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The Mysterious Fireworks on 34 th Street By: Anthony Russo Chapter 1: The Boys First Show Once a boy named Jeff, age 6, had seen what were fireworks but he didnt know that yet. They shot up in the sky like missiles out of a cannon.


The Mysterious Fireworks on 34th StreetBy: Anthony RussoChapter 1: The Boys First ShowOnce a boy named Jeff, age 6, had seen what were fireworks but he didnt know that yet. They shot up in the sky like missiles out of a cannon.When he got home he asked his mom what was in the sky and found out they were fireworks. He loved them! The next day when he woke up he wanted to go to the store to buy fireworks. He was so eager to go.His mom said, In a little which to him meant a no. He couldnt resist the no answer so he waited. When it came to 5:30 P.M., he asked his mom if they could go to the firework store and sure enough THEY DID!It was the Fourth of July and it was getting late. During the finale of the firework show Jeff's mouth dropped. The fireworks looked big and awesome. He probably was having the most fun of anyone there.Chapter 2: Fourth of JulyJeff was getting tired and wanted to go home and dream of fireworks and all the cool designs he saw. While he was sleeping his mother was talking to Jeffs dad about Jeffs look at the show. His dad was relieved and hoped that he liked it. He did.The next morning Jeffs dad wasnt working so he woke Jeff up at 6:30 A.M. and told him that they were going to the firework store. Jeff couldnt wait. He immediately ran down stairs to the basement and slipped on his shoes and triggered out the door. The day went on and Jeff was studying the new fireworks he got andcouldnt wait to launch them in the air that night. They launched them that night only because the day after fourth of July, when everyone is home they celebrate until the cops show up. But no cops showed up so they continued and eventually they ran out and went to sleep.Chapter 3: The Sirens and the Knock on the DoorWhile they were asleep halfway down the route there were sirens speeding toward there house. Jeffs dad and mother awoke and ran outside to see whats up and they drove by them. So they went inside and went to lay down and KNOCK KNOCK.Jeffs dad went downstairs again and saw it was the police. They told him to come outside to talk and Jeff watched the whole thing from his window and he saw his dad leave in the vehicle and heard the door slam shut of the door. Jeff was confused. Was he being taken away? What was he doing?Jeff awoke in the morning and raced to his mom and started panicking and when he ran to the door he tripped over a duffel bag and a gun, badge, and a night stick fell out. Jeff screamed and his mother came out and asked what was wrong and saw that there was a gun, badge, and a night stick on the floor. She was going to tell Jeff what this stuff was but then his dad walked in and they shoved it in the closet and acted though as nothing happened. She told Jeff go upstairs for a minute. Jeff came down for lunch and his dad was gone again and asked his mother Wheres Dad? She didnt answer but after a while she said Hes at the store. Jeff felt a little suspicious but didnt bother getting on his mothers nerves. Later on that day his dad came home and Jeff ran to him and asked where hes been,His dad said I was getting groceries. and Jeff said Well where are they? His dad said that they are in the trunk and Jeff went outside to grab them and his dad realizedMy stuff, my police gear is in there.Jeff opened up the trunk and found a similar duffel bag that on its side said "UNDERCOVER COP BUSINESS ONLY. Jeff was confused and then come to realize that his dad is an Undercover Officer.Chapter 4:Why Dad, Why?Jeff ran inside forgetting the groceries and went out his dad and asked Why dad, why? Jeffs dad was confused at first and then realizedhe knew who he was. Jeffs dad explained and explained the best he could but Jeff was already disappointed. He ran upstairs, slammed the door, and started crying.Jeffs dad ran upstairs to the room and tried to open the door but it was locked. Jeff was still crying when he heard Hey Jeff, want to blow some stuff up? Jeff ignored his Dad. Then he said You want to blow some heavy duty fireworks?Now were talking Dad. Jeff said. All right lets go! So they went on and on and on till nothing was in the air but black powder, and smoke. After they were done, on the car ride home Jeffs dad finally tells Jeff Im in undercover cop.Of course you are, I know. Jeff told his dad. "How, Did your mother tell you? No but the UNDERCOVER POLCIE BUSINESS sticker and the gun, badge, and night stick told me. Oh.Yeah, Oh.Well were home so why dont you run upstairs, get to bed and Ill be inside in a little. Ok. Jeff sighed.Jeff figured that he probably should just go to sleep and wait to see what happens next. When morning had come and Jeff went downstairs to the kitchen and found a note on the kitchen table. It said:Hey Jeff, Im sorry not to be there but I had business to do as you know and Ill hope to talk to you soon. Be good, listen to your mother, and dont disappoint me. Talk to you soon, bye. Whatever. Jeff said.Chapter 5:Mom too?When dad came home and went to talk to Jeff there was a note on the door. It said: If this is dad reading just come in. If not leave. Jeffs dad went inside and Jeff was there on his bed and he had a clueless face and he asked his dad: Did you really need mom in this too? What do you mean? Oh you know the ordinary things like being undercover. What are you talking about? Look dad, I found this badge and accessories in her backpack. So. So, why her to? She wanted to. Yeah right. Why dont you go ask her. Ok maybe I will.Hey mom, are you an undercover cop too? Yes. Why. Because I need to get out of the house and be more active. Seriously? Yes, seriously now go to bed. Ok.Chapter 6:Off to a New WorldThe next day Jeffs family decides to go on a vacation and hope for no more incidents. So the family goes on a vacation and lives hopeful and happy.


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