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<ul><li><p>LEADERSHIP MADE SIMPLE </p><p>The mindset of a winner </p><p>Feedback and comments are welcome : </p></li><li><p>1 It is what it is Whatever you fight will grow bigger. Acceptance is a first essenCal step if you experience a setback. Observe your thoughts but dont take them seriously. </p><p>2 There is more. In the first moment of setback you experience a lot of thoughts, emoCons, frustraCon, These make it easy for you to withdraw in your role of vicCm. Observe your thoughts en ask yourself how much they are really true. You can chose to simply observe your thoughts without taking acCon. </p><p>3 Where is the flag Do you have a clear picture of your path, of your goals? Do you also know why these are your goals? Remember that it is the why that makes all the hows possible! </p><p>4 Up to the next hole! Approach the next hole with full confidence, but know that the new holes will also have their bunkers and challenges. PerfecCon does not exist, not in golf.not in leadership. You will experience more bad strokes. but keep walking straight! </p><p>5 Play your own game There is no template for success. Follow your own path and pay aUenCon to your intuiCon and your body. They will tell you when youre not walking on your path. Know their signals and do something with it. </p><p>6 Ask for help Have the courage to ask for help. There are people who played the course before you and they know where the bunkers and water hazards are. Asking for help is strong, not weak! </p><p>7 Be a good host Pay aUenCon to the people that play together with you. Life is more than the score on your scorecard! </p><p>LEADERSHIP MADE SIMPLE </p><p>The mindset of a winner </p></li></ul>


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