The Mystery of Saint Matthew Island

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The Mystery of Saint Matthew Island. Day 1. Concept Talk. What unexpected affects can humans have on nature?. Partner share. Think about how huma n beings might affect nature. Which human actions can affect nature? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Template</p> <p>The Mystery of Saint Matthew IslandDay 1Concept TalkWhat unexpected affects can humans have on nature?Partner shareThink about how human beings might affect nature.</p> <p>Which human actions can affect nature?</p> <p>What movies, TV shows, or books have you seen about the ways people can influence the course of nature?Listen:The story All the Kings Animals is about the unexpected affects humans can have on nature. Listen for the words:AccommodatesRefugeDomesticatedContaminated</p> <p>Lets get our books1-56-1011-1516-2021-27Anchored TalkPp. 344-345How does the sign pictured here show humans helping wildlife?How does this photograph of the factories show the negative effects of human actions?Anchored TalkWhat does this huge stone sculpture indicate about how humans can directly shape nature?</p> <p>What unexpected affects can humans have on nature?Amazing WordsAccommodates- to provide for, supply withThe grocery store accommodates vegetarians. </p> <p>Refuge- is a shelter or protections from dangerThey took refuge in an abandoned cabin during the storm. Amazing WordsDomesticated-a change from a wild to a tame statePeople have domesticated many animals. </p> <p>Contaminated-means to make impure or polluted by contactThe factory contaminated the water. VocabularyBleached- dyedHe bleached his hair blond in the front. </p> <p>Carcasses- bodies of dead animalsThe island was covered with the carcasses of the animals. VocabularySuspicions- conclusionsThe detective had his suspicions about who was responsible for the break in. </p> <p>Starvation- hungerEvery year, dozens of rabbits die of starvation. VocabularyScrawny- bonyThe cat was so scrawny its ribs were showing. </p> <p>Decay- wearing awayThe barn stood in ruins and decay. </p> <p>VocabularyTundra- cold, flat, treeless landThe reindeer cross the tundra to their winter habitat. Spelling-ant (important)</p> <p>-ent (consistent)</p> <p>-ance (instance)</p> <p>-ence (difference)</p> <p>SpellingRule:Use ance when the first part of the word has meaningAttend + anceUse ence when the first part of the word has NO meaningEvid + enceSpellingWords ending in soft c (sounds like s), or soft g (sounds like j) -ent (magnificent, recent)</p> <p>Words ending in a hard c (sounds like k) or g (like in good)-ant (elegant, applicant)Word AnalysisRussian word origins: many of the words with Russian origins relate to the Russian culture.Steppes- grasslands, plainsCzar-emperorMammoth- hugeBlintzes-pancakes filled with fruit or cheeseSamovar- large tea potLanguageconjunction junction</p> <p>Let's play a game!</p> <p>LanguageCoordinating conjunction:And, but, orcombines two sentences or phrases</p> <p>Subordinating conjunctions:While, because, if connects a subordinate clause to a main clause or sentenceComprehensionHow do we tell the main idea from the details that support it?Look for a direct statement or find the small pieces of information that tell more about the main ideaThe main idea is not always directly stated</p> <p>Lets check our daily fix it. </p>


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