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Download THE IMPACT of HOME VISITING -   April 2014.pdfTHE IMPACT of HOME VISITING April 2014 iGROW Rockford A local Home Visiting Collaborative of the Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHVP) IMPACTING FAMILIES awareness with community agencies, Purpose of the iGrow Newsletter: To keep clients informed about our community’s Home Visiting Program

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  • A question often raised, What

    happens during a home visit,

    and what is the role of a Home


    Home visiting has evolved over

    the years with increased focus

    on family support and getting

    children off to a good and

    healthy start. Research have

    shown that family support pro-

    grams such as this has signifi-

    cant return on investment and

    ultimately save money for tax-

    payers. A number of studies also indicate that home

    visiting is effective in the following areas:

    Reduction in health care costs

    Reduction in need for remedial education

    Increased family self-sufficiency

    During a home visit, which can occur weekly or twice a month, families receive support, educational infor-mation, child development screenings, and referrals. Families often build strong relationships with their Home Visitor and agency. In short, Home Visitors provide direct services to at-risk families and play an important role in the success of achieving their goals. This issue looks at evidence based home visiting models; impacts, outcomes, and ways in which home visitors assist families. Each of our collaborative agencies: Easter Seals, La Voz Latina, City of Rockford Head Start, and Rockford Public Schools #205 Early Childhood Program utilize different models to support their program and clients. The Impact of Home Visiting has positive and significant effects, not only on families, but in our community.

    This program has

    helped us in many ways.

    For example; education

    and support, especially

    when I was pregnant.

    I had many questions and

    concerns. I was scared during my preg-

    nancy and even now.

    I also learned many things I didnt know

    such as labor and delivery and how to

    breastfeed to be able to bond with my

    son. This experience has made our fam-

    ily stronger and more knowledgeable.

    We are now married and have recently

    purchased our first home. We both have

    full time jobs and are looking forward to

    finishing our college.


    April 2014

    iGROW Rockford

    A local Home Visiting

    Collaborative of the Maternal Infant Early

    Childhood Home Visiting Program



    Purpose of the iGrow


    To keep clients informed about our

    communitys Home Visiting Program

    To increase communication and

    awareness with community agencies,

    stakeholders, and the community-at-


    To provide a venue for information-

    sharing between home visitors, fami-

    lies, clients, advocates, and friends of


    Marissa, Julian, and baby

    Julian Sammuel Perez

    Home Visiting Clients of LaVoz Latina

    Inside this issue:

    Evidence base home

    visiting models


    Agency Profile

    Rkfd Public Schools #205

    Early Childhood Program


    Meet a Home Visitor 3

    Partner Agency



    Home Visiting Summary 4

  • tant, influential relationship 2)

    high quality services 3) cultural

    competence that acknowledges

    the role culture plays in early

    development 4) transition plan-

    ning, and 5) collaboration with


    Eligibility Criteria-City of

    Rockford Early Head Start


    -Children ages 0-3

    Early Head Start (EHS) is one of the

    longest running home visiting models

    aimed at enhancing development of

    infants, toddlers, and families, while

    promoting healthy prenatal outcomes

    for low-income pregnant women.

    A few program concepts Head start

    was founded on are as follows: 1)

    positive relationship and continuity

    with emphasis on the role of the par-

    ent as the childs first and most impor-

    -Meet income guidelines

    -Reside in Winnebago County

    Healthy Families America - La Voz Latina and Easter Seals

    Early Head Start - City of Rockford Head Start

    and in life. PAT uses four in-

    depth components: 1) personal

    visits 2) group connections 3)

    screenings, and 4) resource net-

    works to work with at-risk fami-

    lies. The following values serve

    to strengthen the program:

    -Parents are the childs first and

    most influential teachers,

    -All young children and families

    deserve the same opportunities to

    succeed regardless of any demo-

    graphic, geographic, or economic


    -Appreciation of the history and

    traditions of diverse cultures is

    essential in serving families.

    Eligibility Criteria-RPS #205

    -Pregnant women

    -Children 0-3

    -Must reside in the Rockford

    School District area

    -Families with highest needs are


    Parents As Teachers - RPS #205 Early Childhood Program

    Parents as Teachers (PAT) was devel-

    oped in the 1970s. This models phi-

    losophy is that the early years of a

    childs life are critical for optimal

    development and in providing the

    foundation for success in school

    Healthy Families America (HFA) was

    created over 20 years ago and is a

    nationally recognized model. This

    model primarily works with families

    who may have histories of trauma,

    intimate partner violence, mental

    health and /or substance abuse issues.

    Preventing child abuse and neglect is

    complex because of many different

    risk factors that interact with family

    and community strengths. HFA pre-

    vents child abuse and neglect by help-

    ing families build protective factors

    that reduce risks by:

    *Promoting healthy parent-child in-

    teraction and attachment.

    *Increasing knowledge of child

    community health.

    Eligibility Criteria-Easter


    -1st time teen parent

    -19 years old or under

    -Pregnant or

    -Parenting a child under 3

    months and resides in Winne-

    bago County

    Eligibility Criteria-La Voz


    -1st time teen parent or preg-

    nant, or

    -baby up to 30 days old

    -19 years old or under &

    identify self /father as


    A Home Visiting program uses trained home visitors to provide direct services in the home to pregnant women or children from birth to age five.

    Services are free and voluntary.

    Home visitors receive background checks as well as extensive training in child development.

    Home Visitors share information about parent-child interactions, and they model activities to stimulate attachment and development.

    There are more than 300 home visiting programs in Illinois.

    Research shows that home visiting programs work and ultimately save money for taxpayers. Effectiveness includes reduced health care costs, reduced need for remedial education and increased family self-sufficiency.



    Page 2

    development and appropriate

    expectations of children.

    *Improving use of preventive

    health care.

    *Reducing social isolation;

    *Providing access to commu-

    nity resources for families.

    HFA has the potential to

    achieve community-wide bene-

    fits, including intermediate sys-

    tem change, cost savings, and

    long-term impacts on

  • Rockford Public Schools Early Childhood Program has provided ser-

    vices to children in our community for over 25 years. Through the vi-

    sionary leadership of school district administration, the Rockford Pub-

    lic School District has placed a stake in the ground, expanding early

    childhood programming despite funding cuts at the state level and

    working to further community partnerships to provide additional of-

    ferings throughout the city. Currently serving over 2,800 children and families, the Early Childhood Depart-

    ment provides a variety of programs to support the growth and development of your child and family. Con-

    tinue reading to further explore the opportunities that await your family with the Rockford Public Schools

    Early Childhood Program.

    Our Birth to Three Home Visiting program, provides in-home services to at-risk children and families, includ-

    ing expectant mothers. Services provided through this program include home visits, developmental, hearing,

    and vision screenings, just to name a few. During a home visit, families participate in parent child interaction

    activities, learn about their childs development, and are connected to a variety of community resources. For

    more information on these programs, please call (815) 967-8030.

    Our Early Childhood Education Program offers preschool programming to children residing within District 205

    boundaries who are between the ages of 3-5. To enroll, children must be 3-years-old on or before September

    1. Our preschool program offers hands-on, child-centered learning experiences with a focus on social emo-

    tional development. Preschool classes are held at a variety of convenient locations throughout the city of

    Rockford. Classes run Monday through Friday for 2 hours 45 minutes. All students are provided with a free

    developmental screening prior to placement, and additional classroom offerings are available, such as bilin-

    gual and special education