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THE KILLER WHALE. By: Matthew Adams. Classification. Physical characteristics . The orcas eye is below the eye spot It has a saddle behind the dorsal fin Female dorsal fin=3ft Male dorsal fin=6ft . C ompare. MALE. 6ft. FEMALE. 3ft. D istribution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation





Physical characteristics The orcas eye is below the eye spotIt has a saddle behind the dorsal finFemale dorsal fin=3ft Male dorsal fin=6ft



The orca lives basically in every aquatic habitatMostly along shorelines for foodDont migrate if there is plenty food, good temperature and not a lot of pollutionOrcas live from the tip of Alaska down to the ice of Antarctica If there is plenty of food orcas stay in most bodies of waterHabitat

The orca is data deficient and therefore has no conservation statusThe combination of potential declines driven by depletion of prey resources and the effects of pollutants is believed sufficient that a 30% global reduction over three generations


The bond between a mom and her offspring is like no otherRarely does the calf leave its motherMother gives birth to one calf tail first after a gestation period of 15-17 months the female orca is mature at 6-10 years old and males mature at 12-16 years old

Parental care

The killer whale lives up to 30 years if it is male and 50 if it is femaleHowever in captivity the average is about 5-12 years depending on the generation

Longevity and mortality

The killer whale if healthy rules the sea and is the top of the food chainThe killer whale is known to eat anything that it findsDiet/predator relationships

The orca does not undergo torpor because it has voluntary breathing and needs to be half awake at all times

The orca is fascinating to us so humans use it forZoosCircuses and showsSkinWe once shot a couple with our naval aviators when they messed with the fishing turn outs in icelandHuman relationships

Top of the food chainSharks are scared of and run from orcas Scientist are trying to make a shark repellentThe orca supposedly got the name killer whale from a miss-communication of whale killerThe only human attack was on a surfer who was later spat out when the orca maybe realized that it was a mistakeFun facts

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