the new sprinter. - the new sprinter is the ideal transport solution for every trade. with the...

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  • The new Sprinter.

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    1  The Sprinter 213/313 CDI Panel Van in conjunction with the BlueEFFICIENCY package, standard manual transmission and optional rear-axle ratio i = 3.692.

    2  Not available in conjunction with Euro III and Euro 4 Gr. III emissions standard.

    The best Sprinter of all time.

    Key player and workhorse – the new Sprinter is more than a vehicle: it’s a true partner you can always rely on to support you all the way when there’s a job to be done.

    As the van that established a whole vehicle segment, the Sprinter has been ahead of the crowd since 1995. It is known above all for its outstanding operational reliability which gives users the freedom to concentrate fully on their business activities. The latest generation of the Sprinter lives up to this impressive reputation. It is the result of the process of continuous development with which we ensure that the Sprinter always offers the best in terms of reliability, quality, safety, flexibility, economy, sustainability and service. With fuel consumption of 7.0 litres per 100 km1, the 7G-TRONIC 7-speed automatic trans- mission2, a wide range of equipment options as well as new safety packages and the BlueEFFICIENCY package, the new Sprinter meets your high standards in full. And with its forward-looking design it once again asserts its pioneering character: even more advanced, even more flexible, even safer and even more economical. Mercedes-Benz Vans. Born to run.

    The new Sprinter

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    The new Sprinter 2

    Safety 6

    Functionality 8

    Industry concept/ Body and conversion solutions 10

    Economy 12

    Comfort 14 Interior 14 Suspension 16

    The new Sprinter – an overview 18

    Paintwork and upholstery 20

    Standard and optional equipment 21

    Technical data 26 Engine data and model range 26


  • 7Safety

    Your safety is our most precious commodity.

    Driving Assistance package Lane Tracking package3

    Blind Spot Assist2 • • COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST • – High-beam Assist • • Lane Keeping Assist • •

    1 Crosswind Assist is available for the 3.5 t and 3.88 t Sprinter in standard, long or extra long body lengths and with a standard or high roof. 2 The Blind Spot Assist system is not available for pickups or chassis cabs. 3 The Lane Tracking package is not available for pickups or chassis cabs.

    Your safety is the most important standard feature of your new Sprinter. It is the first van to be equipped as standard with Crosswind Assist1 which uses strategic brake applications to counter any tendency to drift off to the side and so helps you stay on course.

    Our innovative, optionally available, safety packages use advanced radar and sensor technology to monitor the surrounding traffic and support you as you carry out your transport task.

    For example, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, a component of the Driving Assistance package, measures the distance to the vehicle in front and warns you actively if it is insufficient. Knowing when to drop back helps the Sprinter stay ahead where safety is concerned.

  • 8 Functionality

    The best in its class – with the largest range of variants.

    Flexible load-securing and cargo-retention system

    KEYLESS ENTRY & SLIDE and electric step for load compartment sliding door

    Numerous seating arrangement options for two to nine persons for the Sprinter Crewbus

    Practical range of bulkhead variants for the Sprinter Panel Van

    1  Load compartment sliding door on the left available as optional equipment. 2  Valid only for the Sprinter Panel Van with body length “Extra-long”. Depending on model an optional extra may be necessary. 3  In part optional equipment.

    When we designed the new Sprinter models, we took on board all the ideas that can help to make your everyday work easier. For example: the panel van’s cargo volume of up to 17 m3 can be loaded from three sides1, the crewbus can carry up to nine occupants in comfort and the chassis can deliver a payload (vehicle body weight included) of up to 3050 kg safely to its destination. Whatever the transport task, your Sprinter makes it possible – even if it involves carrying seven Europallets cross-wise.2

    The following equipment3 makes loading and unloading your Sprinter even safer, more efficient and more convenient:

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    The new Sprinter is the ideal transport solution for every trade. With the Sprinter chassis, either with a standard frame or a low frame, we offer a particularly suitable solution for your specific body requirements: available in three wheelbases and with a payload of up to 3050 kg (including body), it is suitable for the most diverse sectors and requirements.

    Mercedes-Benz cooperates closely with qualified bodybuilders and offers them comprehensive support. By combining our know-how with the experience and expertise of the bodybuilders, we are able to provide an extremely wide range of body types of a very high quality – from vehicles for the construction industry and the trades to box-body vans and refrigerated vehicles as well as vehicles for the police and rescue services. Your Mercedes-Benz van dealer will be glad to help you find just the body type you need.

    The 3.5 t and 3.88 t versions of the chassis with a standard frame are available with a wheelbase length of 3250 mm, 3665 mm or 4325 mm, while the 5.0 t version is available with a wheelbase length of 3665 mm or 4325 mm.

    The 3.5 t and 3.88 t versions of the chassis with a low frame1 are available with a wheelbase length of 3600 mm, 3850 mm or 4100 mm, while the 4.2 t version is available with a wheelbase length of 3850 mm or 4100 mm.

    Individuality and industry solutions.

    Industry concept/Body and conversion solutions

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    The Sprinter chassis serves as a basis for all manner of body types2. The new Sprinter can be equipped with a fuel-saving, aerodynamic integral box body, used as a refrigerated or deep-freeze vehicle, or can be converted into a three-way tipper, to name but a few examples.

    Industry concept/Body and conversion solutions

    1  Please ask your Mercedes-Benz van dealer about the availability of the low-frame chassis in your country. 2  The vehicles and chassis shown here are examples of body and conversion solutions. Some of them are available ex factory or only directly from the bodybuilder. The body and conversion solutions available vary from country to country.

  • 13Economy

    One of the most sustainable vehicles in its class, the new Sprinter shines with outstandingly low emission and fuel consumption figures thanks to systematically enhanced engines and innovative BlueEFFICIENCY technology. Our goal is to make mobility as cost-effective and sustainable as possible for you. The Sprinter with its BlueEFFICIENCY package demonstrates how well that works.

    Second to none: from 7.0 l/100 km.1

    BlueEFFICIENCY package for the Sprinter2, 3, 4

    with manual transmission with 7-speed automatic transmission

    ▸  OM 651 diesel engine (Euro V)4

    or OM 642 diesel engine (Euro V)

    ▸  OM 651 diesel engine (Euro V)4

    or OM 642 diesel engine (Euro V)

    ▸ ECO Gear manual transmission, consumption-optimised ▸ ECO power-steering pump

    ▸ ECO start/stop function ▸ Electrically controlled fuel pump

    ▸ ECO power-steering pump ▸ Tyres with optimised rolling resistance5

    ▸ Electrically controlled fuel pump ▸ Alternator management

    ▸ Shi� point recommendation ▸ Battery management

    ▸ Tyres with optimised rolling resistance5 ▸ In-engine measures

    ▸ Alternator management

    ▸ Battery management

    ▸ In-engine measures

    1 For the Sprinter 213/313 CDI Panel Van, Panel Van in conjunction with the BlueEFFICIENCY package, standard manual transmission and optional rear-axle ratio i = 3.692. 2 The Sprinter’s efficiency package is not available for petrol engine versions. 3 Where the Sprinter is registered as a commercial vehicle, the shift point recommendation, battery management and in-engine measures are standard; all other items are optional. Where the Sprinter is registered as a passenger car, the efficiency package is included as standard. 4 Optionally available compliant with exhaust gas standard EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle). 5 If available for the respective model variant, otherwise standard tyres.

  • 15Comfort | Interior

    Incomparable. Functionality has never been so comfortable.

    Chrome inserts on multifunction steering wheel2, air intakes and gearshi� lever

    Comfortable redesigned standard steering wheel providing excellent grip

    Information and communication systems, such as the optional Audio 10, Audio 15 and Becker® MAP PILOT3 navigation systems

    Practical stowage facilities/stowage compartments

    Robust, ergonomically-shaped seats with new fabric design

    1 In part optional equipment. 2 The multifunction steering wheel is optionally available. 3 The Becker® MAP PILOT navigation system is only available in conjunction with Audio 15.

    Spacious and ergonomic, innovative and superior: the new design of the interior meets the most exacting standards of functionality, quality and comfort – whether you choose a panel van, a crewbus or a chass


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