The Impact of Digitisation on Photographic Heritage

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>The Impact of Digitization on Photographic HeritageSimon TannerDepartment of Digital Humanities, Kings College London</p> <p>Twitter: @SimonTanner29/01/2015 20:10ENC Public Talk 19 February 20131@SimonTanner1</p> <p>Digital Humanities: the application of digital technology to humanities disciplinesreflection upon the impact of digital media upon humanity&gt; 50 academics &amp; researchers~ 2.5 million research income per annum&gt;5 million digital objects, 130+projects200+million hits over 5 years: Tanner, KCL Models &amp; Rights Strategy for Images in Museums</p> <p>@SimonTanner@SimonTanner3</p> <p> Research, Inspiring Scholarship</p> <p> Balanced Value Impact Model</p> <p>@SimonTanner@SimonTanner5</p> <p> - a tale of PuffinsShetland Isles Museum and Archives</p> <p>the daguerreotype image was as fragile as a butterflys wing, fleeting and much more difficult to reproduce than an engraving. There was a general consensus that photography would become a force only once it could produce durable, infinitely repeatable images...Aubenas, S., The photograph in print. Multiplication and stability of the image. In: M. Frizot (editor), A new history of photography. Kln (Knemann Verlagsgesellschaft),1998, pp. 225-231.Where we started fromRetrat d'estudi d'una dona jove amb un llibre a les mans ,1839Courtesy of Ajuntament de Girona on Europeana@SimonTanner@SimonTanner7</p> <p>How many photos have ever been taken? happened next? ~3 Trillion Photos</p> <p>Approx. 250 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook, and roughly 350 million photos are uploaded every day</p> <p>The Attention EconomyWe will compete: for attention, for eyeballs looking at our collections and resources, for time, funds &amp; engagement from our communities.The Economics of DigitisationEuropean museums house &gt;485 million photographsLibrary collections &gt; 34 millionArchives &gt; 8.3 millionApproximately 90% of the photographic record is recorded as orphanedBased on 8.64m photographs (30% of the total estimated un-digitised holdings)... can estimate the total cost range between 14m and 19.44m to digitise 8.64m photographs across European libraries. of all of our estimates, this one is perhaps prone to the greatest margin of error </p> <p>The Cost of Digitising Europes Cultural Heritage A Report for the Comit des Sages of the European Commission Prepared by Nick Poole, the Collections Trust November 2010</p> <p>Curation Challenges &amp; Unfunded MandatesDigitisationWeb ArchivingCollection DevelopmentMaterial heritageIntellectual heritageDigital PreservationVirtualheritageWeb 2.0 / Interactive heritageUser Generated ContentBorn digitalPreservation &amp; Conservation@SimonTannerA Digital Death Spiral?</p> <p>@SimonTannerdigitisation = fundingDigital is everything todaywho knows how much itll cost, but digitals bound to be wonderfulPlanning is so 20th Century, lets be Agilecos our competition / Google / my mate is doing itcos if we build it, they will come!</p> <p>Signs you are in the Digital Death Spiral@SimonTanner</p> <p>the measurable outcomes arising from the existence of a digital resource that demonstrate a change in the life or life opportunities of the</p> <p></p> <p>A Glance at the Futurethings can change so abruptly, so violently, so profoundly, that futures like our grandparents have insufficient now to stand on. We have no future because our present is too volatile. We have only... the spinning of the given moment's scenarios.William Gibson,Pattern Recognition</p> <p> BBC</p> <p>JPEG2000 &amp; IIIFThe advantages of setting your data free</p> <p>We have 125,000 art works available in high resolution. Anything you want, you can do with it...</p> <p>So now we can say I love Rijks, the Rijksmuseum was a very dull, traditional museum and now we can say proudly I love Rijks...</p> <p>So if you think about impact then maybe love is the biggest impact. Peter love Rijks</p> <p> Tanner, KCL 201122</p> <p>The Impact of Digitization on Photographic HeritageSimon TannerDepartment of Digital Humanities, Kings College London</p> <p>Twitter: @SimonTanner29/01/2015 20:10ENC Public Talk 19 February 201323@SimonTanner23</p>


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