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<ul><li> 1. THE DIGITAL WORLDThe Brand EcosystemBy: Juan Carlos Robayo@TheBuggeek2013 Q1</li></ul> <p> 2. the digital world 3. FacebookandGoogle can be "more efficient"than the traditional media that usually eats the lions share ofP&amp;Gs ad budget. 4. This kind of things lighten up realities tothe rest of the industry 5. People are now conectedand share their lives accross multiple digital tecnologies. 6. 500000.000Check-Ins in the last 3 months 7. 8989172183Minuts per visitor405Minuts per visitorMinuts per visitor 8. Q2 2011 Q4 2011 Q2 2012100% 99% 91% 273% 438%Facebook engagement rateAs Facebookcontinuestomakeimprovementsand as brandsmake useoftheplatformfor social marketing, consumerengagement hasincreasedsignificantly. 9. The biggest relationship-marketingprovider for many brands 10. P 11. A local market (Colombia) reality 12. 82% of Colombian Population27% 39% 22% 7% 5%1NSE2NSE3NSE4NSE5-6NSEInternet Users in Colombia26,936,343Colombia Population45,239,079 13. Facebook17,322,00064%Social Media Sitesreachalmost96% of total online populationTwitter8,000,00064% 14. Time spend by Mediain Colombia8h7 DaysTV13.3h7 DaysCable TV4h1 DayRadio2h1 DaysInternet0.8h7 DaysNewspaper1.3h1 DayMagazines 15. Mobile Internet Access+4000,00022.5%Boletn Trimestral de las TIC &gt; Tercer trimestre de 2012 | Publicado en noviembre de 2012*30%2012 20132011 2012*Proyectado 16. This was the reported investment for digitalmedia in 2009 17. Thiswas 6 monthsago !257% UP 18. Digital world is a social economy,where the market are CONVERSATIONS andthe most valulable currency is CONTENT 19. Through NOWNESS, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Louis Vuittonhas created a community that shares this content 24/7 globally tosupport the heritage of its brand and a new frontier of influencers. 20. 21. Establishing and maintaining an effective content marketing programinvolves getting in front of customers (and potential customers) withtimely relevant content. Regardless of the format, consumers are looking for engaging contentthats not straight from the marketing department.They dont want to be constantly pitched to,they want to be entertained and informed. 22. Consumers trust brands owned channelsthan Paid Media 23. Trust based consumer relationships are what brands likeAmEx are looking for. 24. If you give something away and are authentically not expecting somethingin return, you end up getting much more back in return (i.e. brand loyalty,which increased as small business owners used Open Forum)Scott Roen, American Express 25. The brand ecosistem is changingas fast as people start engaging accross multiple platforms. 26. Clearly a few seconds ofattention from a consumeris simply not enoughDespite whether its through traditionalbroadcast, print, out of home, or through aninteractive medium. 27. Brand Messages Compete with 34GB ofInformation Every DayThe average consumer has only a few seconds capacity to engage with an ad whether itsthrough traditional broadcast, print, out of home, or through an interactive medium. 28. -talking TOconsumers+ talking WITH consumers.Brand must truly understand their consumers. 29. Thats why, the way we build brands has evolvedfrom this...TVRadioPrintInternet 30. To this...SiteFacebookTwitterMobile AppYouTubeOnlineSearchRadioPrintOnlineDisplayTVPinterest 31. First:Engage your users with an interactive coreThe big idea will always be thekey to branding success.Big idea is always in ownedmedia, which offers more scaleand trust than paid or social.Site 32. SiteFacebookTwitterMobile AppYouTubePinterestThen:Distribute the idea in Social and Mobile MediaIdeas and engagement pushedout from the center, andaudiences pushed in trough Paid. 33. SiteFacebookTwitterMobile AppYouTubeOnlineSearchRadioPrintOnlineDisplayTVPinterestFinally:Reach a broadaudiencewithpaid mediaAware new audiences andpush in trough Paid. 34. Smirnoff built an interactive brand ecosystem for itsGlobal Nightlife Exchange campaign 35. Smirnoff developed rich plans for each layer It engaged users with an interactive core. It distributed its interactions through social and mobile media It reached a broader audience with paid media The brand ecosystem was a huge success Thousands directly engaged with the core Tens of thousands interacted through social and mobile media Tens of millions were reached through paid media 36. Digital was an option, today is a most for brands.Markets are now conversations andbrands must find ther voice in it trought great content.Social and Search marketing are one of the most efectiveways to build awarenes to your Content strategy.Engagement grow from great interaction experience acrossmultiple owned and paid media. 37. THANKS </p>