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The Martian analysis

The Martian analysisBy Alec MorrisGenre The films genre is classed as the following:ActionScience fiction Adventure FantasyDrama

What happens in The MartianThe film is set near to the end of the year 2035 and they are on a mission on mars to collect rocks from mars and find out if there's life form on mars. They are there for 17 days but a sandstorm on mars forces them to leave mars. On the way to the rocket Mark Watney is hit by a satellite and the rest of the crew suspects that Mark is dead. In the next scene you see that he wakes up and no ones there. He has to survive with almost nothing but finds a way to grow potatoes. Meanwhile over the course of Mark being on mars for a month, NASA finds out that Mark is still alive by seeing the satellite. Mark then finds a way to get off mars but it requires the crew to get supplies from earth and collect Mark. They then proceed to pick up Mark from Mars. He travels to the rocket in a rover but he has to stop every 40km. He arrives to the rocket and flys to the spaceship and he arrives safely.

Production companies :TSG entertainmentThis is show by a man shooting an arrow and the camera focusing on the arrow and the TSG entertainments jingle which is a man playing trumpet and a drum playing aswellDistributer: 20th Century FoxThis is shown by a panorama of the iconic logo of 20th century fox feuturing the iconic 20th century fox music

Title screen: The MartianThe camera finishes its zoom and some quite music starts to play

Title screen: TSG entertainmentThe camera starts to zoom in on mars. This includes no soun but this makes it effective.

This is an establishing shot on showing where the scene will take place. In this scene the music is still quite but the volume is gradually turning up

This is a medium shot which shows mark collecting stones on mars. The crew are talking to each other about what the stones are like and the music is still playing.

Close up shot of NASA analysing the stones they have found. The music stops playing and they turn off Mark watneys radio as hes being annoying.

Close up on emergency warning on the screen. The warning screen pops up and a warning noise alerts the crew to go back to base.

Another close up shot but NASA control finds out that there is a storm on the way. The crew then talk about NASA upgrading there estimate of how bad the storm will be

Establishing Shot of the storm closing in on NASA`s base. The sound of the wind dominates any other sound in this scene

Medium shot to show NASA analysing the storm which is heading for the base. They talk about how strong the wind is and if they have to leave or not.

Close up of the captain decides to abort the mission and head back to earth. Mark is angry with the decision of leaving mars.

Long shot on NASA`s team heading over to the rocket to head back to mars. You hear an annoying siren which is saying the door is about to open.

Close up on the air pressure going down to zero to open the door. A timer sound effect is used.

Medium shot on NASA opening the door and loads of mars sand pushes the team back. The leader shouts 3,2,1 GO! Then a wind sound effect blows the Crew away.

The set seems to be completely done with green screen and CGI. This is because it is set on a completely different planet and also it is set 20 years in the future so it will be difficult to create the technology for a film. In the second to the third minute the lighting is bright , probably from a light , but this is because the scene is on them finding rocks. After that the scene turns dark as a giant sandstorm is going to take out everything of its base and this is made by the CGI storm blocking out the sun. The costumes and scenery suggests that the film is set on the moon. The rocket and space suits creates this suggestion. In the scene there is no suggestion of makeup except for the girls makeup which is just there everyday makeup.Mise-en-scene


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