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A literary collaboration from the budding authors of Nandua High School


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    Awesome Authors


    Nandua High School

    Founders: Emma Hollandsworth, David

    Mamahit, and Bethany Meissner

    Editor: Emma Hollandsworth

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    Table of Contents Biographies Pages 4-8

    Columns and Reviews Pages 10-18

    Prose and Poems Pages 20-35

    Mythology_____________________________________Pages 37-38

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    Well, my name is David

    Mamahit and Im one

    of the co-founders of this

    amazing writing club. Im

    a senior and one of the

    varsity cheerleading

    captains. Next year I plan

    moving to Maryland with

    my best friend to broaden

    my horizons.

    Hi! Im Emma Hollandsworth, Im 16 and in the eleventh grade, and I really enjoy writing! As a cofounder of the club, I think we bring a lot to Nandua and provide an outlet for out writers. I like writing articles, poems, and short stories.

    My name is Sam

    Nicholson, and

    Im a 17 year old

    senior. I enjoy

    writing because it

    allows me to

    explore wild,



    recesses of my


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    Hi, Im Sarah Mychael and I

    am a junior. I love to write

    because I just have so many

    creative ideas and odd ways of

    thinking that I want to write

    down my thoughts so I dont

    lose them. Random facts- Im

    obsessed with Star Wars,

    Justin Bieber, and I have 8


    I am a fifteen

    year old

    partially deaf

    freshman at

    Nandua High

    School. I like

    reading and

    long, romantic

    walks on the

    beach. My

    name is Chloe

    Custis and I am

    going to write

    amazing books

    some day.

    Howdy, Im John Wagner. I was born in

    Houston- Thats in Texas for you non

    geographic fools. I write and draw and

    do other things for fun or out of

    boredom. I spend most of my time on

    desolation row or in a kayak in the

    middle of the bay.

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    My naMe is arial Walton, and iM

    a 16 year old Junior. I like to

    write about anything

    supernatural-mainly vampires

    and witches. My characters are

    usually girls and they dress

    mainly in the emo or goth scene. I

    plan on being an author and iM

    very awesomely weird.

    Hello, Im Mary Katherine

    Holmes and I am a

    freshman. I write fiction,

    exclusively novels (not short

    stories), though I have

    written some for English

    essays. I have several series

    going on right now. I love all

    of ancient history and every

    bit of mythology. I am a

    pretty good archer and am

    going to be learning fencing

    and horse-back riding.

    My name is


    Blankenship. Im

    an 18 year old

    senior. Mainly I

    write fantasy

    romance stories. In

    the future, I plan to

    use my stories for

    the literature


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    Hi, Im Ember

    Ethington, a spunky

    redhead with a passion

    for writing and being

    creative. I love to

    read, as well as cooking

    and making people


    Hi, Im Hannah Perez. I am a

    freshman and I love to write! Hello, I am David

    Rogers, a junior here at

    Nandua. I like writing

    because it is a way to express

    myself; I have a wild

    imagination. I like to write passionate

    love stories.

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    Hi, Im William Grabowski.

    I like to write because it

    is an outlet for my

    aggression. It also provides

    insight on how I see the

    world around me. It

    expresses how I feel without

    me having to speak out loud.

    Hi! My name is Ryheem J. Wharton I am a fairly outgoing seven-teen year

    old student. I was born on November 24, 1995,l in outer space, 6

    minutes before my identical twin Taylor Lautner, to my proud father Bill


    Since the wondrous occasion of my birth, I have set seven Guinness

    World Records, including the longest mechanical bull ride and the longest

    period of time without bathing. I am a champion equestrian and have

    won six Kentucky Derbies on my pony Bubble.

    My hobbies include dancing ballet, building bird houses, and going to

    screaming alternative rock concerts. In my free time, I watch Pretty Little

    Liars and read romance novels. Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author. I

    have already gained my Ph.D. in writing at Harvard and J.K. Rowling is my

    pseudonym. I have also written the scripts for The Hunger Games and

    other famous movies. I am currently an ambassador to seventeen

    countries and plan to become leader of the U.N. I regularly visit the

    International Space Station, advise the President, and run marathons. I

    also hit the court with my girls Serena and Venus Williams ( I normally

    win) and occasionally get in my swimming laps with Michael Phelps, but

    not too often because he is slightly immature. I have a private jet, so I

    travel the world pretty much every day and when I visit Korea they all

    bow down to me. It is a little weird, but I enjoy the fame. Im a pretty

    average guy!

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    Columns and


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    Les Miserables

    Les Miserables was overall almost excellent in my opinion. The expansive cast of

    both renowned actors and actresses; such as Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, and Ann

    Hathaway, and up and coming actors and actresses, such as Amanda Seyfried, Eddie

    Redmayne, and Samantha Barles included both superb acting and singing. The only

    flaw that I found was that some of the singing scenes were overly prolonged and

    focused on only one character, which was a bit dull at times. The scene in which

    Eponine (played by Samantha Barks) sings On My Own is a prime example. Besides

    this one flaw, the 2012 film adaption of Victor Hugos novel Les Miserables

    proves to be one of the most stunning films of 2012.

    -Sam Nicholson


    The Sea of Trolls The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer (a three-time Newbury Honor Author) is a thrilling story about a young boy by the name of Jack and his younger sister Lucy, who together take part in a long voyage being kidnapped from their home in Anglo-Saxon England. After being kidnapped the two are taken to a market to be sold as thralls

    (slaves); however, after the lead berserker (hound-like creature) Olaf discovers Jack is a bard he keeps Jack for himself, while Lucy is kept by Thorgil to gives to the half troll half human Queen Frith. Jack mistakenly causes Friths hair to fall out and must go on a quest along with Thorgil to find a mystical well to drink from to gain

    the power to reverse his mistake for his sisters life is at stake. Jack fortunately finds the well, drinks from it, and

    saves his sister, and they eventually return home. If you are a fan of non-fiction with lots of exciting twists, I

    would strongly suggest that you read Sea of Trollsby Nancy Farmer.

    -Ryheem Wharton


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    Born to Die- Lana del Ray

    Lana del Rays voice brings a unique and retro

    feel to modern pop music. The twelve songs

    maintain her style, but the listener never gets

    bored or feels as though the songs are

    repetitive. She opens the album with the song

    Born to Die a catchy song with intelligent

    lyrics about our numbered days and true

    meaning of life. In addition, Video Games and

    Summertime Sadness are obvious album

    standouts. However, each song is worth

    listening to and falling in love with!

    -Emma Hollandsworth

    Vampire Academy- Richelle Mead

    Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead has to be one of

    the most original stories ever written. Vampire

    Academy tells the story of Rose Hathaway, a feisty

    half vampire, half human teenage girl thats totally

    dedicated to protecting her best friend from evil

    vampires and the tortures of high school. Fueled with

    magic, illicit romance, and awesome fight scenes, VA

    has Dmamas stamp of approval.

    -David Mamahit



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    Things Fall Apart-Chinua Achebe

    I recently read Chinua Achebes novel Things Fall Apart in AP

    English class. The novel follows the Igbo people of Nigeria and

    how the spread of Christianity affects their village and the main

    character, Okonkwo. Okonkwo is a very traditional yam farmer

    who takes great pride in his religion and heritage, and he

    refuses to conform to Christianity and of the government that is

    slowly integrating his village into the white-mans culture.

    The theme of this story is, in my opinion, extremely powerful

    and intriguing. The name of the novel comes from W.B. Yeats

    poem The Second Coming, and relates to the idea that if you

    completely rely on a particular culture or way of life, that

    eventually the center of your way of life will not stay together

    and slowly your society and culture will fall apart. The story

    provides very gruesome, graphic, emotional, and tragic insight

    of just how much Okonkwos primitive and violent yet ancient

    lifestyle decomposes and is abandoned for the culture we know

    of today.

    -Sam Nicholson

    A Girl Named Disaster

    The book A Girl Named Disas


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