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An interactive story written by Grade 5F; the pupils of Clermont State School. Their teachers blog and more info at


<ul><li> 1. Images courtesy of cyan ltdThe interactive story Written and Illustrated by Jessie, damian, callen, patina, will, tayla, miles, krissy, brendan, josh, leilani, emily, claire, fletcher, nikita, zane, lleyton, jordan, gus and tom Clermont state schoolgrade 5f </li></ul><p> 2. Click here for Click here forAn introductionInstructions (for those not familiar with thegame or the work of grade 5f)Click here forThe story 3. IntroductionTHE GAMEIN SCHOOLS Myst is a computer game developed in Tim Rylands, a teacher from England, 1994 by Robin and Rand Miller. The started using one of the games in the Myst premise was very different to the norm ofseries (there are 5) in his English lessons. the time. There were no instructions, no The idea was to immerse the students in guns, no deaths no feasible enemies.this mysterious world and get them to Instead the player woke up on adevelop their English skills by describing mysterious island the only thing left waswhat they were seeing. to explore.The idea was an amazing success boosting Critics thought the game would be a failurehis students achievements exponentially. but instead it became the highest-selling PC Tim now travels the world giving lectures game of all time.on his ideas. The basic premise has nowdeveloped so much so that many teachers The beautifully rendered and imaginativeare designing entire Literacy units based on landscapes, coupled with the intriguingthe computer games. storyline, which comes to light through gameplay, and of course the intelligenceAT CLERMONT of the puzzles made the game a runawayI designed a 6-week literacy program based success.on the remake of the original Myst game;RealMyst. This story is the whole-classculminating activity. 4. InstructionsThis is an interactive adventure story, meaning you make the choices.Read each part of the story carefully if there is a choice for you to make click onGo Leftthe option you decide on. Go right If there is no choice for you to make thenclick on the arrow in the bottom-right corner this will take you to the next partof the story. Links to other parts of the story can be words or pictures if you move your mouse cursor over the screen it will change shapewhen something can be selected. But first things first right click and select{arrow} {visible} always use the cursor and theicons if you just click on the screen or press theright arrow key you wont be directed to thecorrect slide 5. I slowly opened my heavy eyes. I could not remember a thing. I looked around and was hypnotised by the calm azure waves lapping gently against the dock upon which I lay. 6. The smell of salt was strong in the air as I picked myself up from the old woodenjetty 7. Stepping forward into the sun I could not help but feel afraid of the unknown. In the water beside the dock I could see the top of a sunken ship protruding through the waves and before me - a hill rising into the distance with some strange cog- like device at its summit. 8. Imposing gray buildings of stone stand tall and proud above the docks. Thank God; a sign of life other than the sound of my own breathing and the two butterflies that flutter care-free above me. I must find someone, anyone, perhaps they can tell me where I am and how I got here? 9. I walked forward hesitantly, I am after-all, a stranger here. I quickly realise that this island is small but my, there are some strange things to see. A tower looms over all like a king upon a throne; resting at the tip of what looks like a volcano. Is that a spaceship?! What a bizarre place! There are signs of life everywhere a strange-looking temple, an unreachable clock tower, a furnace room, power poles, imposing walkways flanked by mysterious symbols but in the centre of it all, standing proud and imposing beneath the tower a temple-like library. Perhaps this would be a good place to start my exploration? 10. What is this place?It has lots of different books. There are some burnt books. Why is there a red and ablue book on a shelf by itself? This placelooks like an ancient library. There is astrange symbol on the floor boards. 11. I walked over to the book shelf and slowly picked up the red book. Then I opened this unpredictable journal. There was a man cryingThe Red out from the pages. BookIn the book he whispered my name is Sirrus and waiting for red pages. I closed the book. 12. I nervously took one step at a time over to the opposite side of the room where the blue book was awaiting to be opened. I was really anxious to open the blue book but I was nervous at the same time. I apprehensively opened the dark blue cover. I heard a faint cry for help. He said My nameAchenar and retrieveblue pages. 13. In the library was a map of the island. It had some places on it, like the library and a strange tower. On the top of the map it read Tower Rotation. There was a turning device on the map I turned it to some cogs it started to make an ear-splitting beeping noise. 14. I knew from the journals on the shelves that this was how I could find my way to the different Ages, perhaps if I got the pages for the men in the red and blue books they would be able to help me? 15. Which age should Iexplore first?The S to ne s hip Ag e ? The S pac e s hip Ag e ? The Me c hanic al Ag e ?The Channe lwo o d Ag e ? And then 16. I walked in to a dark room, in front of me I saw a blood-red dentist chair. Should I sit in the spooky chair? I decided to risk it. 17. A screen popped out in front of me. I started to shiver. Then I typed in the dates from the tower in the library 18. I followed the instruction s and the model ship rose majesticall y from the pool was this a clue? 19. I went to the docks and there before me was the real ship. I went into the ship and there was a little hideout. There in front of me lay a book. I opened it. It lead to Stoneship Age. 20. It zapped me into the book. As soon as I got there the rain was trickling down. I felt a funny tingle. I appeared on an old ship. The sky was stormy. The tip of the wind touched me, I got cold. 21. The deafening thunder made me scared. The lighting danced across the black laden sky. There were rocks like snake fangs coming out of the water. 22. There was a big light house. I walked back on to the ship. There were tunnels leading away. I walked down one of them. There was an old door with a green light on it. I pressed it. It opened and I walk in. It was a room. I found a red page in a draw. I picked it up. I 23. I went down the other tunnel. There I found another door I pressed the light. There I found a blue page. I picked it up and walked out. I walked into the lighthouse. Then I pumped power to the generator and the lights came on in the spooky hall way. I found the myst book 24. On Myst island stands a tree that is higher than every other tree. It has a retainer wall around it with a little hole to walk inside. I found a hut beside the tree. I walk inside. It looked as though there was a boiler I tried turning it on but it would not light. I turned around to find a I lit the old, rusty boiler safe. I think thats what twisted the handle. the numbers from the library were for (7.2.4) we Found the tree had pressed the blood red been lifted. Before my button. I saw before my eyes I saw the linking eyes a black and gold box of matches. book. 25. I carefully opened the book and saw a little picture. I hesitantly putmy hand on the page. Suddenly I was going sofast I groaned. I felt odd to find my self in theChannelwood age. I slowly opened my eyes to feel a splinter stuck inmy finger from thewooden path I was laying on. I was staredright in the face by booming towers of bark. I could see never-endingpaths with pipes running right along eachpath. There were spiralstaircases. I saw a little island with a windmill onthe top. 26. I started to explore this odd island I saw in the top of my vision a multitude of bridges with huts on each tree. I walked to the island and saw a generator. I switched the generator on and the pipes were gushing with water. I followed the pipes to a corner and turned the handle and followed the rushing water again to an elevator. The elevator took me to Achenars room and as soon as I stepped in the door. The first thing I saw was a death bed. 27. I saw the blue page near the death bed. I got out the door to the elevator with the red and blue pages to find the Myst linking book over the other side of the broken bridge. I fixed the bridge and walked to the pipe and made it cross to the other pipe. The water was going to the elevator I hoped in the elevator to the empty box right in front of me was the Myst linking book. 28. I d is c o v e r e d I n e e d e d 5 9 v o lt s t o p o w e r t h e s p a c e s h ip . I w a s a tth e p o w e r s o u r c e w h e n I r e a lis e dt h a t t y p in g t h e v o lt s in w a s h a r d e r b u tI m a n a g e d it . 29. W a lk in g t o t h e s p a c e s h ip I k n e wt h a t it c o u ld n t b e t h a t e a s y . Wh e n th e d o o r fo rm e d a n e n t r a n c e I s a w t h e p ia n o . Ik n e w e x a c t ly w h a t t o p la y f r o mt h e s p a c e s h ip b o o k s o I d idw h a t I n e e d e d t o a c c o m p lis h 30. Then I turn to see 5 switches. I changed them and realised that I need to make it the same rhythm as the piano. Doing so, I glanced at the linking book I open it and there I touch the picture with a zap. This links me to the Spaceship Age. 31. I walk outside then the door closed behind with an ominous slam me trapping me here. A shudder ran through me. The only thing I could see was an odd walkway and heard the sound of the ocean waves. I was forced to explore more and more. All the mountains and stair cases led to levers and pictures that Id never noticed. I walk around the island finding a huge furnace. 32. On the other side of the island I saw crystals. When light hit the them they immediately glistened, hidden in them was the red page. Next I caught sight of a waterfall. It gently flowed over the rocks, with a lovely trickle and there lay the blue page. Walking back towards the spaceship I noticed a door, there were small levers that made different sounds I matched them with the pictures Id seen and the door opened leading down to a type of rollercoaster that took me too another stop, I got out and saw a door - inside was the Myst book. 33. I looked up and saw a clock that said Myst. I could not reach it. I went to thelibrary and touched the map of the island and turned the tower to the cog. Itouched the picture and a secret passage opened. I walked down the raggedstairs and saw an elevator. I walked into it and pressed the up button. I walked out of the old elevator when it stopped. I climbed up the ladder. Onthe key there was a time that said 2:40. Then I climbed down the ladder andwalked back into the elevator. I touched the down button and it went down. I walked up the stairs. I quickly ran to the clock and put the time 2:40 using the red wheels on the doc. A mysterious clanking noise was swiftly followed be abridge rising through the water. A pathway to the clock tower. I crossed andopened the door at the base of the tower. I was at the base of the tower and was confronted by another puzzle. After completing that I realised that the entrance to the Mechanical Age was now open. I crossed back to the islandand wandered up the paths to the hill with the giant cog, it was open! 34. I walked up the stairs to the cog. There was a book I opened it and it was a linking book. I zapped into the book. I ended up on a indescribable Age. It was called the Mechanical Age. No wonder it was called the Mechanical Age, It had, nuts, bolts and cogs every where. Then I looked left and I could see the horizon reflecting off the water. The sky was a gloomy blue .I walked off the sand and I took my first steps in this new world. I walked into a temple looking building. It had a floor like a chess board. There were two hallways. 35. The room looked as though it was a I chose to go left.. museum very clean and tidy. It was so cool. There were models of everything on the Myst island. 36. In the right hallway there was a room with a lot of weapons and poison. It was like a torture chamber. I was getting scared. 37. I searched both of the rooms and I found ablue page and a red page. 38. I solved the remaining puzzle to get off the island. I found a linking book to go to the island of Myst. 39. B a c k o n M y s t Is la n d I h o l d a l l 8 p a g e s in m y h a n d ; f o u r f o r S i r r u s a n d f o u r f o r A c h e n a r . I s t u m b le d a r o u n d s lo w l y t h in k in g a b o u t Ac h e n a r s r o o m s . Th e y w e r e t e r r i f y in g - h e h a d w e a p o n s o f to rtu re . 40. I put all the pages in Sirruss book, the screen cleared and he said, There is a book on theshelves in this library which is mostly burnt but has a few pages still intact. It isthe last book on the middleshelf. Find it.This book is filled with avariety of patterns. Findpattern 158, and recreate iton the door of the fireplace. This will bring you to thelast red page. Bring thatpage to me and I will finallybe released, and able to reward you, of course.But what about achenar? 41. I crossed the library and placed the blue pages into achenars book, the screen cleared and from the pages achenar said, Remember, don't take thered page. Take only the bluepage and return it quickly to me.And do not touch the green book! It is a clever trap to imprison those who have notbeen warned. Do not be tempted: for you will rot anddie, imprisoned as I am. I tell you, if you follow my instructions it will be wellworth your while. I promise you that. Go. Go. 42. so I walked to the book shelf and looked for the half burnt book onthe right hand side on the middle shelf and found page 158. I put the code into the fire place and hit the button, the whole roomturned round with a creak. 43. What a horrible decisionAchenar?Sirrus?Or the mysteriousgreen book? 44. The final red and blue page were right in front of me. I thought again about what Sirrus and Achenar said in the last pages and what their rooms look like. Reaching my shaking hand forward I grabbed Sirrius's page. 45. I slowly walked to the Myst library and stood in front ofthe red book. It was like a nightmare deciding if I shouldput Sirruss page in. I went forward and the booksuddenly flashed golden 46. as I put the page in something felt like it was sucking me forward. I saw a strange sight it was the library. 47. I was trapped in the book Sirrus was there on Myst! He was tearing the pages out one by one and laughing with joy. In no time there were no page left and it was pitch black. 48. I decided that I would trust Achenar, because I think hes moretrustworthy than Sirrus.I had the final blue page inmy hand and walked slowlytowards the book. 49. I put the blue page i...</p>