the many hats of academic librarians

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The Many Hats of.Academic LibrariansRosalind Tedford | Director for Research and Instruction | Wake Forest University | SAGE/CQ Press July 14th, 2015


A bit about me..EducationLibrarianshipInstitution Superpower

Who Others Think We Are

Who We Think We Are

Who We Actually AreEducatedFaculty (some of us)LiaisonsTeachersResearchers

Education:MLISSubject degreesPhDs Faculty:Flavors of faculty true tenure; contracts, own school; integrated into governance, etc.LiaisonsReference/research librarians and subject specialtiesTeachersFor-credit classesOne-shotsResearchersThe library and the research process is our academic field of interestQualitative research and QuantitativeAnthropological research User experience researchLeadership management administration research 5

Where we fit in the research processFirst a look at the research process..

How many students (and faculty) see research

Or perhaps this is more accurate

The Ideal Research Process


Librarians in the process - studentsTopic selectionResearch questionBackground contextSource discoverySource evaluationSource citation


Librarians in the Research Process Faculty

Problem solversTracking down sourcesCitationsWhen they get stuck To gain access to dataPrimary source location

Librarians in the Selection ProcessLiaisons/Subject Specialists Keep eye out for new content from publishersKeep eye out for needs on campusRecommend purchases Create wish lists Gather input from faculty Purchasers/Collection DevelopersNegotiate the packagesWork with the licensingEnsure access Ensure discovery Gather Usage Data

The Selection Decision CocktailContent Need (and want)AudiencePriceSources of supportFaculty inputSpace InterfacePublisherLicensing

What we want from content providersDiscoverabilty from everywhereCross-SearchingUpdated, well-sourced contentSources to lead to other sources (metadata) Being able to see how our users use the products Real relationships and two-way conversations

Questions? Discussion