allowed until the run reaches the 1.05 million threshold.

    We still have faint hope, but hope is becoming fainter. Pink salmon havent shown up. The first day of canning was on July 9, which is the latest canning in my whole career, said Thorkelson.

    Record ocean temperatures are a full three degrees higher than normal, scientists have said, and have caused

    a toxic algae bloom. A large warm blob of ocean water has moved into northwest B.C. waters, causing warm water predators to move farther north. The warm water also kills off some of the nutritious food that salmon usually eat, which explain why they may show up smaller and thinner than usual.

    Ocean conditions are changing and I guess the sooner we all realize that we have to reduce our carbon footprint, [the better], Thorkelson said.

    We still have faint We still have faint hope, but hope is hope, but hope is becoming fainter.becoming fainter.

    - Joy Thorkelson- Joy Thorkelson

    SALMON from Page A1

    High water temperatures partly blamed

    Black Press photoLow Sockeye returns mean less money will be coming into the community this year, says councillor and UFAWU representative Joy Thorkelson.

    Ceremonial food fishing at risk due to low returnsCeremonial food fishing at risk due to low returns

    Trade is building stronger communities.The Port of Prince Rupert is growing opportunities and prosperity by

    connecting the communities of northern BC. Last year, port activity was

    directly responsible for the equivalent of 3,060 permanent full-time jobs.

    Watch and share our video tribute to the workers and families of BCs

    gateway industry:

  • August 5, 2015 Northern View A3August 5, 2015 Northern View News

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    The company submitted its Sediment Control Plan, Water Management Plan and Tailings Management Plan on July 20. While waiting to hear back regarding the report, Banks Island Gold maintained production by crushing and bagging high grade pyrrhotite and will continue limited activities on-site over the coming days while working with authorities.

    Media are reporting that the Yellow Giant Mine is closed and/or shut down. These statements are incorrect. The company is continuing processing of Tel mineralization but production has been significantly impacted by the events previous disclosed, read a statement from the company.

    The company expects that this delay will have a significant impact in production and gold sales for July.

    Meanwhile, the federal government has confirmed it is getting involved reviewing in the spill to see if federal regulations have been broken.

    Environment Canadas enforcement branch is currently investigating to determine whether there have been any violations of the pollution prevention provisions of the Fisheries Act, Environment Canada spokeswoman Barbara Harvey said in a written response.

    As the investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to provide further information at this time.

    Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen weighed in on the situation, saying this should serve as a wake-up call to government that more regulatory oversight is needed.

    How many warnings, how many canaries in the mine, do we need before taking a closer look at tailing ponds and pollution from mines ... it is frustrating to me that often the communities that feel the brunt of these incidents are left in the cold, he said.

    This is very concerning. This mine hasnt been operating for very long and we are seeing another large mine spilling pollution into the environment.

    Banks Island Gold working on cleanupGOLD from Page A1


    Residents of Lax Kwalaams will soon have access to a paved road, a completely refurbished ferry and additional sailings to Prince Rupert.

    Minister of Transportation Todd Stone announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Lax Kwalaams leadership on July 28 that will move forward the needed engineering work to pave Tuck Inlet Road, while the ministry will provide funding to refurbish the Spirit of Lax Kwalaams in 2016/2017 and support five additional weekly trips between Aero Point and Tuck Inlet beginning this summer with a $400,000 annual commitment.

    By ensuring safe and reliable access to the community, were supporting local traffic and helping encourage future economic development in the area, which will benefit the

    Lax Kwalaams and all British Columbians, said Stone, noting the ministry will work with the band regarding a future replacement for the current ferry.

    News of the paving moving forward was welcomed by Lax Kwalaams Mayor Garry Reece, who recounted some of the experiences residents have had driving to and from their homes.

    In 1997, Tuck Inlet Road was not more than an upgraded logging road from the

    community to Tuck Inlet. Our trucks and cars had to withstand the two-feet potholes and dusty road, which had a tremendous effect on what we could bring into the community such as food, building material and general supplies, he said.

    Today we can celebrate the commitment that the Province of B.C. is making to all of us to have this most-critical transportation system upgraded and paved. This is a long-awaited dream.

    BC Government / Special to The Northern ViewB.C. Minister of Transportation Todd Stone and Lax Kwalaams Mayor Garry Reece sign the MOU.

    Tuck Inlet Road paving proceedingTuck Inlet Road paving proceedingMOU adds

    more sailings to community


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  • A4 Northern View August 5, 2015A4 Northern View August 5, 2015 www.thenorthernview.comNews


    Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen says both he and the NDP are ready for the 2015 Federal Election, regardless of when the campaign gets underway.

    We are absolutely well-prepared and well-positioned for this campaign. Were used to marathons, not sprints, because of the nature of politics, he said of what would be the longest election campaign in almost 90 years.

    Were ready and willing to fight Mr. Harper from coast to coast to coast ... were in it to win it and if you look at the polling, people are feeling very positive about the NDP.

    While Cullen said he is ready for an 11-week campaign, the incumbent said dropping the writ this early is simply the wrong thing for Canadians and an act of desperation on the part of the Prime Minister.

    It is absolute hubris and is going to cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars just because this is what Stephen Harper wants, he said.

    I think voters will see this for what it is ... another way for the Conservatives to rig the election in their favour.

    While the launch of an election would mean the dissolution of Parliament, Cullen said he doesnt think that necessarily means a delay for cabinet approval of the Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal, which the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is expected to rule on in the coming months.

    The Liberals and Conservatives tend to push things through when there is not a lot of scrutiny because people are focused on the election, he said, noting he feels it would be risky to give approval when there is no chance of being questioned on the decision.

    I expect the assessment to be done properly and do not expect it to be a decision made in the middle of an election ... Would I put it past them to do this? No, I wouldnt.

    A July 29 Ipsos Reid poll showed the NDP leading with 34 per cent while the Conservatives were one point back at 33 per cent support.

    Were ready Were ready and willing to and willing to

    fi ght Mr. Harper fi ght Mr. Harper from coast to from coast to

    coast to coast.coast to coast.

    - Nathan Cullen- Nathan Cullen

    MP ready for election

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    As provincial and federal funding announcements were being sprinkled all over northern B.C. last week as part of the New Building Canada Plan, Prince Rupert and Port Edward took centre-stage last Tuesday.

    B.C. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone arrived on the North Coast and was welcomed by Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain and Port Edward Deputy Mayor James Brown in council chambers at City Hall in Prince Rupert.

    Two funding announcements, one in each municipality, highlighted the ministers stay.

    First, a $4.4 million contribution by the federal and provincial governments to help upgrade Prince Rupert water lines and dam infrastructure through a Raw Water Supply Grant was provided to the city. $2.193 million from each of the governments make up the total contribution.

    For Port Edward, $2 million was put towards the construction of a Wampler Way bypass designed to divert traffic from the communitys core and Skeena Drive and enable vehicles to exit the highway before the entrance of Watson Island onto a road looping behind the communitys current footprint. Wampler Way then reconnects to Skeena Drive past proposed LNG development.

    The provincial and federal government contributed $1 million each for that project.

    Here in the north, our expanding resource sector is driving rapid growth in our provincial economy. So making the types of investments such as the ones that were here announcing today are going to be key in insuring our communities are going to be prepared for the continued growth, said Minister Stone.

    Today is a very exciting day for Prince Rupert, added Mayor Brain.

    Thats $4.4 million towards the existing, almost century-old original water lines and water dam upgrades. Theyre a critical piece of infrastructure that we absolutely need to address ... Not only is this going to help ensure the safety of the water supply for our residents, but it also is one of the requirements that we had to ensure that ExxonMobil were able to proceed on Lot 444 for their LNG proposal.

    Port Edward Deputy Mayor Brown was equally as excited for the funds injection for Wampler Way.

    Im proud to be from Port Edward. We all work very hard together here at the District of Port Edward, he said.

    This contribution ... would make [former Mayor Ed Wampler] really proud today. He was a real true leader. He taught us how to go and fulfill your goals and your vision ... Were doing [this] for the people of Port Edward.

    Minister Stone commented on his

    personal experience as eyes across the province and in Ottawa have shifted to northwestern B.C. with industry advances have helped make the region become a lightning rod for prospective job growth.

    We are so excited about whats going on in northwestern British Columbia, said the minister.

    Its been far too long that this part of the province has often lagged behind from an economic perspective, but today this is the epicentre of some of the greatest employment opportunities that were going to see in our province for the next 50 years ... These are where the jobs are going to be, so were going to be there with infrastructure improvements so that infrastructure doesnt in any way represent an obstacle to the economic growth that this region is beginning to feel.

    Along with the funding announcements, Mayor Brain mentioned a new program which incorporates the water system upgrades, called Re:Build Rupert, an infrastructure renewal program designed to address the $288 million infrastructure deficit.

    Kevin Campbell / The Northern ViewTransportation Minister Todd Stone, centre, is joined at Prince Rupert City Hall by Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain and Port Edward Deputy Mayor James Brown.

    Rupert, Port Ed split $6.4 millionRupert, Port Ed split $6.4 million

    Phone scam hits Prince RupertBY KEVIN CAMPBELLPRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

    A phone scam that is plaguing the entirety of Canada has reached Prince Rupert.

    An organization claiming to be the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been contacting approximately five Prince Rupert residents in the past few weeks and telling them that they owe money to the agency.

    What theyd like you to do is go and get prepaid Visas and send them

    the numbers and pay off the debt, said Rupert resident Stuart Forman, who was contacted by the scammers.

    Theyre from the Philippines or India or somewhere and theyve got a local number thats non-traceable here. So you phone them back and then they talk to you and threaten you, said Forman.

    The number from which Forman received the call was 844-240-3071 and the person claimed to be named Brian Walker. Its worth noting that the organization uses different numbers.

    They were very intimidating. They

    said theyd seize your bank accounts, Forman said.

    After Forman approached Prince Rupert RCMP, he was told that this organization is one of the most far-reaching ones in Canada by the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre (CAFC) and theyve even had victims in tears because they sent so much money, they no longer had funds to eat.

    If residents think they have been a victim of fraud or have been contacted by a fraudulant organization, call Prince Rupert RCMP at 250-627-0700.

  • August 5, 2015 Northern View

    North Coast people at the ... Heart of our City

    Kevin Campbell / The Northern ViewCapt. Norm Craddock currently helps operate the Prince Rupert Seafarers Centre.


    Very few seafarers can claim they know the entirety of British Columbias coastal waters inside and out, but Capt. Norm Craddock just may be one of them.

    The 60-year veteran of the B.C. fishing, ferrying and boating industry can be found these days at the Prince Rupert Seafarers Centre an oft-forgotten establishment, but an extremely critical one in hosting the hundreds of sailors who dock at Ruperts shores and giving them some of the comforts of home.

    The captain wasnt born in Rupert hes a product of Chilliwack but he came to the North Coast town in 1954 at the age of 20.

    Fresh out of bible college and ready for what life would throw at him, Capt. Craddock didnt know at that point that hed spend the majority of his days on the water, but he had some experience working with boats before arriving.

    The denomination I was involved with had a mission-ship in this area for a number of years and the family that was operating it was leaving. They were looking for somebody and they asked me if Id come up here and I was young and looking for adventure, said Craddock.

    At that time the city was bustling with activity. With a brand new mill opening up and fishing charters, canneries and commercial fisheries on the rise, Rupert was the place to be in northern B.C.

    Visiting the various villages and canneries, including places as far away as Hazelton, Craddock and his colleagues had their hands full with the various communities in the area. But soon enough the sea would call him home.

    After spot duty working with CN Rail, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) was looking for a captain for a patrol boat. That would launch Craddock into a life at sea which, like the tides roaring against the harbour here, still hasnt let up.

    The captain bought an ex-halibut boat and rigged it up for trolling, shrimp-dragging and salmon-fishing.

    While doing that, he met a Prince Rupert woman Madeline Sklapsky

    whose family had moved to the city just a few years before himself. More than a few Prince Rupert couples might be able to relate to the conditions facing Craddocks and Sklapskys wedding day of Nov. 21, 1957.

    The day before was a beautiful, sparkling, bright, sunny November day, he recalled.

    And then a storm moved in and the day of our wedding, we had rain coming down, but it was also horizontal.

    The adventure didnt stop with their monsoon nuptials.

    On their way to Terrace to fly to Vancouver for their honeymoon, they ran into a bit of a snag on the highway.

    We got on a bus and headed for Terrace. In those days, the pulp mill monitored water levels on Prudhomme Lake. They built a dam on Kloya Creek to feed water into the mill and they monitored that level, he explained.

    When there was a lot of rain, somebody would go and open the gates to let the water down. Well, somebody forgot and the bus driver we had was an adventurous type of guy. When we got out there, the water was all over the road. He said the bus must go through! and so we ended up ploughing through a bunch of water and it died.

    So, Capt. Craddock and Sklapsky waited on the road with their wet luggage down below in the bus compartments. When they finally returned to Rupert after the highway patrol trucks lifted them out of the highways pool, they were able to leave on a midnight union steamship boat for Vancouver.

    But in the meantime while they were waiting, a landslide came down on Wantage Road, killing approximately eight citizens, with the lone survivor being a baby in a carriage who had somehow made it through the rubble. The captain remembers it like it was yesterday.

    Shes come back to Prince Rupert a number of times years later, he said.

    During Canadas centennial year in 1967, Capt. Craddock and his fishing partner took two boats and traveled across the continent to reach Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. It took them 50 days to reach the east coast from Vancouver.

    We had a great trip. We spent the

    summer there and family came out. We fished in Newfoundland in the winter.

    After being involved with various fisheries on the North Coast in the late 60s, he received formal training from a nautical college in Terrace to receive his Transport Canada certification and it would be the last time that Capt. Craddock would live on the North Coast for 35 years.

    Moving to Vancouver Island and working for Rivtow Straits Tugboats three weeks on and three weeks off, the captain was just settling into a life that would take him up and down the coast as a mate, captain and senior office official.

    Me, my wife and three [daughters] moved into the Courtenay area, he said.

    Transitioning into BC Ferries just as the organization was amalgamating with the Ministry of Highways and expanding rapidly, Craddock was named a captain within a year and navigated inter-island waters.

    The captain travelled along Alert Bay, Port McNeill and Sointula for eight and a half years as his young family grew up.

    Then an opportunity came to come back down to the Lower Mainland. By then I got a position as senior captain on the Albion-Fort Langley ferry and that ferry, in those days, ran 24 hours a day and it was a free ferry. So, I spent most of my time on the ship and in the office because I had a huge staff and we handled over a million cars a year on that run, said Capt. Craddock.

    The captain eventually moved back one last time off the mainland to Quadra Island to become a senior master in charge of that route. In his last three years, he was

    a marine superintendent out of Comox.Capt. Craddock enjoyed a grand total

    of two weeks of retirement after turning 65 when he was approached by Courtenays North Island Colleges nautical department to teach. He did, for four years.

    It was supposed to be part-time, but it ended up being full-time ... They put on marine emergency duties courses ... safety and lifesaving and survival and those kinds of things, he said.

    Upon moving back to Prince Rupert in 2005, Capt. Craddock was coming home to family. Madelines family still resides on the North Coast and two of their daughters live in Terrace as an RN and a paramedic.

    Rupert had changed quite a bit in 35 years ... But the people of Prince Rupert are still the same. Theyre still an open, friendly, generous people, he said.

    Now, volunteering almost every evening with the Prince Rupert Seafarers Centre as chairman, the captain is still in contact with sailors across the globe.

    I think I can empathize with the sailors. I understand where theyre coming from ... The majority [that we see coming in] right now are Chinese and Filipino [sailors]. Most of them speak Mandarin, theyre from mainland China. Communicating can be a challenge, but we work through it ... Most of these people from [some of the] Asian countries dont have all the blessings that we have in North America, like free education and health care, he said.

    Were very privileged in our country, so these people sacrifice a lot of home life and a lot of extras in order to go away and make a living away from home. So we try to make it a little easier on them.

    Anchoring home after a life on the Anchoring home after a life on the waterwaterSea has never been far from Norm Craddock

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  • Transportation Minister Todd Stone made his rounds throughout the Northwest last week, and perhaps this is the meaning of Christmas in July.

    Like Jolly Ol Saint Nicholas, Stone made his way from community to community and pulled a major funding announcement (in conjunction with the federal government) out of his bag to leave below the proverbial tree.

    For the City of Prince Rupert, it was $4.4 million for desperately needed improvements to the aging water system.

    For Port Edward it was $2 million for Wampler Way, a bypass road that forms a critical component of that communitys plans for growth and the catalyst for millions of dollars more in development.

    For Lax Kwalaams, $400,000 per year for additional sailings to Prince Rupert, a commitment for engineering to pave Tuck Road and an indeterminate cheque for the refurbishment of the Spirit of Lax Kwalaams. Those three combined will do a lot to better connect the people and economy of Prince Rupert with that of Lax Kwalaams.

    And for the Average Joe resident, the two governments committed $37 million to eliminate the level rail crossing on Highway 16 between Prince Rupert and Port Edward. Granted that work wont start for another two years (as outlined on Page 18), but that is something that has been wanted in the Northwest for a long time.

    While there is certainly a saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth, one would have to be blind not to realize the announcements come the same week as Prime Minister Stephen Harper was rumoured to be looking at an election and fresh on the heels of the passing of a project development agreement that would bring billions of dollars in investment to the region and, oh yeah, was opposed by the NDP.

    Coincidence? I think not. Regardless of the backdrop and not-so-

    subtle political statement of the funding, one cannot argue that these investments are going to go a long way to preparing the region for a potential LNG boom.

    A6 August 5, 2015A6 August 5, 2015

    Christmas in July

    Now that the political back-and-forth is over, there are two questions left about the Petronas-led proposal to make the biggest private-sector investment in B.C. history.

    Will it actually happen? And is it a good deal or a bad one?

    Premier Christy Clark ducked the first question on the day the project agreement for Pacific Northwest LNG was approved by the B.C. legislature.

    After many predictions about the Canucks and the Alberta election, I dont make predictions any more, Clark said. But I can say that this project has gone farther than any of our critics said that it would.

    For what its worth, my prediction is on record: it will go ahead. The latest evidence is the companys continued, costly effort to gain federal and local approval for a suspension bridge to Lelu Island to minimize the marine impact. Lax Kwalaams Band members could not have had details on that change from an underwater pipeline when they voted to oppose the project in May.

    Is it a good deal? The mayors of Prince Rupert and Port Edward have made their views clear they see it as a lifeline for an area that has struggled for years with a faded forest and fishing industry.

    The B.C. NDP leader John Horgan and other MLAs made much of the lack of job guarantees, pointing to similar projects in Australia.

    Australian so-called guarantees contain qualifiers like this: ... except in those cases where it is not reasonable or economically practical to do so, use labour available

    within Western Australia.Obviously there were no job guarantees, which

    could only exist in a command economy, in other words, a communist dictatorship.

    Pacific Northwest LNG is on record with federal regulators that in the latter stages of construction, the use of foreign labour for the project could reach 70 per cent. Does that make it a bad deal?

    Perhaps B.C. could attempt develop this expertise from the ground up. It seems to me that was tried with aluminum ship fabrication, and it didnt work out too well.

    For David Keane, president of the B.C. LNG Alliance, the question is how many large LNG projects, pipelines and all, can be managed at the same time as the Site C dam is being built. It was skilled labour shortages, and particularly a shortage of supervisors, that caused Australia to lose some of its proposed projects.

    Keane said all LNG proponents here want to use as much local labour as they can, because its less expensive and it builds local support. And he disagrees that B.C. is a sweet deal for the industry. Among other things, pipelines have to be built across two mountain ranges.

    Not only that, B.C. producers would pay an LNG income tax, which is a first in the history of the industry. Add to that PST, GST, payroll taxes, municipal taxes and federal and provincial corporate income taxes. Add aboriginal revenue sharing, and we have a deal.

    Tom Fletcher is legislature reporter and columnist for Black Press. Twitter: @tomfletcherbc Email:

    Prospects for B.C.s biggest investmentShaun Thomas

    737 Fraser Street Prince Rupert, B.C Ph: 250-624-8088 Fax: 250-624-8085 @northernview Fraser Street Prince Rupert, B.C Ph: 250-624-8088 Fax: 250-624-8085 @northernview

    B.C. Press Council: The Northern View is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the provinces newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, PO Box 1356, Ladysmith,B.C. V9G 1A9. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to

    The Prince Rupert Northern View, a politically independent community newspaper is a Division of Black Press Group Ltd. and is published every Wednesday in Prince Rupert B.C. at 737 Fraser Street, Prince Rupert, B.C, V8J 1R1. Phone (250) 624-8088, Fax (250) 624-8085. All material contained in this publication is protected by copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part is expressly prohibited without prior consent.

    Published by Black Press Ltd. at 737 Fraser Street, Prince Rupert B.C.Published by Black Press Ltd. at 737 Fraser Street, Prince Rupert B.C.

    Todd HamiltonPublisher

    Terry St. PierreCirculation

    Melissa BoutilierAdvertising

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    Shaun ThomasEditor

    Kevin CampbellReporter

    Juanita RitsonAdministration

    Tom Fletcher

  • August 5, 2015 Northern View A7August 5, 2015 Northern View Opinion

    On the streetOn the street

    Do you agree with the provincial and federal governments spending $37 million for a

    rail overpass on Highway 16? With Shaun ThomasWith Shaun Thomas


    If they can afford it, why not?

    I dont think so. That is a lot of money to spend on an


    Yeah, I think that sounds like a good idea.

    I agree it needs upgrading, but that seems like quite a bit of money.

    Letters to the editorLetters to the editor

    Fires should mean big finesEditor:I got a ticket for a rolling stop at a red light,

    right hand turn, which I deserved. The fine was $167, less $25 if paid within

    30 days. I just read that the fine for throwing a lit cigarette butt out of a car window or throwing it away while walking will be $173, up to $573 depending on the circumstances.

    This is imposed by our government that is trying to get some respect for the environment, and keep all the law breakers in hand.

    But wait a minute, it costs upwards of $2,000 plus to throw a piece of paper or any debris out of your car window, or discard it while walking at anytime without using the proper containment; it is called littering and

    the fine is $2,000 fine. Yet the fine is only $173 for almost burning down possibly hundreds of hectares of forest or land and buildings, and the possible life of a human at hand?

    I think their priorities all need reviewing as our forest fire predicament continues. I think $5,000 to $10,000 fines are not unreasonable.

    Dave NoblePort Alberni

    $5,000 to $10,000 fi nes are $5,000 to $10,000 fi nes are not unreasonable.not unreasonable.

    - Dave Noble- Dave Noble

    Replace UCCB with daycareEditor:When I received my little (and very taxable)

    UCCB (Universal Child Care Benefit) cheque in the mail yesterday, I put my ear to the ground and could hear a swiftly approaching election.

    This new UCCB is only a fraction of the average cost of daycare. Parents need affordable daycare not summer pocket money.

    I suspect affordable and accessible day care would boost the economy in a much larger and long-term manner than a blip on the consumer summer spending graph.

    Another significant benefit to childcare/early childhood education In Time Healthline June 9, 2011 Maia Szalavitz writes: To cut crime, raise education and income levels, and reduce addiction rates among the poor, no program offers more bang for the buck than preschool, as a new study published in Science demonstrates.

    It is commonly estimated that for every dollar spent on preschool, seven dollars is saved. Where else can you get that rate of return?

    Does each party have a plan in place for affordable daycare? How about quality regulated early childhood education that transitions seamlessly to kindergarten?

    It would also create good jobs for early childhood educators and perhaps teachers who want summer work.

    Michelle MatichLangley

    Affordable and accessible day Affordable and accessible day care would boost the would boost the economy.

    - Michelle Matich- Michelle Matich

    We would all pay more for waterEditor:Whats the problem with Nestle not paying

    for water? How about beer, wine, soda, a cup of coffee

    or tea? Theres no difference, they all profit from

    selling water, only Nestle doesnt add anything to it.

    As others have said, charging for water makes it a commodity which, under NAFTA,

    could then be shipped by Nestle to the USA and Mexico.

    Who really began this protest against (but really for) Nestle?

    Nestle wants to buy and sell our water, but once a price is established and they pay more we may eventually pay more, too bottled or not.

    Gary Huntbatch,Abbotsford.

    Wood trade roots BC as resource leaderBritish Columbia is Canadas most ecologically di-verse province, with more than half of its 95 million hectares covered in forest.

    Over 80% of these forests are coniferous. They range from the dry ponderosa pine forests in the south to the spruce and pine boreal forest along the Yukon border.

    These vast forests and the softwood products derived from them con-tinue to be a major driver of the BC economy. In fact, more than 40% of regional economies in the province are forestry-based, supporting over 55,000 direct jobs in 7,300 businesses.

    Despite the industrys status as a key employer and revenue stream, BCs entire annual harvest comes from less than 200,000 hectaresless than 1% of the working forest.

    Sustainability is a central priority. All harvested areas are reforested, with more than 200 million seedlings planted each year to supplement natural regrowth.

    Approximately 90% of BCs forests are publicly owned, and the province takes a co-operative approach to land use planning. British Columbians participate in processes that decide which areas should be protected. The public is able to review and comment on forestry plans before any harvesting activities commence. Professional foresters, biol-ogists, and engineers help make decisions about best practices. Audits by independent agencies like the Forest Practices Board are conducted regularly with government and licence holders.

    In 2009, BC scaled nearly 49 million cubic metres of timber. Coastal forests provided approximately 30% of the harvest, with the remaining 70% coming from the Interior.

    The primary species harvested is lodgepole pine, accounting for 51%, with spruce and hemlock making up 14% and 9% respectively. Doug-las fir, balsam, cedar and other species round out the rest. Softwood products produced include lumber, pulp, newsprint, paper products and shingles.

    The majority of BCs forest product is manufactured into lumber at dozens of mills across the province. Lumber accounts for more than 35% of exported forest products, and is in experiencing new demand from expanding Asian markets, particularly China.

    With the crash of the United States housing market in 2007, BC lum-ber export volumes fell 59%, leading to lumber production in the prov-ince dropping by more than 40% by 2009.

    This led to major curtailments across the industry, including the clo-sure of 26 sawmills. Fortunately, Chinese imports of softwood lumber nearly doubled each year since 2006. By 2011, China lumber imports rose to 3.1 billion board feet, 25% of BCs total production.

    Responding to this shift, BC forest companies are transforming their operations to meet new demands for softwood lumber in Asia. This transformation includes producing a strategic combination of tradi-tional lumber products, new building systems, value-added wood prod-ucts and other bio-products, which maximize the value of harvested timber and further supports local economies.

    Re:port is a collaborative promotional venture by thePrince Rupert Port Authority and The Northern View.

    Photo courtesy Prince Rupert Port AuthorityBUSINESS IS LOOKING UP: As Asian demand for Canadian wood products increases, BCs forest industry is meeting demand with a diverse blend of exports. The ongoing success of the forest sector in the province depends on achieving a sustainable harvest.


  • A8 Northern View August 5, 2015A8 Northern View August 5, 2015 www.thenorthernview.comBusiness

    Ocean View



    1st AnnualBLAINE DIETER


    Watch for details




    Coast Tsimshian Enterprises, comprised of the Metlakatla and Lax Kwalaams Bands, is getting into the security business following the signing of a joint venture agreement with Securiguard Services.

    Under the terms of the agreement Securiguard which offers services including uniformed security officers, mobile patrols, remote video monitoring, first aid attenants and K9 patrol and detection services will provide local training, employment and support services to both communities. Through the joint venture partnership, Securiguard says it will be able to bid on safety and security opportunities for projects taking place on the traditional territory of the Coast Tsimshian.

    Our team recognizes the potential in the Prince Rupert region and the tremendous opportunities that this partnership will provide. We, likewise, recognize the wisdom in partnering with local First Nations on safety and security projects and welcome the opportunity to build a leading edge joint venture. We are proud to be working closely with the progressive Lax Kwalaams First Nation and the Metlakatla First Nation, said company president and CEO Darcy Kernaghan.

    In addition to providing local employment opportunities, our goal is to train and inspire local youth to build meaningful careers in the safety and security industries.

    The leaders of the two communities, Chief Harold Leighton of Metlakatla and Mayor Garry Reece of Lax Kwalaams, said the new partnership

    presents significant opportunities for their members.

    Securiguard shares our common values of ensuring both economic and social sustainability within our local communities. We are enthusiastic to be working with them on skills development and capacity building in the region and know that the clients of Coast Tsimshian Enterprises will receive the highest level of service, said Chief Leighton.

    In selecting a joint venture partner, we looked carefully at ensuring high standards of training, services and management support. With Securiguard, members of the Lax Kwalaams Band who are interested in the security industry will receive the very best in job training and professional growth opportunities, added Mayor Reece.

    Securiguard is based out of Vancouver, but does have an office in Terrace.

    Securiguard FacebookSecuriguard and Coast Tsimshian Enterprises announced a joint venture partnership earlier this month.

    Securiguard joins forces with Coast TsimshianSecuriguard joins forces with Coast Tsimshian

    Orca LNG receives 25 year LNG export licence


    Another liquefied natural gas firm has received its export licence from the National Energy Board.

    Orca LNG, which is proposing to construct a terminal composed of six floating LNG vessels permanently moored to the shore in the vicinity of Prince Rupert, was approved for a 25-year export licence on July 27. The licence includes a maximum annual export of 28.06 billion cubic metres of natural gas, or 1.344 billion cubic feet.

    The licence will expire in 10 years should no exports take place within that time frame.

    Orca LNG, with an office listed in Cypress Texas, is expecting to commence exports in 2019 with one vessel. The number of ships calling on the terminal would increase as construction of additional FLNG vessels is completed.

    The gas itself would be coming from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Although Orca LNG is in discussion with several pipeline companies about using either existing infrastructure of the construction of a pipeline.

    Photo courtesy of Chuck Long Photo courtesy of Chuck Long

    NowNow - -Prince Rupert Cinemas, a triple screen theatre, is located on the cor-Prince Rupert Cinemas, a triple screen theatre, is located on the cor-ner at 525 2nd Avenue West. The Bank of Commerce building was renovated ner at 525 2nd Avenue West. The Bank of Commerce building was renovated and Helgerson Realty and Insurance businesses moved into it in 1978. Later, it and Helgerson Realty and Insurance businesses moved into it in 1978. Later, it became Gillams Insurance and today is home to Edward Jones and the Cassiar became Gillams Insurance and today is home to Edward Jones and the Cassiar Dental Clinic.Dental Clinic.

    Photo credit: Courtesy of the Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives & Museum of Photo credit: Courtesy of the Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives & Museum of Northern B.C.; Wrathall collection.Northern B.C.; Wrathall collection.

    ThenThen - - The large building atop the rock bluff on Second Avenue and Fifth The large building atop the rock bluff on Second Avenue and Fifth Street was the Prince Rupert Club, a non-political business mens club that re-Street was the Prince Rupert Club, a non-political business mens club that re-ceived their charter in the spring of 1908. It was used as as Offi cers Club during ceived their charter in the spring of 1908. It was used as as Offi cers Club during World War II and later became the Moose Lodge. The Lodge was destroyed by World War II and later became the Moose Lodge. The Lodge was destroyed by fi re on January 19, 1950 when plumbers were trying to thaw out frozen water fi re on January 19, 1950 when plumbers were trying to thaw out frozen water pipes. Beside the Moose Lodge is the Canadian Bank of Commerce built in pipes. Beside the Moose Lodge is the Canadian Bank of Commerce built in 1911.planted with trees and shrubs.1911.planted with trees and shrubs.

    brought to you by

    523 9th Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC250-624-2000

    Where your best Swing is only a Drive away

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  • August 5, 2015 Northern View A9August 5, 2015 Northern View

    VISIT US AT 170 - 3RD AVENUE EAST PHONE 250.624.9444

    Jeff ClarkeWeb: Cell: 250.627.6116


    of course!

    Personal Real Estate CorporationMike MorseWeb: Cell: 250.600.6620


    527 Pillsbury AvenueThis four bedroom home is filled with natural lightfrom numerous windows and a skylight in the living rooms vaulted ceiling. The newly renovated,spacious kitchen has lots of counter space. Themaster bedroom fits a king size bed, has plenty ofcloset space and an en-suite. There is a massiverec room plus two balconies and a sundeck.

    $349,000 MLS


    G 2025 Graham AvenueThis beautiful architecturally redesigned 4 bedroom, 3 bath character homeis ideally situated in one of Prince Rupert's most desirable neighbourhoods.Views of the harbour can be enjoyed from a number of the decks situatedaround the home. Inside the house you'll enjoy the warmth of the originalwood trim and wood floors. The redesigned kitchen features stainless appliances, and offers access to the private backyard. Patio doors off the master bedroom open onto a private upper deck with panoramic views of theharbour. You'll find a well appointed mudroom on the lower level, an idealspot to drop the outdoor gear after a busy day. An extra-deep single garageand ample off-street parking complete this very attractive home.

    $559,000 MLS

    Lot#3 Heron Road $185,000 MLS 1427 - 8th Avenue East $89,000 MLS

    639 Pillsbury Avenue $335,000 MLS 1037 Prince Rupert Blvd $315,000 MLS


    3212-3214 1st Ave-Queen Charlotte $20,000 MLS 3209/11/13 2nd Ave-Queen Charlotte $30,000 MLS





    538 - 8th Ave E This well built, charming three bedroom home has seen several recent improvements including upgraded electrical witha 200 amp panel, new baseboard heating, large sunny deckoverlooking a wooded park, new flooring and paint. Outside thereis off-street parking and a fairly private back yard as well. Thismove-in ready house is simply waiting for you to call it "home".

    $179,000 MLS

    1735 Graham AvenueThis spacious custom home not only is on a popularstreet but offers beautiful harbour views as well that canbe enjoyed from every floor of the home. The numerouswindows fill the house with natural light and outside thereis a large balcony and rooftop deck to enjoy the sun fromas well. This home is certainly is in a class of its ownand could be just the one you ve been waiting for.

    $469,000 MLS




    1431 - 6th Avenue E $274,000 MLS


    2229 Atlin Avenue $359,000 MLS


    417 Agnew Place $440,000 MLS


    1812 Atlin Avenue $379,500 MLS


    1744 Jamaica AvenueThis 3 bedroom 1/2 duplex has 2 back decks and backsonto green space. Whether looking for a home or an invest-ment you will want to look at this very affordable property.

    $129,000 MLS

    950 6th Avenue EastThis character home sits on a sunny lot with tonnes of park-ing and a double garage. It boasts 4 bedrooms upstairs amodernized kitchen and a lower level in-law suite.

    $349,000 MLS

    1635 Atlin AvenueSituated on a 50 x 100' lot in one of the greatest neighbour-hoods in town, enjoy this near-new 3 bedroom home witha harbour view from the front deck.

    324,900 MLS 1226 8th Ave East $279,000 MLS


  • A10 Northern View August 5, 2015A10 Northern View August 5, 2015 www.thenorthernview.comBusiness

    523 9th Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC250-624-2000

    Where your best Swing is only a Drive away

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    Congratulations Luciano Daniele

    On July 31, 2015, Lucio retired after 46 years of dedicated service with Prince Rupert Grain Ltd. Lucio began his career on the waterfront at PRG 1 in 1969. He then moved to Prince Rupert Grain Ltd. on Ridley Island in 1985, where he worked as a Locomotive Operator and then as a Millwright, becoming the Chargehand in 1997. To date Lucio is Prince Rupert Grains longest serving employee. Lucio plans to join his wife (Yolanda) in Calgary to spend time with their grandchildren.

    Happy Retirement Luciano (Lucio) Daniele!


    With the number of ships calling on the Port of Prince Rupert expected to grow substantially in the years ahead, the Prince Rupert Port Authority announced a $5 million partnership that will create a shore-based radar system to cover the waters of the North Coast.

    The project which includes $2 million investment from both Western Economic Diversification Canada will see three radar towers installed to provide radar coverage 50 nautical miles west to the northern tip of Haida Gwaii and north beyond the Alaska border. The 6.5 metre TERMA Scanter 5102 towers will be installed on an existing tower on Mount Hays, on Ridley Island and on Dundas Island, located 30 kilometres northwest of Prince Rupert.

    This project will result in a new and foundational piece of our marine safety and security network at the Port of Prince Rupert, providing an additional layer to the maritime picture we use to keep our harbour safe and ensure a diverse range of cargoes continue to flow securely through our trade gateway, said Don Krusel, president and CEO of the Port of Prince Rupert.

    Our local partnerships enable improvements like this to make a safe port even safer, and matching investments from senior government organizations allow us to carry forward our long term development vision in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner.

    The radar system will provide more specific information to those monitoring traffic about distance and direction and is a technology currently used on hundred of vessels that already call on Prince Rupert, giving ships masters a better image of what is happening in the waters around them. As well, the information creates a real-time visual network for those monitoring traffic in the region. That additional information was welcomed by both the RCMP and the Pacific Pilotage Authority.

    This investment in shore-based radar coverage of the

    British Columbia northern coastline around Prince Rupert is an important contribution to Canadas public safety and the strategic priorities of the RCMP ... this tool will help us gather and analyse intelligence at the port and from the surrounding maritime environment in support of our law enforcement initiatives, said Chief Superintendent Sean Bourrie, the head of the RCMPs Federal Policing in B.C.

    The addition of shore-based radar to the Port of Prince Rupert will further enhance the safety of the area by ensuring that the smaller vessels not utilizing the AIS system or participating in the MCTS system will now be tracked and reported upon, as will vessels at anchor, said Kevin Obermeyer, president of the Pacific Pilotage Authority.

    Work is already underway to construct or modify towers and prepare the utilities needed to run the sites and connect them to network services. Arrival and installation of the radar equipment is expected in the first quarter of 2016 after which training and commissioning of the equipment will take place.

    Prince Rupert Port Authority / Special to The Northern ViewA map outlining coverage following the radar installation.

    Radar coverage coming to PortRadar coverage coming to Port

    Prestige Hotels turns its attention to Rupert


    A firm that owns a number of high quality hotels and resorts in the Okangan and Southern B.C. will be opening a Prince Rupert location later this year.

    Prestige Hotels and Resorts is expanding to Prince Rupert and Prince George, a move that follows the recent purchase of the Hudson Bay Lodge in Smithers. The company, known for higher end properties that include several on-site amenities, is hoping to open the Prince Rupert location at an existing hotel in town.

    It is essentially a rebranding and with that will come a number of renovations. We anticipate a late-fall start, but an exact date has not been set because the property improvement plan is still in the works, explained Prestige Hotels and Resorts vice-president of sales and marketing Jeff Liddle.

    While the opening of the Prince George location is the current priority, Liddle said expansion into the region has been something the company has sought for some time.

    We have been looking at the northern corridor for a number of

    years as our corporate clients have been asking about it, and we have now been able to establish great partnerships with an existing operator in Prince George and Prince Rupert, he said.

    It is really a matter of timing more than anything.

    Prestige is a family-owned business with properties in Kelowna, Vernon, Salmon Arm, Golden, Radium, Cranbrook, Nelson, Rossland, Sooke and Smithers.

    We anticipate a late fall We anticipate a late fall start, but an exact date start, but an exact date

    has not been set.has not been set.

    - Jeff Liddle- Jeff Liddle

  • A11 August 5, 2015

    125 1st Ave. W. Prince Rupert, BC250-624-2568 1-800-667-6770Email: Visit us online:

    40% offALL Summer apparel

    30% off Summer Footwear and

    Softball equipmentincluding Icebreaker, Keen, Merrell and Arteryx



    In Brief


    Liu prepares for Jakarta

    Prince Rupert badminton product Adrian Liu will be representing Canada on the international stage for the first time since being disqualified from the Pan Am Games.

    He and mens doubles partner Derrick Ng will be taking on Australias Matthew Chau and Sawan Serasinghe in the first round of the 2015 TOTAL BWF World Championships at Jakarta, Indonesia, taking place from Aug. 10 - 16.

    Water, water everywhere

    Three different age-group camps run by Prince Rupert Recreation are set to begin next week, all focusing on that clear liquid stuff that surrounds the city.

    For the 3 - 5 year-olds, Splish Splash commences, featuring kids swimming, enjoying the sunshine and having a blast. For the 6 - 8 year-olds, Water Wonders welcomes kids to a week of water-filled games.

    Finally, for the 9 - 12 year-olds, Eco Adventures starts up and has participants exploring nature and focusing on water-related activities. To sign up, call Prince Rupert Recreation at 250-624-6707.

    Zone 10 seniors hold final meet

    The last meeting before the August 2015 BC Seniors Games between members from Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert was held on July 25 in Prince Rupert.

    Among the updates was a drastic shortage of people wanting to play Whist, and the continuation of the game will be in jeopardy in future games if numbers continue to be low.

    Zone 10 jackets and shirts have arrived and are being distributed to participants.

    The games will take place in North Vancouver from Aug. 25 - 29.

    2017 Indigenous Games awarded

    Toronto, Ontario will be the next site of the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), the NAIG Council has announced.

    After Regina, Saskatchewan hosted the 2014 iteration last summer, the NAIG international governing body gave unanimous support for the Ontario capital to host, which will be the first time the NAIG will be held outside of western Canada or western U.S.

    Kevin Campbell / The Northern ViewFox readies a ball in the game, Red Light, Green Light with friends last Wednesday afternoon at the civic centre.


    A lot of Canadian eyes have recently been focused on the Pan Am Games in their backyard of Toronto, but just this past week, another world-class competition was taking place on the west coast of Canadas closest neighbour.

    Los Angeles was the centre of the world for a week for Special Olympians and their supporters from all over the world. They came together on July 25 to Aug. 2 to participate in the Summer Special Olympics World Games, which feature competitive athletes with intellectual disabilities.

    Right here on the North Coast, potential Special Olympians practice every Wednesday at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre and the organization has put a call out for a few more volunteers looking to dedicate an hour or two every week for the cause.

    We need help facilitating the sports and to help out if we were to go on a road trip. We need drivers and extra coaches, said Heather Brown, a Prince Rupert Special Olympics volunteer and coach.

    The organization does meet every now and then to discuss upcoming opportunities for the athletes to show their stuff around the region.

    We dont necessarily always meet every month, its just whenever we have something coming up that we need to discuss, but lately weve been meeting once per month at the library, said Brown.

    Special Olympics in Prince Rupert is really struggling with getting volunteers. As a volunteer-driven organization, this is key to the success of the athletes with intellectual disabilities, added manager of community development for Special Olympics for North and Central B.C Charlene Flood.

    For Kris (Fox) Neftin, a Rupert Special Olympian hopeful, the athlete is looking to make the climb to the world stage with practices every week of soccer, basketball and even Bocce Ball with approximately seven or eight other Special Olympics hopefuls on the coastal city.

    That would be nice, said Fox last week, while participating in a soccer practice, in-part run by Brown.

    Fox was realistic, but motivated by his chances of competing in the next world games to be hosted in Graz and Schladming, Austria from March 14 25, 2017. Canada will hold qualifying games at the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games at Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.

    I dont know if its going to be a reality for me. I hope so, that would be great. Only time will tell.

    Fox has been practicing with the group for three years

    and hes developed a number of new skills.[In soccer] Ive learned how to make the opponent

    think Im going to be shooting one way, when I shoot the other way, said the athlete.

    Among the players Fox has watched growing up, Michael Jordan (basketball) and Ronaldo (soccer) are some of his favourites.

    I like basketball more. My role model is Michael Jordan. Ive seen a [game] where he was in a match with Larry Bird ... I think it was really great the way he was able to do slam dunks and pass to his players. I think if he wanted to, he could be a role model for those who wanted to try out for the sport, he said.

    Like a true teammate, Fox also doesnt give preferential treatment to any of his mates in the athlete group on Wednesdays.

    I consider the players equal, he said when asked if he liked having anyone specific on his team.

    Fox enjoys a plethora of other sports including mixed martial arts, fencing and Bushido (martial arts).

    [I like] the fact that somebody could actually take down the opponent by flipping him by his arm or using pressure points, he said, adding while he hasnt seen the Special Olympics on TV, hes watched them on YouTube online.

    To get in touch with Special Olympics Prince Rupert, call local coordinator Karen Myers at 250-627-1838 or visit

    Special Olympics volunteers Special Olympics volunteers sought for Rupertsought for RupertFox Neftin upgrading soccer,

    basketball skills


    If new goalkeeper Frank Slubowski can catch a fish, a small hockey puck should be no problem.

    Thats the translated cutline that accompanies a photo featuring a grinning Slubowski, a Prince Rupert goaltending product who suited up for the NCAAs Western Michigan Broncos for the last four years, holding up a fish on Polish website

    Last week, Slubowski signed a one-year contract with the Polska Hokej Ligas (Polish Hockey League) Orlik Opole.

    They found me, said the goalkeeper describing the process of signing in Poland.

    Polands trying to establish their national team and their league over there, so theyre trying to make it stronger. Theyre recruiting guys, especially with Polish backgrounds.

    Slubowski, who had a career 2.34 GAA and .909 SV% with the Broncos playing Division I hockey, has admittedly never seen a Polska Hokej Lifa (PHL) game or been to Poland, but hes eager to learn.

    Im kind of nervous because its overseas, but I thought it was the best opportunity for me, he said, adding his flight leaves next week.

    According to Polish international hockey rules, if a player has a Polish background (as Slubowski does) and plays in Poland for two seasons, then that player can qualify for the Polish national team a program that the country is prepared to invest in and grow.

    I looked at both options staying in North America and over in Europe and I just figured with this national team opportunity and the opportunity to rise faster over in Europe rather

    than North America, I thought it was the best option, he said.

    Interestingly, Slubowski takes over for another North American goaltender who left Opole to play in Kazakhstan this season, John Murray. Murray played in North Americas Ontario Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League and American Hockey League before making the jump to Europe.

    According to PHL rules, starting this year a player with Polish roots must appear in goal for at least half of each teams games during the season. Slubowski fits that bill pretty well and was a main target for Opole in the off-season.

    Helping Slubowski learn the language after already playing a year in the PHL, Polands top hockey league, will be American Mike Cichy a forward who played with Slubowski in the goalies first year at Western Michigan. Cichy was the third-leading goal scorer in the PHL last year, finding the net 29 times in 44 games.

    Just knowing someone and someone who can speak English will help a lot, said Slubowski.

    [Learning the language and customs] will come in time. I heard its a different lifestyle ... to learn about it will be pretty fun.

    The goaltender might even get more exposure than he bargained for, as Opole, Poland sits on the border of the hockey-crazed Czech Republic. Slovakia and Belarus are also nearby.

    A12 Northern View August 5, 2015 SportsA12 Northern View August 5, 2015 Sports

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    PRINCE RUPERT BCSPCA1740 Prince Rupert Blvd 250 624-2859

    George came into our care as a stray, with a dislocated hip. He recently had surgery to remove his femoral head, so he could be on his way to a pain free life. George is recovering from his surgery, and starting to do rehabilitation on his leg. This is going very well so far, so George is ready to start looking for his forever family. George has been working on harness training and enjoys going for walks outside. He is almost quite dog like. If you are interested in fi nding out more about George, please contact the BC SPCA Prince Rupert Branch.

    Say HI to


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    Pacifi c Coast Veterinary Hospital975 Chamberlin Avenue



    Adrian Liu has no problem on a badminton court, but for the next few weeks, hell try to navigate the new frontier of crowd-funding.

    The Prince Rupert badminton star has started a gofundme campaign with his mens doubles partner, Derrick Ng, to participate in the necessary worldwide tournaments required to make the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. Theyre looking for $40,000.

    Because of a clerical error by Badminton Canada, Liu and Ng were disqualified from the Pan Am Games in Toronto due to being registered for two simultaneous tournaments in the same week which, according to Badminton World Federation (BWF) rules, is prohibited.

    Liu and Ng had no intention of attending the second tournament that they were registered for, but had been registered anyway.

    Lius main sponsor has pulled funding for the athlete, since the two lost many ranking points by not being a part of the Pan Am Games.

    Since its the players responsibility to pay for their own cost of living, flights, food, accommodations, entry fees, transportation and everything else in between, the cost of being a Canadian international badminton player quickly rises to astronomical figures. Your donation will help ease our minds and let us focus on whats important: training, competing and most importantly, winning, reads the gofundme page.

    Badminton Canada is looking into how the organization can help the duo, president Anil Kaul told CBC News.

    Some sort of financial support is what they require at the moment. What form and how we do that is still up in the air. Theyre not looking for handshakes and stuff, theyre looking to get to events and try to qualify for the Olympics, Kaul told the outlet.

    Liu and Ng are no slouches in the badminton mens doubles world. They rank 52nd in the world in BWF rankings as of July 30, despite not taking part in the Pan Am Games, which award points to most teams competing. Theyve also won five straight national mens doubles championships in Canada a feat no team has ever accomplished. They took part in the 2015 Sudirman Cup in China and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

    As of the afternoon of July 30, $8,140 had been raised for the athletes, with their next tourney approaching on Monday in Jakarta, Indonesia for the 2015 TOTAL BWF World Championships. Theyll face Australias Matthew Chau and Sawan Serasinghe in the first round.

    To help fund Liu and Ng, visit

    Liu looks online for funding help

    Contributed / Twitter, Brace HemmelgarnFrank Slubowski will be playing goal for Orlik Opole of the Polish Hockey League next year.

    Slubowski heads to PolandSlubowski heads to Poland

    For breaking news visit us online at For breaking news visit us online at

  • August 5, 2015 Northern View

    Imagine having access to a variety of trails to explore right at your backdoor. Th at is what the Prince Rupert Backcountry Society envisions for the future of the outdoor recreation scene in the Prince Rupert area.

    Th e Kaien Island Trail Plan is a trail network concept that will link existing trails and provide access to new routes and recreational opportunities on Kaien Island.

    Th e network consists of a bike route that will provide access and create a complete network for Kaien Island that will address the recreation needs of the entire community, according to Steve Milum, a director of the Prince Rupert Backcountry Society.

    Th e society envisions not only a bike route linking trails, but also interpretive elements with the opportunity to integrate education with the trail network.

    Th is includes interpreting things in our environment such as plants and animals, culture and history.

    Th e society hopes that each section of trail network will have an interpretation of culture, history and environ-ment.

    Milum says it was the access to the outdoors that at-tracted him to Prince Rupert, and the main reason why he is such an advocate for improving access to trails in the Prince Rupert area.

    Th e contrast of beauty and the raw power of nature is pretty incredible, says Milum. You can fi nd comfort in it and you can be scared by it. Th eres lots to learn about the outdoors. Were defi nitely connected by it and it keeps me alive.

    Th e trail network will be an asset for the community that will encourage a healthy lifestyle and make it attrac-tive to residents and visitors to Prince Rupert.

    When discussing the importance of trails, Milum ref-erences a study that fi nds that you save three dollars on healthcare for every dollar you spend on building trails.

    Milum believes that with the exception of the Butze Rapids route, generally the trails in our community are in a state of neglect.

    Milum says the upcoming Quickclimb competition helps support the Backcountry Society because it raises awareness about trails in the community and promotes outdoor recreation.

    It also raises funds to help support trail maintenance and trail building.

    Its great news for anyone who is passionate about see-ing Prince Rupert continue to build on its outdoor recre-ational opportunities.

    Milum hopes that events such as the Quickclimb will help attract new outdoor enthusiasts.

    He says, Its a fun event that will get people outdoors. Th en they will realize how great it is out there, and will want to get out onto more trails and continue exploring the trails in our area.

    Activity breeds more activity and engagement in the outdoors. Making it more accessible will be benefi cial to the entire community regardless of level of diffi culty of the diff erent trails. Th ere is something for everybody.

    Milum encourages community members to stay tuned to learn more about the Trail Plan in the near future, as

    they plan to reveal more in the coming months using so-cial media.

    For details about the Quickclimb event, including registration for climbers and volunteers, please visit

    Mount HaysAugust 16, 2015


    QuickClimb 2015 to the summit of Mount Hays proudly sponsored by:

    Kaien Island Trail Plan will benefi t from Augusts QuickclimbThe contrast of beauty and the

    raw power of nature is pretty incredible. Were defi nitely

    connected by it and it keeps me alive.

    Submitted photo

    Trail building and maintenance initiatives like this one at the Omenica Connector Trail could become more commonplace if outdoorsman Steve Milum has his way.

    Consulting Services Ltd.

    Quickclimb registration is now

    OPENfor competitorsand volunteers.

    Visit to register today.

  • A14 Northern View August 5, 2015A14 Northern View August 5, 2015

    At Your ServiceAt Your Service

    528 3rd Ave West Prince Rupert

    Expert repairs done in-store Over 50 years goldsmithing experience

    Redeem coupon for a free professional ring cleaning & inspection ($15 value)

    one item per customer


    -Hearing Testing -Hearing Aids & Accessories-Repairs & Adjustments-Custom Hearing Protection

    -Industrial Hearing Testing

    Rupert Hearing Clinic

    Stephanie Curry, RHIPPart of WorkSafeBC provider network Veteran Affairs Canada & First Nation

    health benefits accepted250-627-8663 or 1-844-568-4327

    Unit 201-515 3rd Ave W, Prince Rupert (Capital Mall)

    PJE GeneralContractingRenovation Crew

    Interiors Exteriors Tiles Bathrooms Kitchens Windows Doors Floors

    Damaged Foundations & Drainage Mini Excavator with hammer and Bobcat Services

    600-4864 600-1991

    Lower Level Rupert Square Mall250-624-9180


    NAOMIS GRILLCheeseburger

    & FriesBuy one get one 1/2 price

    Rodhos Pizza - Seafood & Steakhouse

    250-624-9797716 2nd Ave West, Prince Rupert

    NOW OPENfor Lunch


    East Indian Food11-3

    At your Service ads work... youre reading this one!

    250-624-6667In the Pacifi c Inn (Beside Overwaitea)tttttthhhhhhhhh P ifiifihhhh P ififi IIIIIIIIIIth P ifiifi I ((

    Delivery available Thurs, Fri & Sat NightsThurs, Fri & Sat Nights

    HoursHoursMon - Sat 11:30 am - 9:30 pmMon - Sat 11:30 am - 9:30 pm

    Pick up available all weekPick up available all week

    Theaanns Theaanns Greek PalaceGreek Palace

    x New Installations x Service Upgrades x Rewiring Old Homes x Outlets/Switches/Fixtures x Recessed & Track Lighting x Emergency Calls x Residential/Commercial x


    (250) 600-3833 Email:




    $30/hour Main Hall$10/hour Kitchen

    $30/hour Bouncy Castle**Must be rented with the hall*




    Ed EvansAccount representative


    818-3rd Avenue WestPrince Rupert, B.C. V8J 1M6

    1-866-624-7734fax: 250-624-7737

    North Coast ConstituencyJennifer Rice, MLA





    HOURS:Monday to Thursday

    9am - 5pmFriday 9am - 5:30pm

    - Computers- Printers &


    - Stationary- Accessories- Of ce Furniture

    Your local one-stop shopfor all your of ce needs

    Unit #4-1100 Park Avenue


    The challenges faced by parents raising children with autism in the north has been well-documented following the tragic deaths of Angie and Robert Robinson last April, and now the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) is hosting a special weekend that will give children with autism the opportunity to experience summer camp while offering parents some respite and a chance to network with others in the region.

    Children and parents from 20 families located in Prince Rupert will join others from Prince George, Terrace, Fort St. John and other northern communities to be flown to Vancouver courtesy of Pacific Coastal Airlines on Aug. 7. Once landed, the children will be taken to a CAN camp in Port Moody for the weekend while the parents will be provided with a complementary hotel stay and discounted passes to restaurants and attractions. On Aug. 9, the parents and youth will come together for a banquet and information session at the Pacific Gateway hotel to meet others and learn about services available in their hometown.

    Prince Rupert mother Christine Danroth has been pushing for increased support for parents of children with autism and she says this is an experience that will make

    a difference in the lives of parents. In the past I have felt isolated

    due to a lack of resources in my region, she said.

    Because of the lack of support, parents can get burnt out with exhaustion and their kids can suffer from it. This camp will allow parents from the North to have some respite and for the kids to go to camp and just be who they are. It will also allow us parents to connect and share and realize that we are not alone - and that is an added bonus.

    CAN chief executive office Katy Harandi said this is just one way the organization is reaching out to parents in the northern part of the province.

    At CAN, we strive to build networks and increase accessibility and our hope is that the camp will act as a catalyst to bring families together and make them aware of the support that is available to them. We will also engage in training opportunities to further build capacity in the North, she said.

    Parents can get Parents can get burnt out with burnt out with exhaustion.exhaustion.

    - Christine Danroth- Christine Danroth

    Canucks Autism offer support weekend


    Shaun Thomas / The Northern ViewWhile the parking lot may be blocked, its business as usual at the Prince Rupert Seniors Centre.

    BY DONNAPRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

    Monday Whist:1st Sharon M. and Heather, 2nd Lurel and Della, 3rd Ron and Lynne. Thursday: 1st John and Mary, 2nd Heather and Sharon, 3rd Lyne and Mary S.

    The construction crew is now right up to the door so there is absolutely no parking in our lot. Unfortunately that means the Manor residents cannot attend our bingos for a while. However,

    we are still open to park and walkers.

    Elsie Sabadussis family are celebrating Elsies life on Sept. 9 beginning at 4 p.m. at the Seniors Centre. There will be refreshments served and you may bring a sweet if you like. Thank you.

    Phone scam alert: 1-844-240-3071 and 1-855-487-8483. Do not give out any information whatsoever to anyone purporting to be from Revenue Canada using these numbers.

    Happy Birthday Jimmy C.

    Seniors Centre notes

  • August 5, 2015 Northern View A15August 5, 2015 Northern View

    250-624-8088 737 Fraser St, Prince Rupert



    1st Ave West, 2nd Ave West, 1st Ave West, 2nd Ave West, 3rd Ave West & Park Ave3rd Ave West & Park Ave

    Lower Graham Ave Lower Graham Ave & Atlin Ave& Atlin Ave

    8th Ave West, 9th Ave West 8th Ave West, 9th Ave West & McBride Street & McBride Street

    6th Ave East & Hays Cove Circle6th Ave East & Hays Cove Circle

    Overlook St & 6th Ave EastOverlook St & 6th Ave East

    Seal Cove Circle & AreaSeal Cove Circle & Area

    10th Ave East, 11th Ave East 10th Ave East, 11th Ave East & Plaza Street& Plaza Street

    For Prince Rupert RoutesFor Prince Rupert RoutesEmail: what route you are Email: what route you are

    interested in with your name, address & phone numberinterested in with your name, address & phone number

    City of Prince Rupert

    We invite you to visit the Citys website for a complete copy of the job description at:

    Applications must be submitted to the Maintenance Coordinator at 1000 McBride Street, Prince Rupert,

    BC, V8J 3H2 by 4pm on August 10th, 2015.

    We thank all applicants for their interest in the position, however, only those selected for an

    interview will be contacted.

    The City of Prince Rupert Recreation Department is now accepting resumes for the following positions:



    Responsibilities will include cleaning vehicles, answering phones, and renting cars.



    Please forward your resume and drivers abstract to:National Car Rental

    106- 815 First Ave W (in the Highliner Hotel)


    Aletta Lois Brietzke (nee Edgar)December 18, 1947 - July 26, 2015

    Aletta Lois Brietzke (nee Edgar) was born December 18, 1947 and passed away July 26, 2015. She was predeceased by her son Davy. Survived by her loving husband Dave, her son Tim (Claudia) and grandchildren, David and Claire.

    The Day You LeftWith tears we saw you suffer,As we watched you fade away,

    Our hearts were almost broken,As you fought so hard to stay.

    We knew you had to leave us,But you never went alone,

    For part of us went with youThe day you left your home.

    Condolences can be offered at


    Coming EventsHAVE a chronic health condi-tion? Sign up for UVic FREE, evidence-based, 6-session Online Chronic Disease Self-Management Program:

    InformationCANADA BENEFIT Group - Do you or someone you know suffer from a disability? Get up to $40,000 from the Canadian Government. Toll-free 1-888-511-2250 or visit online at www.canadabene


    TimeshareCANCEL YOUR Timeshare. No risk program stop mort-gage & maintenance pay-ments today. 100% money back guarantee. Free consul-tation. Call us now. We can help! 1-888-356-5248.


    Business Opportunities

    HIP OR knee replacement? Arthritic Conditions/COPD? Restrictions in walking/dress-ing? Disability Tax Credit $2,000 Tax Credit $20,000 Refund. Apply today for assis-tance: 1-844-453-5372.

    Career Opportunities

    MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! In-demand career! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from an employer-trusted program. Visit: or 1-855-768-3362 to start training for your work-at-home career today!


    Education/Trade Schools

    START A new career in Graphic Arts, Healthcare, Business, Education or Infor-mation Tech. If you have a GED, call: 855-670-9765

    Help WantedTUG SKIPPER

    Full time senior & junior positions available.

    Minimum Limited Master

  • A16 Northern View August 5, 2015A16 Northern View August 5, 2015

    /localwork-bc @localworkbc

    Contests!Just one of the reasons to like on Facebook.

    Buying or Selling Real Estate?

    250.624.9298Suite 6 - 342 3rd Ave W.

    Gord KobzaThe Power of Experience



    Suite 6 - 342 3rd Ave W. 250-624-9298

    3 & 4 Bedroom Homes 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Suites and Apartments

    Qualifications Minimum 60t Captains Ticket Single screw and twin screw vessel operation Minimum 5 years experience of towing with River and Coastal knowledge Singe & Tandem barge handling background Basic computer skills Heavy Equipment & Forklift training Good Communication Skills

    Wainwright Marine Services Ltd. is a Prince Rupert based company that has been serving the North Coast for over 40 years.

    Our equipment is based out of Prince Rupert. We offer steady employment,competitive wages,

    pension plan and benefits.

    Please email resumes to:


    The Port of Prince Rupert, Canadas leading edge port in trade growth, maritime safety, environmental stewardship and community partnerships, invites applications from highly-motivated individuals for the following new position:

    The Business Intelligence (BI) Administrators role is to strategically design, implement, and support BI software and systems, including integration with databases and report writing. This includes providing BI solutions to end users, acting as the primary advocate of data modeling methodologies and processing, proactively generating reports based on findings, as well as oversight of technical requests and training of users/project teams pertaining to BI applications.

    The ideal candidate would possess a college or university degree and completion of some Professional Technical Certifications (i.e. MCSE: Business Intelligence, CBIP, etc.) and three to five years recent experience as a Business Intelligence Professional. In addition, the ideal candidate would also possess strong spoken and written communication skills and perform well individually in a team environment.

    The Port offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits program. More details regarding this career opportunity are available at the Ports website at:

    Individuals of aboriginal descent are strongly encouraged to apply.

    Interested candidates are requested to submit their application in confidence by August 18, 2015, to:

    Director, Human ResourcesPrince Rupert Port Authority

    200 215 Cow Bay Road, Prince Rupert, B.C., V8J 1A2

    Fax: (250) 627-8980 Email:


    (Twenty-Four Month Contract)

    Employment Employment

    Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities


    Alternative Health

    Financial ServicesGET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB.


    NEED A loan? Own property? Have bad credit? We can help! Call toll free 1-866-405-1228

    Career Opportunities


    Financial ServicesLARGE FUND

    Borrowers WantedStart saving hundreds of dollars today! We can easily approve you by phone. 1st, 2nd or 3rd mortgage money is available right now. Rates start at Prime. Equity counts. We dont rely on credit, age or income.

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    Home ImprovementsFULL SERVICE plumbing from parker dean. Fast, re-liable, 24/7 service. Take $50 off your next job if you present this ad. Vancouver area. 1-800-573-2928

    Merchandise for Sale

    AuctionsBUD HAYNES & Wards Fire-arms Auction. Sat., Aug. 29, 10 a.m., 11802 - 145 St., Ed-monton, Alberta. Estate Stan Andruski of Manitoba. Website catalogue w/pictures online. To consign phone Linda 403-597-1095 or 780-451-4549;;

    Misc. for SaleDONT OVERPAY! Your smart hous-ing solution Canadas largest provider of manufactured housing. Text or call (844-334-2960). In stock 16/20/22 Homes on sale now!STEEL BUILDINGS. Our big 35th anniversary sale 20x20 $4500. 25x24 $5198. 30x30 $7449. 32x36 $8427. 40x46 $12140. One end wall includ-ed. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422

    Real Estate

    For Sale By OwnerLive aboard well maintained berglass furnished, twin diesels, 42 cabin cruiser houseboat. Docking fee &hydro $265 per month. Best offer around $39,000. Phone (250) 600-2900


    Apt/Condo for Rent


    1 & 2 bdrm SuitesFurnished

    & Un-Furnished.Quiet Living.

    On SiteManagement.Gym, Hot Tub

    & Sauna.


    PR: 2 bdrm water view apartment for rent. F/S/W/D included. No pets, $1200. per monthAdult oriented newer 3 bdrm home. Ref. req. , no pets.

    Call 250-600-2334

    Real Estate Real Estate

    Houses For Sale Houses For Sale


    Apt/Condo for Rent


    1123-1137 Borden StreetAdult-oriented.

    Quiet location with harbour view.

    Heat and hot water included. Minutes walking to

    downtown and hospital. References required.

    1, 2, or 3 bedroom suites. Some furnished. Prince Rupert



    McBride & 8th Prince Rupert

    Unfurnished - Furnished(Furnished short Term

    Rentals Available)Close to downtown

    Adult-oriented No Pets

    627-7137Apartment Furnished

    Port Edward / Prince Rupert 2 bedroom FURNISHED or not with washer & dryer. Quiet working tenants $1200.00 per month. Ready now. 3 bedroom house ready soon. Leave a message at 250-627-4663.


    Homes for Rent3BD, 1BTH house for rent.Clean open design. No $1350. call: 778-888-7002

    Skyline Manor1200 Summit Ave.

    Bachelor & 1 Bedroom Suites.Security Entrance, harbour views, balconies, storage,

    laundry facilities, hot water & heat included.

    Sorry no pets. Close to hospital,

    bus stop & downtown. References required.

    Contact our on site Manager at 250-624-6019


    Cars - Sports & Imports

    2005 BMW X5150,000 km, 4 wheel drive, excellent condition, panoramicsunroof, two owners, allrecords, includes 4 winter tires, great vehicle but owner moving overseas.

    $14,000 O.B.O.Phone 250-624-2402 or




    YOUR NEWSPAPER:The link to your community


    ON SALE?


    when yourpet is lost?

    Community NewspapersWere at the heart of things

  • August 5, 2015 Northern View A17August 5, 2015 Northern View


    TKe CiWy oI 3rince RXSerW SroYideV nancial aVViVWance caVK and in kind Wo YarioXV CoPPXniWy *roXSV WKroXJK WKe CoPPXniWy EnKancePenW *ranW process.

    II yoXr JroXp woXld like Wo Ee considered Ior IXndinJ through the 2016 Community Enhancement Grants Program, you Pust suEPit a coPpleted CoPPunity EnhancePent *rant Application IorP. The application IorP can Ee oEtained IroP AdPinistration at City Hall, 2-rd AYenue :est Eetween the hours oI 0aP to 0pP, 0onday through Friday or alternatiYely downloaded IroP

    All CoPPunity EnhancePent *rant reTuests Pust Ee applied Ior through this process. These include cash grants, special grants, serYices-in-kind, and inYentory such as sand and graYel.3lease note that all applications Pust Ee coPpleted in Iull with all reTuired supporting docuPentation attached. ReTuests that are incoPplete Pay Ee reMected or returned. It is anticipated that successIul applicants will Ee notied oI the status oI their reTuest Ey DecePEer, 1st, 2015.CoPpleted CoPPunity EnhancePent *rant applications are to Ee returned to AdPinistration, Attention Candice CaPpEell. Your application Pust Ee suEPitted Ey 00pP on 6eptePEer 11th, 2015.II you haYe any Tuestions or concerns, please contact

    Candice CaPpEellE[ecutiYe Assistant

    Telephone 250-627-0EPail




    Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing with respect to District of Port Edward Zoning Amendment Bylaw # 565, 2015 will be held on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 commencing at 5:00 pm in Council Chambers, District of Port Edward Municipal Office, 770 Pacific Avenue, Port Edward, BC.

    PURPOSE: Generally the purpose of the Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 565, 2015 is to rezone the property from (R1) Single Family Residents, to (RM2) Multi-Family Residential.

    To permit the development of a Multi- Family complex.

    AFFECTED LANDS: Lot 32 District Lot 446; Range 5; Coastal District Plan PRP 44741; PID 100-201-061.

    A copy of the Bylaw and relevant background documentation may be inspected at the District of Port Edward office during regular office hours (8:30am to 4:30pm) Monday through Friday between July 20th, 2015 until August 7th, 2015.

    At the Public Hearing all persons who deem themselves affected by the proposed Bylaw shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the Bylaw. If you cannot attend the Public Hearing all written submissions (mailed or electronic) must be received by the District of Port Edward, Attention Polly Pereira 770 Pacific Avenue, PO Box 1100 Port Edward, BC V0V 1G0 no later than 4:30 pm on August 7th, 2015.






    At its meeting of June 22, 2015 Council received the 2014 Annual Report and approved it for circulation.

    Accordingly, the Council of the City of Prince Rupert is having a Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, August 17, 2015 at City Hall, at 7:00 p.m. There will be opportunity for public comment on the 2014 Annual Report.

    The Annual Report is available for public inspection at City Hall. Copies may be obtained from our or in the Customer Service area.

    Please submit your comments on or before 4:00 p.m. on August 14, 2015. For any further information, please contact:

    Corinne BombenChieI FinanciaO OIcerCity Hall424 3rd Avenue WestPrince Rupert, B.C.Email: corinne.bomben@princerupert.caPh: 250-627-0914


    Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal

    Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices


    .Better your oddsVisit

  • A18 Northern View August 5, 2015A18 Northern View August 5, 2015 www.thenorthernview.comNews

    523 9th Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC250-624-2000

    Where your best Swing is only a Drive away

    All rates are subject to all applicable taxesSpecials are not valid for tournaments or outings

    After 5:00pm(9 Holes)

    Two Player Walking$3000

    Two Player Riding$4000

    Must book a Tee TimeMust reserve a cart

    Fabulous Friday

    Rail overpass work to start in 2017BY ROD LINK PRINCE RUPERT / Black Press

    Construction of a $37 million highway overpass spanning CNs rail tracks 50 km west of Terrace on Highway 16 may have been announced July 27, but the actual work wont start for nearly 18 months.

    Design of the project, which involves two new kilometres of Highway 16 in addition to the overpass itself needs to take place, so the work going to tender wont be completed until late next year, indicates information provided by the ministry.

    Construction itself is scheduled to start in early 2017 and be completed by the end of 2018, indicates the information.

    When finished, the overpass will eliminate a twisty S curve of Highway 16 as it crosses the tracks beside the Skeena River.

    The level crossing, now marked by warning signs and reduced speed limits, is the last of its kind along B.C.s Highway 16, said provincial transportation minister Todd Stone.

    Theres a number of curves involved. People have to slow down from 100 km per hour to 40 km per hour, said Stone.

    The province, which will be the lead agency on this project, will pay $19.5 million of the cost with the federal government adding $17.5 million.

    CN isnt expected to make any kind of financial contribution toward the project, but if it requests changes it will then contribute toward that cost, said the transportation ministry in a statement.

    The ministry also said it was too early to say if CNs tracks will have to be moved or exactly where the overpass and new road will be located.

    It is a priority to avoid riparian zones if possible, the ministry said of the closeness of the location to the Skeena River.

    If encroachment is unavoidable the ministry will mitigate impacts as much as possible and work with regulatory agencies to ensure all appropriate measures are taken.

    Stone and federal Conservative Prince George-Peace River MP

    Bob Zimmer were at the Northwest Regional Airport July 27 to make this and other construction announcements for the region, part of a flurry leading up to the start of the federal election campaign.

    Stone said the overpass will make the flow of goods more efficient and safer to and from port facilities at Prince Rupert.

    Geo-technical drilling and other work at the location took place this spring to determine the state of the sub-strata in advance of detailed design and construction plans.

    Its been more than a decade since the last road overpass over CNs tracks was built in the region and its located on the road leading to the Hudson Bay Mountain ski development just outside of Smithers.

    Terrace council and other local bodies had been lobbying for years for a second overpass connecting the southside with the rest of the city, citing crowded traffic conditions on the existing Sande Overpass as a chokepoint affecting the flow of local and highway traffic.

    New education minister named in B.C. cabinet


    BC Liberal backbencher Mike Bernier is B.C.s new Education Minister, while predecessor Peter Fassbender takes over as Community, Sport, and Cultural Development Minister, with responsibility for TransLink as well.

    Fassbender headed the provinces negotiations with B.C. teachers during last years strike. He held out for a negotiated settlement the province achieved rather than legislating teachers back to work, as had been the pattern in several previous teacher strikes.

    The mini cabinet shuffle announced last Thursday by Premier Christy Clark also shifts Coralee Oakes, who previously headed the ministry that deals with municipalities, to Minister of Small Business and Red-Tape Reduction, with responsibility for the Liquor Distribution Branch.

    Clark also shifted Naomi Yamamoto out of the small business ministry, making her Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness, underneath the transportation ministry.

    Jordan Sturdy is now parliamentary secretary for energy literacy and the environment under Environment Minister Mary Polak Berniers previous post. Hell also chair the provinces Climate Leadership Panel.

    We have the opportunity now to build on a record of student achievement with long-term labour peace in place, to strengthen our support for small business, which is the backbone of our economy, to work together with communities to prepare for the future, and to put in place a plan to prevent and manage emergencies or natural disasters so that our province can recover with our future secured, Clark said in a news release.

    Northwest mine given green lightBY ROD LINKSTEWART / Black Press

    A planned gold mine northwest of Stewart has now received the blessing of the federal government.

    Federal environment minister Leona Aglukkaq signed off on the Brucejack project owned by Pretium Resources yesterday, following a federal environmental assessment which began two years ago.

    She further found the project met assessment standards laid down for the Nisgaa Nation in accordance with its 2000 final governance

    agreement signed with the provincial and federal governments.

    I have determined that the designated project can reasonably be expected to result in adverse, but not significant, environmental effects on Nisgaa interests related to fisheries, wildlife, migratory birds, and access for Nisgaa citizens to the Nass Area that overlaps the project site, stated Aglukkaq.

    She also found the project will result in both positive and negative effects on the existing and future economic, social and cultural well-being of Nisgaa citizens who may be

    affected.Aglukkaq noted the Nisgaa and

    Pretium signed an economic benefits deal tied to the project in April, days after it received provincial environmental clearance.

    Pretium is predicting a mine life of at least 22 years for what will be underground workings and is now lining up final financing for an estimated capital cost budget of (US) $750 million.

    The project will draw power from the provincial grid by building a 57km transmission line from the minesite to the Long Lake hydro project.

    Shaun Thomas / The Northern ViewWhile work continues, the marina and walkway in Cow Bay is beginning to take shape with the pilings cut and some infrastructure in place.


  • August 5, 2015 Northern View A19August 5, 2015 Northern View


    Bring the family down to enjoy a unique interactive walk down memory lane, celebrating the rich heritage of this iconic BC company. Win great prizes,

    interact with local community partners, enjoy entertainment and festivities!

    Friday, August 7Noon to 4pm

    at 841 3rd Avenue West,Prince Rupert

  • A20 Northern View August 5, 2015A20 Northern View August 5, 2015








    150 1st Ave. West, Prince RupertTel: 250-624-4146