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Give some surmises about what kind of app will be popular in 2013.


<ul><li><p>The most Popular Apps in 2013 </p><p>The end of the world didnt come, nothing horrible happened on Dec. 12, 2012. Then </p><p>in the new year and new era, how will peoples mind change? What kind of apps will </p><p>they like? </p><p>1. Social Networking(e.g. Facebook, WeChat) </p><p>The first thing we do after a disaster is to make sure our family and friends are </p><p>okay. How happy we are when got in touch with them! Although the world </p><p>didnt go to destruction, it seems we experienced it in mind. So we are more </p><p>sincere, to everybody we are sincere. And people may like to make more true </p><p>friends by network. </p><p>2. Food&amp;Drink(e.g. Urbanspoon, Evernote Food) </p><p>In most time, food is the reason for good health and good mood. Take care of </p><p>your stomach as leading a new life. </p><p>3. Travel (e.g. Lonely Planet, iStone Travel Translation App Thanks for rumor about end of the world. Going through it, our soul is purer and </p><p>we are more eager to seek for the feeling of touching it, and, travel is one of the </p><p>best and popular ways. </p><p>4. Finance (e.g. You Need a Budget) </p><p>I have as much money as last year I did. Why no more? Ive been working for a </p><p>whole year! Where has my money gone? I need a budget! </p><p>5. Book(Many books are put in app now) </p><p>By reading we experience more outside our real life. We like reading because it </p><p>expands our life and sets our mind free. </p></li></ul>