the jesus way session 2 – accept jesus’ forgiveness

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  • The Jesus Way Session 2 Accept Jesus Forgiveness
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  • Why did Jesus die? There is no doubting: Jesus truly died He could have escaped if hed wanted He deliberately went to Jerusalem provoked the Temple authorities waited in Gethsemane to be arrested Why?
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  • Jesus teaches about his death after the event On the road to Emmaus Jesus shows the disciples that his death: fulfilled Old Testament prophecy was not a mistake achieved something important
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  • Jesus taught about his death before the event Mark 2: Jesus declares sins forgiven on behalf of God himself Mark 8: his death is a necessity Mark 10: and a ransom for many
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  • What the apostles taught after Jesus death Jesus death was for our sins Not an accident but part of Gods plan He had no sin of his own for which to die He died because of our sin
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  • Four pictures of Jesus death: 1. Family Relationships Sin causes a barrier before God Jesus death removes that barrier We can enter Gods holy presence We can return to our heavenly Father Language: reconciliation, peace, friendship
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  • Four pictures of Jesus death: 2. Slave Market Jesus describes humans as slaves Jesus paid a great price So we can be free Language: ransom, redemption (buying back)
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  • Four pictures of Jesus death: 3. Law Courts God declares us guilty Jesus bears our sentence so we are declared righteous Language: justification (being put right with) and righteousness.
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  • Four pictures of Jesus death: 4. Jerusalem Temple Place appointed for sin sacrifices Jesus one, true sacrifice, turning aside Gods wrath We are counted holy and can enter Gods presence Language: propitiation, atonement, sacrifice
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  • The apostles teaching about the cross Jesus carried our sins in his body It was effective an act of salvation and rescue We are unable to save ourselves Jesus is our substitute (doing something for us that we could not do ourselves)
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  • The apostles teaching about the cross God shows his own love for us... (Romans 5:8) God himself at work Christ acting for and as God An act of divine self-sacrifice In what other religion does God love us so much as to die for us?
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  • The cross in the Old Testament Servant Songs in Isaiah 500 years before Jesus death We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53.6)
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  • What about us? All have sinned and fall short of Gods glory At the cross, sin is dealt with once and for all Jesus bore our sins The barrier has been removed Relationship with God now possible The cross is a bridge from earth to heaven
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  • The Cross is a Bridge (1) Sin places a vast gap between us and God
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  • The Cross is a Bridge (2) We cannot cross this chasm ourselves People have tried everything!
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  • The Cross is a Bridge (3) Jesus cross removes the sin and spans the gulf
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  • Where are our sins? In Gods sight, sins are located... Either on the person who has committed them Or on Jesus who offers to carry them
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  • Accepting Jesus offer We need to ask Jesus to carry our sins for us and repent, asking God for his forgiveness. What happens when we do this? We are... forgiven reckoned as righteous (justified) at peace with God adopted as Gods children full members of Gods people able to call God our Father and enjoy knowing him
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  • Living under the cross The Christian life begins at the cross We can never leave the cross behind us Jesus died for all sin Jesus loves us totally Every day we need Gods forgiveness
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  • Building-block 2 in following Jesus his way: Accept his Forgiveness Jesus Died for You!

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