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  • :P What is your happiest

    childhood memory?

    Ans. Now, that's a tough

    one. I'd go with a funny


    "I was four and alone at

    home, my mother had gone

    to the neighbor's. While she

    was away, I painted my

    face with her lipstick and

    decorated one-two-three-

    four-five-six-seven of her

    bindi's over my forehead.

    Now, that the beautification

    was done, I was ready to go

    to the neighbor's. And so I

    did! The rest you can


    If given a chance

    which actors life

    you want to


    Tom Hanks:

    following few


    certainly not the


    What would be gossip girlss

    reaction to a piece of gossip about


    Ans. I would give a smirk,

    considering myself important enough

    to be spoken about. Who does not

    like, being the center of attention?!Your 9 pointer or your sense of humor, what

    makes you smarter?!

    Ans. Humor is definitely the essence for making

    me smarter but pointers did the upbringing of it ..

    Describe a day without your


    Ans. the day without my laptop is

    certainly very long....enough time to

    observe the world around,...for ex.

    wash ur 3 months' old bed sheet..

    The most awkward moment of your life?

    Ans. During my IIT exam, when I was attempting

    the mathematics section, I started solving

    questions and I cant forget the moment still, as

    none of my calculated answers were in the four

    options given.What is the first thing you will keep with yourself, if the world collapses and you are one of the few survivors?Ans. I will keep enough red Bull to energize myself for rebuilding Human Civilization.

    Which product you would want to endorse?Ans. Nokia phone! With such careless people like me existing, who drop their phone atleast2-3 times a day, Nokia is the way to go!

    Sandeep Choker

    Shrey Gupta

    Anindya Srivastava

    Ajachi Anthwal

    Aditya Kaushal

    Siddharth Nawani

    Abhinav Gupta Arsh Arora

    Prateek Vaishnav

    One book characters life you wish

    you had!!

    Ans. I dont really read books, (Apart

    from the study material), so I would

    want to become EM waves and travel

    without barriers, unlike currents and

    other physical quantities.

    Tulika Tiwari

    If you could get any superpower, what would it be and why?Ans. Time travelling, because after that I can make life perfect to live without mistakes certainly!!!More over I can enjoy life as many times as I want !!!

    One thing youve lost and hope to find again! Ans. Childhood Innocence.......................naah actually i'd prefer hoping for my lost nokia N70

    Ankur Aggarwal

    Akshat Goel

    What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?Nothing. I Am What I am.

  • :P

    What will you write if given a pen and paper?Ans. I will keep the paper with me as I'm Eco friendly. So "Save the paper Save the world"........................ Do I have to return the pen ????? :p

    What is the one film you wish you had written?Ans. The movie I wish I had written is Tangled because I love all the characters, especially those of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider..

    1 song that describes you the bestAns. Main Kya Hoon ,Main Kya YehBatlaoon, Main Who Hoon Jo Chahoon Who Paoon :P :P from "LOVE AAJ KAL" If you would have painted Mona Lisa, what

    would it be called?Ans. I think I will name the painting "MAAN JAO LISA".....

    If marooned in an island which politician you wish you were with? If I am left stranded on an islands, i wouldn't want to die of boredom. I would rather take a politician with a good humor, so maybe laluPrasad yadav. Also as he lives a minimalistic life, he's a logically correct answer too.

    I still feel as in I need to learn much more in field of bhangra, but if life gives me another chance to excel in another dance form it will surely be Mime Dance. This dance form is enriched with key feature of expressing yourself through gestures and moves.

    If you could get any superpower, what would it be and why?Ans. Time travelling, because after that I can make life perfect to live without mistakes certainly!!!More over i can enjoy life as many times as I want !!!

    Aman Sharma

    Nitish parikh

    Surabhi Seth

    Aparna Singh

    Abhishek Shrivastava

    Kanishk Singh

    Atin Saini

    Kamal Handa

    Piyush Aggarwal

    AparnaSingh :Spiderman or batman?!

    Ans. let bygones be bygones... its opp-opp-

    oppangangnam style now!

    if you were Anna Hazare what would your Gandhi topi say?Ans : My gandhi topi would say " Senior citizen below....give him his damn discount"

    If you get a chance to learn one more dance form, what will it be ?

    Saumyanath Mohanty

    Where can you be found generally during your free hours? AnsI am mostly found with my laptop in my room. Dont get any wrong intensions, I am a DOTA addict!

  • Editors Letter

    There is so much talent around us, so much potential, such great creativity, exclusivity just waiting to be

    given that perfect pair of wings to fly and achieve all that it deserves. When I look back at my two years

    spent working for the literary society, I let out a sigh, if I were to describe my journey in one word, I would say INSPIRING. What an amazing ride has it been! Scared nervous and excited in the beginning followed by the support of the wonderful people I have worked with, washing away those nervous shivers and filling

    me with stupendous confidence. And now here I am all set to accelerate a completely innovative path for my

    fellow JIITians so they are given that chance to explore their talents and excel in them as much as they can

    and this will be made possible by our very own newsletter- THE MOCKING BIRD.

    There are about 17 species of the Mocking Bird, and one of them will now be amongst us!It is one very

    special bird known for mimicking other species around it and it is here to speak your language. Your views,

    ideas and talent will find a place right here.

    With a positive and colourful approach, encouraging and supporting my fellow mates I plan to achieve a greater participation for this newsletter published every fortnight and further work harder for the college magazine. Not just a fluency in writing but other creative fields will also be discovered. My urge for perfection, always helps me to produce the best possible result from the limited resources available and following the same I would want to take Eloquence-The Literary Societyto a whole new level with your help and justify its true meaning.A fascinating convergence is upon us right now bringing a perfect opportunity for open-minded journalists!!

    I wish good luck to all my fellow mates, Happy Writing!



    The good..The not so goodThe naughty..We bring you scintillating revelations about teachers as students. Heres what they say about their student life.-Compiled by Surabhi Seth

    Teachers Name How would you describe

    your student days:

    One word for the kind of

    student you were

    The naughtiest thing that

    you did. Were you ever

    taken to task for it?




    The subject

    you couldnt


    Prof. Bhu Dev Sharma

    As a student I remained more focused on

    studies. However I was also quite

    involved in sports. Played for 1st eleven

    of my school in hockey and football.


    Sometimes caricatured my teachers,

    particularly those who were very strict.

    Never punished for it.

    Mathematics and

    Philosophy Gossiping

    Mr. Sandeep Chhoker

    Everyone fondly remembers their school

    days and so do I. It explains how brilliant

    my school days were @ AFS Kanpur.


    Jumping into the swimming pool of IIT at

    around 2 a.m. I never got caught (I was in

    the inquiry committee of the incident)

    Physics Sanskrit

    Ms. Bhawna Verma Awesome, Cheerful Mischievous

    but Obedient and Hard working

    Bike racing and Bunking. Electronics EMT

    Mr. Sanjeev Patel

    I had different experiences in each year of

    college. The 1st year was the best of my

    life because there was absolutely no

    tension or pressure. During the 2nd and 3rd

    years, I became serious and more

    dedicated about my goals in life and

    finally in the 4th year, reaped the fruits of

    my efforts.

    Helpful None that I can recall.

    Complex Design

    and Data Mining EMMI

    Shrey Gupta

    (Design Editor)

    Ausaf Ahmed

    Ankit Kumar

    (Newsletter Designers)

    Siddhant Nath

    Aparna Singh


    Ankit Sharma

    (Well Begun Half Done)

    Surabhi Seth

    (Know your Teacher)

    Kanishk Singh

    (Youth Parliament)