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The official publication of the Norwich and District Normandy Veterans Association


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    Vol VII, No 8 Winter 2010

    In This Issue

    Visit to Docking School

    Visit to Bircham War Graves

    Tony Nelson with his scale replica of a Vulcan bomber, part of Norfolks

    model Air Force

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    The opinions expressed in the Normandy Star are those of the authors and

    do not necessarily reflect the policy and views of the Norwich & District

    Branch of the Normandy Veterans Association

    All copy, articles etc. for inclusion should be sent to the Editor

    Editor Paul McAllister 12 Millside, Stalham, Norwich, Norfolk, N.R12 9PA

    Tel (01692) 583336



    2010 draws to a close, and what a busy year its been for the Normandy

    Veterans of Norwich and District. Things show no sign of slowing up as

    we move into 2011 and another step closer to the 70th Anniversary

    year. The branch continues to increase its membership, both of

    Associate Members and all important new Veteran members that

    discover the branch and come in from the cold. So all in all, we can

    look forward to 2011 with optimism and be assured that the Branch will

    remain active for many years to come.

    Our best wishes to you all.

    Paul and Sarah McAllister

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    Annual General Meeting 2011

    Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Norwich & District No.3 Branch of the Normandy Veterans Association will take

    place in the

    Royal British Legion Centre, Aylsham Road Norwich


    Wednesday 13th April 2011

    11.00am for 11.30am

    Rule 8 (part) Officers and Committee members

    (a) The Branch shall appoint the following Officers: - Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, together with a committee of six


    (b) All Officers and Committee members shall be elected by

    nomination at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations shall be accepted only from fully paid up Members. All candidates for

    nomination must notify their agreement to such nomination and must

    be proposed and seconded by two fully paid up Veteran Members. All retiring Officers and Committee members shall be automatically

    nominated unless they indicate an unwillingness to serve. All nominations for positions of Officers or on the Committee should be

    handed to the Secretary by 1st April 2011.

    Jack S Woods Hon Secretary

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    Normandy Veterans Association Norwich & District (No.3) Branch

    Current Officers and Committee Members

    Chairman: Veteran P E Johnson.

    Vice Chairman: Veteran L W Mann.

    Secretary/Treasurer: Veteran J S Woods.

    Committee Members: (1) Veteran F L Scott.

    (2) Veteran S D Valori. (3) Veteran J E Curson.

    (4) Veteran L Fox. (5) Mrs K Burge.

    (6) Mr G Holmes.

    Other Officers and Appointments

    Welfare Officer: Veteran L W Mann.

    Public Relations Officer: Veteran J S Woods.

    Assistant Secretary: Mrs S McAllister.

    Social/Events Co-ordinator: Mrs K Burge.

    Standard Bearer: Mr P McAllister.

    Reserve Standard Bearers: Mr M J Baker

    & Mr G V Claxton.

    Editor, The Normandy Star: Mr P McAllister.

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    Subscriptions for 2011 are now due. If you have not yet received your

    2011 Membership Card, it is because you have NOT yet paid your

    subscriptions. Please do so As Soon As Possible in order to continue

    the benefits of membership. Rates for 2011 are 5 per person (10

    per couple).

    All subscription monies to be sent to the Assistant Secretary, Sarah

    McAllister, at 12 Millside, Stalham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 9PA. Cheques

    made payable to NVA Norwich and District. Membership cards will

    be sent out with your next copy of Normandy Star News or Normandy

    Star once monies have been received.


    For Sale

    Full colour enamelled lapel badges, produced by the Branch to celebrate

    the 67th Anniversary of Normandy, are now available. Costs are 2 each

    to Branch Members, 3 each otherwise, plus 50p postage/packing. They

    can be obtained from George Holmes, 169 Palgrave Road, Great

    Yarmouth, NR30 1QD. Tel: 01493 858319. Cheques made payable to

    NVA Norwich and District

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    From the Secretarys chair

    As the old year draws to close, we turn our thoughts to the year 2011.

    At this point let me wish you all a good New Year which commences

    Year 2 of our planned March to the 70th

    Once again a programme of events is being arranged for all of you to

    follow. It will consist basically of 11 x monthly Social meetings (inc the

    AGM); 6 x bi-monthly Committee meetings; School visits as requested;

    Remembrances honoured; Collections arranged; Outings arranged;

    Armed Forces Week supported; NVA events supported; Normandy

    visited and a Christmas lunch.

    On the welfare front, the branch committee will do its utmost to help

    and assist members needing support. Again you can help. A visit to a

    sick comrade (that is if they want to see you?) can help no end.

    Associations like S.S.A.F.A Forces Help, Spirit of Normandy Trust,

    Veterans Agency, Royal British Legion etc can all be contacted through

    the secretarys office but in many cases a visit from you might be all

    that they need.

    Associate Members Norwich Branch welcomes Associate Members.

    As our veteran membership diminishes, (which wont be for some time

    yet, so dont panic) the Associate members will be essential to support

    the remainder. They can be the wind beneath our wings. This Branch

    will continue to exist while there are Normandy Veteran members

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    needing it.

    Associate Member Blazer Badges I have been asked for Associate

    Member Blazer Badges. I can no longer obtain any from my previous

    source but avenues are being explored from another source. Will of

    course let you know progress..

    Branch committee runs the Branch. It consists of volunteers both

    willing and able to serve These volunteers are essential to the

    membership. Associate members are entitled to serve on the

    committee to assist in the day to day running of the Branch. affairs.

    Once again, no panic on that front as only Normandy Veterans

    members can effect any policy change and then only by voting at a

    General Meeting called for that purpose. There is no danger of

    Associate Members taking over the Branch, that is a myth, as is the fact

    that anybody serving the Branch benefits financially, that is also a


    March to the 70th. In accordance with the March to the 70th policy,

    67th year Lapel and Button badges are now in stock. The Lapel Badges

    cost 2 for members and 3 for non members The Button Badges are

    free, for issue for schools visits and collections. Associate Member

    George Holmes is responsible for general issue although they may also

    be obtained from Sarah and myself. This is the second of the four

    needed to qualify for a free gold 70th badge, so keep your old ones.

    Return to Normandy A Branch party will visit Normandy from the 4th

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    to the 9th of June 2011 to commemorate the 67th anniversary of the

    landings and the ensuing Battle of Normandy, travelling by coach via

    the Channel Tunnel and staying at the Best Hotel Herouville Caen on a

    Half Board basis. The cost will be 400 per person payable by four

    instalments of 100 per person commencing January 10th. 20

    double/twin bedded rooms have been reserved, single rooms have a

    supplementary charge of 50 All booking arrangements must be made

    through Kitty Burge The itinerary has not yet been arranged but the

    general idea is as follows.


    The Branch will host a service with a wreath laying at the statue of

    Field Marshal Montgomery on the 5th June Arrangements are being

    made in conjunction with the locals to make this not only a day of

    remembrance but a celebration of the liberation of the town. It is

    hoped to create a carnival atmosphere and to include the children of

    the area.

    Normandy Veterans Association The Normandy Veterans

    Association will continue to operate up to the 70th anniversary at least.

    Their programme for 2011 has not been conpleted, all that is known at

    present is that Whitehall will happen and the date of their AGM has

    been fixed. As we know more, so will you.

    Public relations Always the most important job, but the next few

    years will be more important. Contacts will be made through the Press,

    Veterans agency, Royal British Legion, Normandy Star, Normandy

    News, Normandy Memoir etc., Fliers will be produced as to our

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    programme etc.

    How can you help? Mostly by being supportive, by being a comrade

    to others, by keeping yourselves as fit as possible, by having a positive

    attitude to what remains of your lives and by Marching with us to the


    Jack S Woods

    Hon Secretary & Treasurer

    Veterans sought for television documentary

    Impossible Pictures, a television production Company, are making a

    documentary covering the North-West Europe campaign, from D-Day to

    VE-Day. They are seeking Veterans from all branches of the Armed

    Forces who served in the campaign, to tell their stories. In


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