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    Editor: Melanie Myjak The Lansing Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors

    A Message From Our President

    Lansing Chapter Members,

    I hope your summer was full of relaxation and days well spent! This program year is really

    something to be excited about. We will be helping IIA headquarters to continue celebrating its 75th

    year in action! For the internal audit profession, 1941 is a landmark year. It was the year the first

    major book on the subject was published — Victor Z. Brink’s “Internal Auditing” — and the year a

    core group of IIA founding fathers began discussing the need for a professional organization. Since

    then, The IIA has grown from its original 24 charter members to include more than 180,000

    members worldwide. Today, the IIA is the internal audit profession's unquestioned global voice,

    recognized authority, acknowledged leader, chief advocate, and principal educator.

    Our Chapter participated in attending the IIA International Conference in New York City. The IIA

    celebrated the 75th anniversary with all who attended. Our very own Kyle Hebert, Vice President

    had this to say, “The opportunity to network with audit professionals from over 100 countries was

    amazing. The IIA really went all out for this event as there were amazing speakers, outstanding

    entertainment and an overall good feeling left about the future of the profession for the next 75

    years. I would highly recommend anyone that has the ability to make it to an International

    Conference to do it, as it is an experience like no other.”

    We kicked off the 2016-2017 Chapter year with a fraud presentation at the Hawk Hollow Golf

    Course. It was well attended and the presenter, Nathan Mueller, inspired very intriguing questions

    and full group discussions. Take a look at the calendar of events in this newsletter and on the

    chapter website for the upcoming training opportunities.

    Notify our Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) Coordinator, Ryan O’Rourke, with any possible

    CAP reporting items completed. There are numerous items/tasks ANY of our Chapter Members can

    do to earn achievement points, such as:

    Advocacy: Gift Subscriptions of Internal Auditor to a local college/university/public library - 5


    Editorial: Articles published in other professional journals - 5 points

    Advocacy: Participation by any chapter member in a Junior Achievement Program / Event - 0.5

    points per member per hour

    Quality: Chapter members participate on an IIA-sponsored Quality Review Team - 10 points per


    If you are questioning your activity, and would like to see if it qualifies, please reach out to any

    Chapter Board Member or contact Ryan O’Rourke directly, at

    I look forward to catching up with all of you at one or many of the IIA Lansing Chapter events this




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    President’s Message 1

    Chapter News 2

    Celebrating 75 Years 3

    New Job Tips 4

    Calendar of Events 5

    Training/Education 6

    CAP Report 7

    About Us 8

    Treasurer Report 9

    Member Directory 9

    Career Opportunities 10-12

    Chapter President Emily Crampton

  • IIA Lansing Courier • Lansing Chapter, Central Region, District 2 • October 2016 Page 2

    Chapter News

    Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

    New Members

    Chapter leadership and general membership welcome its new members.

    You’re encouraged to take full advantage of all the benefits of membership.

    Chapter meetings that cover relevant topics, various training and professional

    opportunities to broaden your skills and possibly the most valuable, network-

    ing with other audit professionals. Sharing experiences and trading tips of the trade that help you become a

    better auditor. We hope to meet each and every one of you at the planned events during the chapter year.

    Your first meeting is FREE of charge as a welcome gift.

    The newest members to join our chapter are:

    Ashley Shook, Michigan Farm Bureau

    Amanda Kuzman, General Motors Corporation

    Jeff Welch, State of Michigan—Office of Internal Audit Services

    Laura Koenigsknecht, State of Michigan—Office of Internal Audit Services

    Michael Lucas, Delta Dental of Michigan

    Lauren Knoch, Michigan State University

    Clarence Hightower Jr., Michigan State University

    Sarah Lazlo, CVS Pharmacy

    2016 Professional Audit Skills Training Event November 9 (7:30 am) - November 11 (12:00pm)

    Jackson National Life Insurance Company 1 Corporate Way Lansing, MI 48951 Click here to register

    2016 Ethics Training December 7 (7:30 am—10:00 am)

    Jackson National Life Insurance Company 1 Corporate Way Lansing, MI 48951 Details to come. Check the chapter website.

    2017 Good (to Bad..) to Great—Keeping and Maintaining a World Class Audit Organization

    January 18 (7:30 am—10:00 am)

    Jackson National Life Insurance Company 1 Corporate Way Lansing, MI 48951 Details to come. Check the chapter website.

    2017 Cyber—Emerging Threats and Resources May 4 (7:30 am—10:00 am)

    MSU Federal Credit Union 3777 West Road East Lansing, MI 48823

    Details to come. Check the chapter website.

  • IIA Lansing Courier • Lansing Chapter, Central Region, District 2 • October 2016 Page 3

    The Institute of Internal Auditors is 75!

    The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) celebrated

    its 75th anniversary at the organization’s Internation-

    al Conference in New York City; the city of its incep-

    tion. As the largest global membership association

    for the internal audit profession it now has over

    185,000 members worldwide.

    Leadership from chapters throughout the world at-

    tended. Lansing was no exception. As seen pictured

    in the photo to the right, our own Vice President,

    Kyle Hebert, was in attendance.

    The IIA has created an anniversary website, to pro-

    vide a comprehensive overview of the organization’s

    75th anniversary, celebrating internal audit’s promi-

    nent figures and defining moments.

    The IIA will continue to be the premier association

    for internal audit professionals and provide support,

    guidance, and resources for the profession.

  • IIA Lansing Courier • Lansing Chapter, Central Region, District 2 • October 2016 Page 4

    New Job? 7 Tips to Soar Through Your First 90 Days

    Between meeting new people and mastering different software, the start of a finance or accounting job is a busy and ex- citing time. However, you’re not the only one learning. Your new boss and colleagues are watching and scrutinizing your performance during the first few months to learn whether you’re a keeper. How long do most employers take to decide whether new hires will make the cut? According to a recent Robert Half Finance & Accounting survey, up to 90 days is common. The majority of CFOs interviewed — 54 percent — give newcomers between one and three months to prove themselves, and 9 percent allot less than 30 days. This means you have little time to make a solid impression when be- ginning a new accounting position. Here are seven tips to help you make the best first impression:

    1. Get a head start. Your first day on the job may be the offi cial start date, but don’t let that be when you start to learn about the position or the company. You will have already investigated the employer as part of your job search. Now that you’ve accepted the job offer, go further: Read up on the company’s main competitors.

    Familiarize yourself with the accounting platforms you’ll be using. Go on the company’s website and start memorizing future colleagues’ faces and names.

    2. Be more than prompt. Demonstrate your dedication to the new job by not just showing up on time, but ear- ly. Not only will your boss be impressed by your enthusiasm and commitment, but you can use the extra 10 to 15 minutes to plan your day, study onboarding materials, review training notes and jot down questions or comments you have about the position or company.

    3. Ask for help. Some new employees think asking questions might make them appear amateurish. While you don’t want to be repetitive or a nuisance, you do need information that veteran employees take for granted. Take ad- vantage of the leeway you’ll be given at the start of your probation period to learn as much as you can. In most cases, your colleagues would be happy to help and share their knowledge. Asking for help is also a good way to get to know your coworkers and build relationships.