the lnminstitute ofinformation technology, jaipur ... prof banerjee shared the new initiatives taken...

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  • The LNMInstitute of Information Technology, Jaipur

    Date: October 10,2017


    Please find enclosed herewith the Minutes of the 51st Academic Council Meeting held on August 05,2017 at 2:00 PM at LNMIITCampus, Jaipur.

    Comments, if any, may kindly be sent by 18th October, 2017.


    ~ Dr. Renu Bapna

    Secretary, Academic Council

  • The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur

    Fifty First Meeting of the



    Date: August 05, 2017 Saturday, 02:00 pm

    Lecture Hall # 5

    51'"meetingACI5.08.J7 1

  • The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur

    SUB: Minutes of the sr" meeting of the Academic Council held on Saturday, August OS,2017.

    The following members were present:

    1. Prof. Rahul Banerjee 2. Prof. R P Gorthi 3. Prof G 0 Sharma 4. Dr. Sakthi Balan M 5. Dr. Subhayan Biswas 6. Dr. Soumitra Debnath 7. Dr. Subrat K Dash 8. Dr. Somnath Biswas 9. Dr. Narendra Kumar 10. Dr. Manoj Kumar 11. Dr. Vikas Gupta 12. Dr. Kumar Padamnabh 13. Prof. Anupam Singh 14. Prof. Manju Dhariwal 15. Prof. R S Tomar 16. Prof. N Bolloju 17. Prof. M K Kadalbajoo 18. Dr. Rajbir Kaur 19. Mr. Sandeep Saini 20. Mr. Shobit Agarwal 21. Mr. Bhavik Thakkar 22. Vasundhara Sharma 23. Nidhi Gupta 24. Dr Renu Bapna

    - In Chair - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - Member - PG Student Representative - UG Student Representative - UG Student Representative - UG Student Representative -Secretary

    Following members were granted leave of absence -

    1. Prof. Sandeep Sancheti - Member

    On invitation from the Chairperson, faculty members whose names are listed at Annexure - "A", also attended the meeting .

    .sr meeting A CIS. 08.17 2

  • The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur

    Agenda Item No. AC-M-51.01: Confirmation of the Minutes of so" meeting held on March 18, 2017.

    No Comments have been received on the circulated Draft Minutes. The Academic Council confirmed the Draft Minutes, as circulated.

    Agenda Item No. AC-M-51.02: Announcements, if any, by the Chairperson.

    Prof Ravi Gorthi as Dean (Acad) welcomed Prof Rahul Banerjee as the Chairperson of AC and Dr Renu Bapna as Secretary of Academic Council. Prof Banerjee shared the new initiatives taken after his joining and his future plans for setting up new centres in various thrust areas for accelerating the academic excellence of the Institute

    Agenda Item No. AC-M-51.03: To ratify the approval accorded by Chairperson Academic Council.

    Approval accorded by Chairperson:Academic Council for the award of Ph. D. Degree of one candidate who completed all requirements for the award of the degree, placed at Annexure No. AC-A-51.03 - A

    Approval accorded by Chairperson Academic Council for the award of B. Tech. Degrees to Yll, Y12 and Y13 batch students who have completed requirements of credits for the award of degree after their 10th and u" semester respectively, placed at Annexure No. AC-A-51.03 - C Academic Council ratified the approval accorded by Chairperson in view of urgent requirements as envisaged by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

    Agenda Item No. AC-M-51.04: To consider the Minutes of the meeting of the AC LAC. Minutes of this meeting are placed at Annexure No. AC-A-51.04.

    Academic Council expressed its gratitude to the members of the faculty for donating books to the Central Library of The LNMIIT. The Council also appreciated the initiative of Library for conducting an awareness program about "Scholarly communications and utilization of E- Resources" and "How to impact your research through the use of Plagiarism-check software and Web tools".

    Agenda Item No. AC-M-51.05: To consider the Minutes of the meeting of the AC PGC held on July 25,2017.

    Chairperson of AC-PGC, Prof. G.D. Sharma presented this item with the following key points _ l. Mathematics department proposed the following amendments regarding M.Sc.

    (Mathematics) program:

    sr' meeting ACI5.08. 17 3

  • The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur

    a. Probability and Statistics course, currently running in the 1st semester, shall be replaced by Algebra course of the 2nd semester. This was ratified by the AC.

    b. Computer programming course, available to M. Sc (Maths) currently having only theory component, should have laboratory sessions as well. CSE department has already given consent for this to Mathematics department. This was ratified by the AC.

    c. Replacing TWRM course of 3rd semester with newly proposed course on "Mathematical Methods". This was ratified by the AC.

    d. Requirement of changing the name of course "Optimization" with "Mathematical optimization" to differentiate this course from undergraduate level course already running with the same name. This point was deferred to the next AC meeting. Revised Curricular Structure of M. Sc. Mathematics was decided to be submitted before the next AC meeting.

    2. PG manuals which were already prepared by the AC-PGC during the 2015-2016 academic session were asked to be reviewed and updated. Fresh M.Sc. manuals too need to be prepared by the AC-PGC. It was decided that PG manual will be discussed in the next AC meeting.

    3. PG student members had raised the issue regarding coursework of postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes since there exist very few courses for such programmes. It was decided that the concerned departments should propose some new specialized courses for Ph. D. students and report in the next AC meeting.

    4. PG student members also reported that the PG registration process needed improvement and that the MIS did not have updated information about their academic data. The DoAA was advised to smoothen the flow and subsequently report the progress made to the AC.

    Agenda Item No. AC-M-51.06: To consider the Minutes of the meeting of the AC UGC held on July 26,2017

    The following deliberations took place on the points presented by Chairperson of AC-UGC, Prof. Ravi P Gorthi

    • In view of change of course name and/or number, students who need to repeat the course, shall be registered in their original course. However, DoAA, HoD and the assigned course instructor shall work out operational details of conduction of the course, including the evaluation scheme and process involved, so as to enable such students.

    51" meeting A C15. 08. 17 4

  • The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur

    • Physics-II course with suitable name shall be offered in even semester 2017-18 as Other Elective to all branches of Y17 UG except ME, as it will be core for ME as per requirements of the department.

    • Curricula ofY17 l" semester and YI6 3rd semester of all branches were approved. The Council advised the HoDs of the departments to come up with final version of curriculum well before of commencement of next even semester 2017-18.

    • Board of Studies (BoS) shall be constituted at every departmental level. The Council requested Registrar to release office orders about framing BoS following the guidelines of statutory body.

    • BTP Evaluation shall be done by committees meant for and one common form (to be modified suitably) shall be used by every committee. Entire committee shall evaluate the BTP and shall give the marks collectively instead of individually. Final result of BTP shall be in the form of Grades instead of only marks. Details of the structure of the Committee of this kind shall be worked out by the DoAA, in consultation with the HoDs and reported to the AC. BTP Guide shall be part of the evaluation committee.

    • Existing stipulations for Semester Long Internship remain unchanged. Considering that there could be a few outliers and in order to cater to their requests for grant of the SLI, their applications should be routed through the TPO and a committee of domain experts (appointed by the concerned HoD), and if recommended, shall be put up to the DoAA for final approval.

    • The course on Environment, Ecology and Biology will remain of 3 credits as before. There will be ONLY 20 lectures of theory, followed by 20 hours of Term Paper / Project Work. Thus, this course will follow, 2-0-2 scheme with 3 credits. The Term Paper / Project Work would be of20 hours.


    • Attendance Rule: After a detailed discussion, it was decided that, till the Institute adopts an appropriate attendance system / tool in place, each faculty should announce in his / her class an attendance "policy" and make it open and transparent and follow it.

    • N-2 Rule: It was decided that for the time being 'N- 2' rule be put on hold in view of issues involved.

    • Academic Leave Rule:

    51'1 meeting AC/5. OS.17 5

  • The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur

    ~ Students are encouraged to participate in (i) Science & Technology, (ii) Cultural and (iii) Sports related events, (iv) UG Research leading to attending and presenting research papers in National and International Conferences. Students should judiciously choose select events. The instructor in consultation with the respective HoD may take the final decision in all such cases regarding the make-up examination for all evaluation components other than the End Term Examination. The latter will require the approval of DoAA with due recommendation from instructor concerned and the HoD.

    ~ In cases of severe medical emergency leading to hospitalization, make-up examination for End-Term Examination may be g