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  • 1. The Human Skeleton

2. What are bones made of? Almost every bone in your body is made of the same material. The outer surface is called the Periosteum The next layer is called the compact bone Within the compact bone there are many layers of cancellous In many bones, the cancellous bone protects the innermostpart of the bone, the bone marrow. Bones are strong if you look after them!!! 3. How many bones are in your body? When you are a baby you have about 300bones in your body. To develop your bones you need calcium. Thecalcium basically makes two or three bonesconnect. When you are about 25 years old you haveabout 206 bones in your body. 4. Main Bones Are...The main bones in your body are just a few of thebones that help you stand. Im going to name themnow.1.skull(head) 2.mandible(jaw) 3.clavicle(shoulder bone) 4.ribs5.radius(fore arm) 6.ulna(fore arm) 7.humerous(funny bone)8.pelvis(hips) 9.sternum(middle of ribs) 10.femur(thigh)11.patella(knee cap) 12.phalanges(ends of fingers or toes)13.carpals(middle of finger) 14.metacarpals(middle of hands)15.tarsals(middle of toes) 16.metatarsals(middle of feet)17.fibula(back of leg) 18.tibea(shin) 19.scapula(shoulder bone)20.vertabrae (along the spine) 5. The Bone Song (Everyone Sing Along!) The toe bone connected to the foot bone, the foot boneconnected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone connected to the shin bone,The shin bone connected to the knee bone, the knee boneconnected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone connected tothe hip bone,The hip bone connected to the back bone, the back boneconnected to the neck bone, the neck bone connected tothe head bone and thats the way it goes. 6. Thank you for listening.I hope you enjoyed mypresentation!!!