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In this issue: - School keeps ball rolling, Parishioners get needles clicking to knit woolly hats fot freezing sailors - Susan awarded Order of St Cedd for service to the diocese.


<ul><li><p>July 2015</p><p>-- Lunchtime reading club launch: Page 4 What's on in Essex and East London: Page 9</p><p>Parishioners get needles clicking to knit woolly hats for freezing sailorsPage 4</p><p>Susan awarded Order of St Ceddfor service tothe diocesePage 3</p><p>N E E D T O K N O W I S T O R I E S I A R E A U P D AT E S I E V E N T S N E A R Y O U</p><p>School keepsball rollingEast London pupils and teachers support Ethiopian links: Page 12</p><p></p><p></p><p>Bring the kids to light a candlefor Christs birthday</p><p>Christmas startswith</p><p>Christingle</p><p>A r c h d e a c o n s V i e w</p><p>By VEN JOHN </p><p>PERUMBALATH,</p><p>Archdeacon of </p><p>Barking</p><p>One of the </p><p>serious </p><p>problems the </p><p>church faces </p><p>today is biblical </p><p>illiteracy. How </p><p>have we </p><p>ended up here? </p><p>Firstly, there is neglect of Christian </p><p>education. Christian life has become a </p><p>matter of experiencing rather than one of </p><p>learning. We are centred on our needs </p><p>and experience today, catering to the </p><p>narcissistic individualism of modernity. So </p><p>we go for a 'needs' based reading with a </p><p>feel good orientation. We are not on a </p><p>pilgrimage of learning but on a quest to </p><p>find capsules for quick relief and to feel </p><p>good. </p><p>Secondly, there is a loss of biblical </p><p>narrative even among the Bible-reading </p><p>Christians. We do not let the narratives of </p><p>the scriptures speak to us; rather we pick </p><p>and choose useful verses. This is a drastic </p><p>departure from the practice of early </p><p>Christian communities who found their </p><p>own stories in the biblical narratives. </p><p>We often treat Scripture primarily as a </p><p>collection of information, be it historical, </p><p>moral or doctrinal.</p><p> Thirdly, there is loss of confidence in</p><p>CONTINUED ON PAGE 5</p></li><li><p>Cathedral's organist meets Calendar Girls!</p><p> month Your chance to take part in our photographic competition</p><p>2 THE MONTH July 2015</p><p>BY CLARE BROOME</p><p>ORGANIST and Master of the Choristers at Chelmsford Cathedral James Davy is once again dusting down his copy of Jerusalem for the annual meeting of the National Federation of Womens Institutes. </p><p>James has been the organist for the meeting when it is held in London every two or three years since 2006 and his duties involve playing as some 5,000 delegates arrive at the hall, most famous for hosting the annual BBC Proms concerts. </p><p>The meeting opens in WI tradition with the singing of Jerusalem and at the end God save the Queen is sung as is Land of my Fathers in Welsh. </p><p>This year the National Federation of Womens Institutes celebrates its centenary and the Queen and Princess Royal (both WI members) will attend the special event. </p><p>James said: Its quite breath-taking to hear so many people singing together, and to play the organ (pictured above) as part of the meeting is a real privilege.</p><p>The Albert Hall organ is renowned for its size and sheer power and it copes well with supporting thousands of singers. </p><p>In a previous year, Tony Christie, best known for 'Is this the way to Amarillo?', led the singing, but in most </p><p>Nativity is Colin's winnerTHE Month photographic competition judge Paul Starr of Chelmsford photographers StarrPhotos picked a picture caption 'Neatly knitted nativity' as this months winner taken by Colin Lander.</p><p>Paul saiid: My winner this month is this charming Nativity scene. </p><p>"The ultimate church celebration with wonderful warm lighting portraying an intimate, nicely cropped and beautifully-composed tableau. </p><p>"The shepherd on the left and the cow on the right effectively draw the eye in </p><p>towards the main subject, baby Jesus, in the middle of the frame. </p><p>"Some people may look at this shot and think all the photographer had done is to copy an already existing composition but this would detract from the exceptionally competent execution of this photograph. Keeping things simple is often the way to achieve success, not only in photography but also in life, of course.</p><p>Each month a winning photograph, taken according to a fixed theme will be printed </p><p>in The Month and as many contributions as possible will be showcased on our new Pinterest board www. </p><p>The entrant judged to have submitted the best photograph of the year will be invited to a masterclass with Paul Starr of photographers and videographers Starrphotos.</p><p>To enter the competition, email your photograph (one per reader) with the caption and your name to</p><p>Next months subject is 'Church summer fun'. The closing date for entries is July 6, 2015 at midday. </p><p>The winning picture will appear in the August issue of The Month.</p><p>Terms and conditions are online at www. photocompetition</p><p>THE Bradwell Pilgrimage is expecting a bigger turnout of families and young people this year.</p><p>The ecumenical Pilgrimage, being held at Bradwell-on-Sea on July 4, will include many more activities for families and the young.</p><p>Every year the event has a number of activities for children and young people and this year there is more, alongside the acts of worship for all ages.</p><p>The Brentwood Catholic Youth Service will set up base in the main field near St Peters Chapel where young people of all ages can get together with arts and crafts and make new friends.</p><p>The BarNBus will also return to the pilgrimage by popular demand with a double-decker bus, complete with coffee bar, sofas and games consoles. It will be parked on the main field. </p><p>Nearby, at the Othona Christian Community, there will be a bouncy castle and opportunities to take part in a variety of sports.</p><p>Tim Leeson, Youth Minister at Chelmsford Cathedral who has led the arrangements for the young, said: While there is a strong emphasis on worship on the day, there will be a great deal to keep younger members of families happy and occupied and we urge pilgrims and their families to come and join in with the many activities.</p><p>As they have for many decades, Bradwell villagers are preparing to welcome the annual influx of hundreds from churches across London and the Home Counties. </p><p>This years keynote guest is Canon Michael Mitton, an influential speaker and Christian author. Canon Mitton has a ministry in the Derby diocese and is the Fresh Expressions advisor.</p><p>The Pilgrimage has a very apt theme this year of 'Generous Welcome' because for more than three decades Bradwell residents have afforded a warm welcome to their annual visitors. The event almost doubles the village population for the day. </p><p>Chaplain of St Peters Chapel, Revd Brigid Main, said: We are very pleased to have such an inspirational speaker at this years Pilgrimage. There is always a buzz around the village on the day of the Pilgrimage and a lot of local people put a great deal of effort into the welcome they give.</p><p>The centrepiece for the Pilgrimage is the Chapel of St Peter on the Wall, built in the 7th century by St Cedd as he brought Christianity to Saxon Essex. The ancient structure will provide a place for quiet prayer and reflection.</p><p>The chapel field and the nearby Othona Christian Community will be the venues for a full afternoon of activities and worship. </p><p>The chapels artist in residence, Chris Macallan, will be displaying her work on the theme Ancient Marks during the day. This will also include artwork done by participants from a recent quiet day there. For more information: www. </p><p>advertising</p><p>distribution</p><p>editorial</p><p>Please contact: Glenda Charitos, Cornerstone Vision, 28 Old Park Road, Peverell,Plymouth, Devon PL3 4PY.Tel: 01752 225623. Fax: 01752 673441. e-mail:</p><p>For distribution contact: internalcomms@chelmsford.anglican.orgTel: 01245 294443.Your newspaper will normally be available from the third Sunday in the month. Any further changes will be advised to distributors.</p><p>Editor: Jon LongmanEditorial and photographs for The Month should be sent to:themonth@chelmsford.anglican.orgor Jon Longman, The Month, 1 Bouchiers Place, Messing, Colchester CO5 9TY. Tel: 01621 810530. Mobile: 07860 769906 Digital photographs for publication: Please take pictures at largest size, </p><p>resolution and compression. Hi-res JPGs or Tiffs should be re-sized to min 7x5in at 300dpi with no layers or sharpening. Captions, your name and contact details should be embedded in the 'File Info' section if possible. If e-mailing many shots, send only 72dpi initially at max size of 8x6in. When submitting photos please confirm that written consent has been obtained from parents / guardians of children under age 16 for publication of photos publicising church activities in The Month. The inclusion of an advertisement should not be taken as implying endorsement of the objects of the advertiser by the diocese.</p><p>The Month, incorporating NB and East Window, is the free circulation newspaper of Church of England in Essex and East London (Diocese of Chelmsford). www.chelmsford. Find Chelmsford Diocese on Twitter @chelmsdio Find Bishop Stephen on Twitter @cottrellstephen Subscribe to our YouTube channel Like us on Facebook: www. Like our Ask an Archdeacon Facebook askanarchdeacon View our photostream on Flickr</p><p>years, its just me and the mighty organ.</p><p>The choirs of Chelmsford Cathedral have sung twice for Her Majesty the Queen in the past year and the Cathedral itself hosts the monthly meeting of the New City Girls branch of the WI.</p><p>Youth work opportunitiesTHE Bishops of Barking and Bradwell are each recruiting a youth work adviser to serve their Areas. To find out more about these exciting opportunities and how to apply, look on our website Apply by July 1 (Barking) and July 23 (Bradwell). </p><p>Pilgrimage'syoung focus</p></li><li><p>THE MONTH July 2015 3</p><p>NEED A LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY?</p><p>YOU NEED A LOCAL COMPANY THAT IS FAST, EFFICIENT, COMES TO YOU AND IS COMMITTED TO DRIVING DOWN COSTS</p><p>The Will &amp; Trust Company are professional, accredited certificate providers and will </p><p>send the finished documents to the Office of The Public Guardian for registration after </p><p>signing and witnessing.</p><p>We provide a home visiting service to take instructions and bring back all the documents for signing and witnessing.</p><p>So, dont delay, contact us today and give yourself peace of mind that we will assist you and your familys wealth and health.</p><p>01268 55 11 22 0800 112 3417 </p><p></p><p>WE BEAT OTHER QUOTES WITH... </p><p>50% OFF POWER OF ATTORNEY</p><p>AND UPTO 30% OFF </p><p>WILLS</p><p>50% OFF POWER OF ATTORNEYAND UP TO </p><p>30% OFF WILLS</p><p>NEED A LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY?</p><p>YOU NEED A LOCAL COMPANY THAT IS FAST, EFFICIENT, COMES TO YOU AND IS COMMITED TO DRIVING DOWN COSTSThe Will &amp; Trust Company are professional, </p><p>accredited certificate providers and will send the finished documents to the O ce of The Public Guardian for registration a er signing </p><p>and witnessing.We provide a home visiting service to </p><p>take instructions and bring back all the documents for signing and witnessing.</p><p>So, dont delay, contact us today and give yourself peace of mind that we will assist you and your familys wealth and health.</p><p>01268 551122 -</p><p></p><p>BE SEEN</p><p>To advertise in this newspaper, </p><p>01752 225623</p><p>Church reform and renewal are needed . . .</p><p>THE month 'It is easy to miss the overarching vision'</p><p>next Synod will put this at the heart of the agenda.</p><p>In this, the last presidential address of this Synod entitled 'Sharing the gospel effectively and living it joyfully', Bishop Stephen said that he wanted to reflect on the big picture of where we are as a church.</p><p>Picking up on the debate Synod had in its morning session on the package of initiatives which go under the heading Reform and Renewal, Bishop Stephen said he wanted to explain "where they particularly challenge and shape our thinking at both the diocesan and the very local level of church life". </p><p>Bishop Stephen said: "Having now not only ordained women as bishops, but also found a way of doing this which holds the church together in what we are learning to call good disagreement, (that is a way of living where we acknowledge legitimate and conscientious difference within the household of what is still one church), the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the General Synod are rightly asking us to turn our attention to the reform and renewal of the church. </p><p>"This not only prompted the good debate we had in the morning session but has also provoked a good deal of </p><p>DONT miss the point of the work going on to reform and renew the church, the Bishop of Chelmsford, Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, told Chelmsford Diocesan Synod meeting in Chelmsford Cathedral on June 6.</p><p>In his Presidential Address, Bishop Stephen said that the gospel of Jesus Christ needed to be shared effectively and lived joyfully.</p><p>Besides the separate measures making up the national reform and renewal package, a renewal of prayer and a reform of theological vision will be the main tools of our participation with God in the renewal and reform of his church," the Bishop said.</p><p>It is the 'very local', the local church which is you the individual follower of Christ, the place where the Holy Spirit has chosen to dwell, the one for whom Christ died and rose again which really matters.</p><p>Unless each one of us is prepared to be reformed and renewed in our discipleship, the church will not grow and we will have inhibited the hand of God.</p><p>Bishop Stephen announced that the </p><p>FORTHRIGHT: Bishop Stephen</p><p>interest and some unease across the whole church." </p><p>Bishop Stephen apologised for going over some of the ground that was covered in the morning debate but he hoped that it was helpful for him to share his response to all of this, "not least because when we are dealing with what is basically a package of separate measures, it is easy to miss the overarching vision. </p><p>"Each initiative does stand in its own right. There are different task groups working different work streams. But it is vital to see where they lead when taken together. </p><p>"Let us be absolutely clear: the purpose of the Reform and Renewal programme is that the gospel of Jesus Christ be shared effectively and lived joyfully. Thats what the morning discussion was about. This centres on and flows from Christs commission at the end of Matthews gospel that we make disciples (Matthew 28.19). I believe this focus on discipleship is more and more going to take centre stage in our work for the gospel over the coming years. </p><p>"And let me start with the one that we didnt discuss this morning, namely the work stream on evangelism.</p><p>"Unfortunately, the group working on this, under the chairmanship of the Archbishop of Canterbury himself, has yet to report. But when it does, I think it will help makes sense of a lot of the others pieces of work. </p><p>"Evangelism is the effective proclamation of the gospel (see for instance 1 Corinthians 9.19-23). It is about sharing and communicating t...</p></li></ul>