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Exploring how entrepreneurs can benefit from an experienced strategic guide: to help identify blind spots; to challenge assumptions and to ensure that you're trying to fix symptoms, rather than root causes. 'Skype Business Clinic' is a low-cost, high-impact solution. You should take a look!


  • 1.AFFORDABLE STRATEGIC GUIDANCE forsmallbusinesses

2. Small Businesses: Youprobablythinkthatbuyingstrategichelp isbeyondyourbudget Youprobablythinkthatbuyingstrategichelp isbeyondyourbudget Small Businesses: 3. Right? 4. Wrong!Wrong! 5. from Minor To Major: NEW! NEW! 6. Alow-cost,high-impactservice,designed withsmallbusinessbudgetsinmind from Minor To Major: NEW! NEW! 7. Alow-cost,high-impactservice,designed withsmallbusinessbudgetsinmind 8. Alow-cost,high-impactservice,designed withsmallbusinessbudgetsinmind Small cost 9. Alow-cost,high-impactservice,designed withsmallbusinessbudgetsinmind Big impact Small cost 10. with a Free Taster Session lasting30minutes,togetyoustarted! 11. Well, what is it? 12. Skype Business Clinic The MinorToMajor 13. Benefits 14. Benefits Expertstrategicguidance tohelpyouidentifythreats 15. Benefits &makethebestuseofyour mostpreciousresources: 16. Benefits &makethebestuseofyour mostpreciousresources: Time 17. Benefits &makethebestuseofyour mostpreciousresources: Money 18. Benefits &makethebestuseofyour mostpreciousresources: Your team 19. Youreaveryintelligentperson,runninga smallbusiness,forheavenssake! But why do you need a strategic guide? 20. The parts you can see from your perspective YOUR BUSINESS Managing AdminSystems Sales Budgets Resources IT P&L Investment Tip of the iceberg (10%) Marketing The External Strategic Guide: & WHY YOU NEED ONE 21. The parts that may be hidden, from your perspective External factors Root causes v symptoms THE BIGGER PICTURE How your customers view your business Your competitive edge Your company's core purpose Your company's core values Benefits that matter to your customers Your strategic challenges Planning for economic impact BLIND SPOTS Your assumptions Developing your leadership skills The depth of your thinking The impact of stress on your thinking Developing your strategic capabilities BALANCE OF MANAGING v LEADING LEVEL OF EXTERNAL LEADERSHIP SUPPORT RISKS 90% of the iceberg: invisible from the surface The parts you can see from your perspective YOUR BUSINESS Managing AdminSystems Sales Budgets Resources IT P&L Investment Tip of the iceberg (10%) Marketing The External Strategic Guide: & WHY YOU NEED ONE 22. Youretheexpertaboutyourorganisation Strategic Guidance 23. Butitsjustone perspective: seenfromWITHIN your organisation Strategic Guidance 24. Imagine developingyourthinking... 25. Imagine Beingabletosee blind spots 26. Imagine beingableto distinguishsymptoms fromroot causes 27. Instead of seeing this 28. You could see thisYou could see this 29. Skype Business Clinic Withthe MinorToMajor 30. ENTREPRENEURS GET Aone-to-one60-minuteintensiveviaSkype... 31. ...tohelpyoutacklethebusinessproblems thatkeepyouawakeatnight ...tohelpyoutacklethebusinessproblems thatkeepyouawakeatnight 32. ENTREPRENEURS GET Unparalleledinsightsfromrecommended strategicconsultant,BillCMartin 33. ENTREPRENEURS HAVE 34. Norisk 35. Verylow outlay 36. Anddidwealreadymention that30-minuteFREE TASTER SESSION? 37. How Can I Find Out More? Emailusat 38. Welldiscussyourkeychallenges inconfidence 39. AndIllshowyouhowIcan orchestrateyourbusiness... 40. Andtakeit 41. fromMinor To Major 42. CREDITS Photography TheMazeBillCMartin,cartoonbyNeilRoss GoldBarsBrianGiesenviaCreativeCommons2009 DoctorsStethoscopeStethoscopesviaWikipediaCommons CheckmateBillCMartin2010 SkypelogoTMSkype LionSleepsRennettStowe BusinessIcebergBillCMartin2013 PaperworkStriatic,FlickrviaCreativeCommons EuropesatelliteviewcrNASA,publicdomain LovellTelescopeMikePeel,JodrellBankCentreforAstrophysics,UniversityofManchester YouthOrchestra,SchoolsProms2011BillCMartin Chihuahua&GreatDaneownernotfound This Presentation BillCMartinLtd2013 43. Contact Details Web: LinkedIn: