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  • According to a recent CNBC report, the manufacturing sector employs around 12 million

    Americans.1 These 12 million individuals, who collectively form the backbone of the most

    productive zone of our economic system, are spread across a wide variety of occupations.

    Let's take a look at the most popular occupations associated with manufacturing.

  • A machinist is trained to

    craft precision parts with

    the use of machine tools

    such as lathes, grinders,

    and milling machines. A

    high degree of expertise

    is needed to ensure that

    manufactured parts are

    produced according to

    exact specifications.

    The median pay for a

    machinist is $40,910/year


  • A quality control (QC)

    inspector examines

    manufactured parts for

    defects that might

    compromise their

    functionality or structural

    integrity. This position is

    found in a wide range of


    The median pay for a

    quality control inspector is

    $34,460/year (2012).2

  • These individuals are responsible

    for operating machines that

    transport heavy pallets and other

    materials around a site. The

    forklift is the machine most

    commonly associated with this


    The median pay for a material

    moving machine operator is

    $31,530 per year (2012).2

  • Sometimes called a production supervisor,

    these persons are responsible for

    overseeing the day-to-day functioning of a

    manufacturing plant, ensuring that all

    elements of the production chain are

    working properly. Theyre also responsible

    for developing the production plan that

    the facility operates under.

    The median salary for this occupation is

    $89,190/year (2012).2

  • To ensure that personnel remain safe

    from avoidable dangers, it's important to

    develop rules and procedures that will

    minimize the risk of onsite injury. A

    health and safety engineer is the person

    responsible for this.

    To accomplish this task, they typically

    draw upon a wide range of relevant

    knowledge, from health to engineering.

    The median salary for a health and

    safety engineer is $76,830/year (2012).2

  • Simply put, mechanical engineers

    make thingsthey design

    everything from tiny parts found in

    cell phones to large machinery that

    operate in factories.

    You will need a bachelor's degree at

    minimum; some advanced positions

    require a graduate degree.

    The median salary of a mechanical

    engineer is $80,580/year (2012).2

  • How does a companys

    product get delivered to

    consumers? That's the

    job of a logistician

    they oversee shipping,

    warehousing, and

    distribution functions so

    everything is in the right

    place at the right time.

    The median salary of a

    logistician is

    $72,780/year (2012).2

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