the jeffersonian era jefferson american president the pirate issue lewis and clark

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  • The Jeffersonian EraJefferson American PresidentThe Pirate IssueLewis and Clark

  • The Election of 1800Jefferson wins the 1800 election because Hamilton supports him over Aaron BurrThe election of 1800 is the first time people actually are addressed by the candidatesThe art of political campaigning is introduced

  • Jefferson Smeared?!God-and a religious president; orJefferson and noGod!!!

    If Jefferson wereelected guillotineswould appear in thesquares of majorcities, and theprivileged classescould expect theworse!

  • Jefferson as PresidentHe allows the Alien and Sedition Acts to expireHe keeps the National Bank and supports protective tariffs on foreign goods

  • Jefferson and the Judiciary Before Adams leaves office he appoints 16 Federalists to judgeshipsJefferson seeks to remove the judges because most did not receive signed orders to become judges. Jefferson is really trying to remove Federalists influence from government

  • John MarshallChief Justice of the Supreme Court for 34 years who was a self taught lawyerStrengthens the idea of federalism through his court rulings and rules that the Constitution is the supreme law of the landHe despises his cousin Thomas Jefferson

  • Marbury v. MadisonMarbury wants to keep his nomination and appeals to the Supreme Court to keep his job Marbury v. Madison introduces the idea of judicial reviewJudicial review states that the Supreme Court can decide if a law is constitutional (legal) or unconstitutional(illegal)

  • The Barbary Pirates, 1801Pirates from North Africa are terrorizing nations that sail in the Mediterranean SeaJefferson refuses to pay a tribute to the pirates and sends a naval force to deal with themThe pirates are not defeated but agree to a treaty with Jefferson

  • The Louisiana Purchase, 1803Jefferson acquires the Louisiana Territory from France because Napoleon needs money for the war with BritainThe Louisiana Purchase, 1803 doubles the size of the United States

  • The Louisiana Purchase 1803

  • Lewis and Clark, 1804Jefferson sends a Corps of Discovery expedition under Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana TerritoryThey start in St. Louis in 1804 and reach the Pacific Coast in 1806They encounter the Rocky Mountains, gather information on the area and establish relations with various Indian tribes

  • Lewis and Clark on the Missouri River

  • The Corps of Discovery

  • Sacagaweaand the Indian Peoples

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