THE MOON. PREDICTABLE MOON PATTERN Predict the missing moons! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Download THE MOON. PREDICTABLE MOON PATTERN Predict the missing moons! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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The Moon

Predictable Moon Pattern

Predictable Moon PatternPredict the missing moons!


The different shapes of the moon visible from Earth are called _____________When the moon is gaining light form Earths perspective - When the moon is losing light from Earths perspective -What do we call the moon cycle?How long does the moon cycle last?

phasesWaxing Moon.Waning Moon.Lunar Cycle29.5 daysStudy the 8 Moon phases below

Moon Phases

Name Each phase of the Moon!

NewWaxing GibbousFullWaning GibbousLast QuarterWaning CrescentFirst QuarterWaxing CrescentMoon Phases Video:

What cause the Lunar Cycle?

Moon phase simulator

Moon Phase video:

What percent of the moon is always lit by the sun (not including lunar eclipses)?

True or False: The moon shines because it produces its own light.

What motion causes the moon phases?

The moon is __________from full to new moon

The moon is __________from new to full moonA. 25%B. 50%C. 100%D. It depends on the moon phase- the half that is facing the sunsun light reflects off the moonwaningwaxingMoons revolution around the earth in a counterclockwise directionMoon Phase Simulation

Suns RaysNew Moon Start 1

Waxing Crescent3-4 daysWaxing Gibbous10-11 daysWaning Crescent25-26 daysFirst Quarter 7-8 daysFull Moon15 daysWaning Gibbous18-19 daysLast Quarter22-23

Shade each moon from outer space perspectiveName each moon phase from Earths perspectiveEnd 29.5 daysFull moonNew moonQuarter moon Solar Eclipse

A Total Solar Eclipse can only occur during what moon phase?

Solar Eclipse Video

Lunar Eclipse

A Total Lunar Eclipse can only occur during what moon phase?

Full moonNew moonQuarter moonLunar Eclipse Video

Why does a lunar and solar eclipse not occur every month?Lunar and solar video moons orbit is on a 5 degree tilt

Video lunar and solar


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