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Official newsletter of the 55-56-57 Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria Inc


  • The Hot Ones 1111 March 2013

    Hot OnesHot Ones thethe

    Official Newsletter of the 55Official Newsletter of the 55Official Newsletter of the 55Official Newsletter of the 55----56565656----57 Chevrolet Club of Victoria57 Chevrolet Club of Victoria57 Chevrolet Club of Victoria57 Chevrolet Club of Victoria

    March 2013 editionMarch 2013 editionMarch 2013 editionMarch 2013 edition

  • The Hot Ones 2222 March 2013

    Meet the Committee


    Greg RoweGreg RoweGreg RoweGreg Rowe

    Im married to Phoebe, with two kids Payden and Gaige. I run a small transport business contracting to major Australian companies. I own and drive a 57 4dr Belair as my family cruiser, and my 3rd child is a 55 4dr sedan which I will sell one or both the kids before I ever get rid of it!

    Vice President

    Karl Wakartschuk Karl Wakartschuk Karl Wakartschuk Karl Wakartschuk

    Karl has been a member for 24 years, and is married to Barbara and has 2 sons, Robert and Andrew, and 5 grandchildren. Karl gets about in his 57 Chev Handyman.

    Public Relations

    Bob SterternBob SterternBob SterternBob Stertern----GillGillGillGill

    Bob is married to Juli, and has 2 daughters, Carly and Stacey. He is kept busy running his home maintenance and renovations company. Keeping Julis SS company in the garage is a 1966 Im-pala .

    Contact UsContact UsContact UsContact Us

    Greg Rowe 0408 454 082

    Karl Wakartschuk 0418 370 152

    David Desira 0418 106 333

    Jeff Wilson 0418 577 286

    Bob Stertern-Gill 0411 862 955

    Juli Stertern-Gill 0411 162 132

    Lois Peterson 0417 017 990

  • The Hot Ones 3333 March 2013


    David DesiraDavid DesiraDavid DesiraDavid Desira

    David is married to Virginia and has two kids. We run our own company servicing medical and industrial instruments. Toys include a 57 Nomad & 4 door hardtop, dirt bike, quad bike...anything with a motor that goes fast makes me happy!


    Jeff WilsonJeff WilsonJeff WilsonJeff Wilson

    Jeff is married to Kaylene, and has 2 daughters and 1 grand daughter. Jeff is kept busy as Na-tional Ops Mgr, and gets about in his first love, a 55, but also sneaks in time with his 56 4dr HT and 57 2dr post.

    Newsletter and Web Editor

    Juli SterternJuli SterternJuli SterternJuli Stertern----GillGillGillGill

    Juli is married to Bob, and runs her own bou-tique cake and dessert business. Julis vehicle of choice is her SS Commodore, but is just as happy to co-pilot Bobs 66 Impala.

    Memberships and


    Lois PetersonLois PetersonLois PetersonLois Peterson

    Lois is married to Steve, and they have 4 chil-dren and 5 grandchildren. Lois gets about in a Berlina, and loves travelling to the US ... Lois also looks after the social events for the Club

    Meet the Committee

  • The Hot Ones 4444 March 2013

    Presidents Report I would like to start off by saying congratulations to all club members and entrants of this years Chev Convention for making it such an enjoyable and fun filled weekend. Without your participation it would not have been so successful. As part of the Convention committee, and your President, I was very proud of the way members, en-trants, and family members not only behaved but also got into having fun for the entire weekend. This is what our great club is all about. With so many challengers leading up to the event it was great to see it all unfold. The weekend started off great (except for a really cool wagon on the Westgate!) with a nice quite cruise up to Ballarat in near perfect weather. Most of us got there early to arrive at a great holi-day park to set up registration so we werent flat out trying to do it after our cruise to Fast Lane Speed shop. With a small mishap of rooms for registration it went well then we were off to Daniel and Ebony Cas-sers shop for a great tour. Daniel not only cleaned up all night and most of the day Friday but he also shut the shop for the day to allow us to be welcomed into his shop of absolute skill and mind-blowing workmanship in which I thank you greatly Daniel. Next on the agenda was back to the registration at the Welcome Stranger Holiday Park. In the years Ive been at the club, Ive never seen the social side of rego so big and spread out as it was on Friday night. It was a great gathering of members and entrants which went on late in the night for all to enjoy. Can I thank Allan and Bill for the bbqs , and Mick Bugeja for helping at registration, and the over kind staff of the Welcome Stranger Holi-day Park for their experienced hos-pitality. The next day was the drags. The day went extremely well with many cars and purpose built drag cars of all sorts. It was a great crowd pleaser event with many thanks go-

    ing to the Ballarat Drag Racing Club for hosting the event on our behalf. It was great to see many entrants going down the for the first time and the rain held off until the last two finals (in which a white and green 57 was lined up and ready to go but had to be called back, bad luck Stevo!). Next was the dinner and band night at the Trotting Track. With some confusion on the bus bookings (the club hired mini bus) we all managed to get to the venue. Great tucker and excellent music gave us all a great night out. The Trotting Track should be commended for their set up and the bands were awesome. Thanks to Tony Anastasio for once again organising and entertaining us in a massive way. At the end of the night we all squeezed into the mini bus (and I mean Squeezed!) and headed back to the Holiday Park for some quiet ales. Can I just give out a very big thank you to Bill for driving the hired bus all night as this was a demanding job for the week-end and someone had to do it and Bill put his hand up for it several months ago with no questions asked. Youre a legend Bill! The next day saw the show and shine at the Trotting Track. What a great turnout! With around 150 Chevs and other makes in the sepa-rate car park the place looked a treat. Congratulations to all the trophy winners and thank you to all the participants on the day for making it a great day. Thank you to Bill once again for organising the Judging, and thank you to all the offers and help on the day which made the commit-tees job a lot easier to organise. Then it was back to the Holiday Park for some well-deserved ales with the members who stayed the Sunday night (yes more sausages to top up the previous nights in-takes!), thanks Tarik for supplying

    the meat! What a great week-end!

    Now for the down fall. Due to many seats not filled on the night of the dinner as anticipated, Bad weather on Sunday in Melbourne (there were many groups of cars organising a day trip up on Sunday) and bad gate takings, also weather related, our overall finances suffered and we did not make the money we had hoped to make. We can go on and on about the rea-sons why but rest assured we will profit larger next time and Im hop-ing we will have a equal if not better Convention next up. Im just wrapt that everyone who has contacted me not only by phone but also e-mail, all said they had a great time and cant wait until Ballarat 2015 (thanks for the support, Three of us needed that lift!). Thank you all for the support during and after the convention, and a spe-cial thankyou goes out to a bunch of guys who I really liked working with on this event (and it may not have been so successful without them!) is as follows: David Desira, Jeff Wilson, Karl Wakartschuk, Glenn Rulach, Bob Stertern-Gill. To the sponsors: Cruzin magazine, Shannons, Air ride, Aussie Desert Coolers, American Suspension and Driveline Parts, Fastlane Speed Shop, Clayton Holden Wreckers, Super Trick Differentials, The Radia-tor Workshop, Font p/L, and Growe Transport for their loyal support. And to all the Members of the great-est car club in the world, The 55-56-57 Chevrolet Club of Victoria.

    Drive em hard,

    Greg Rowe.

  • The Hot Ones 5555 March 2013

    The Hot Ones


    Full membership to the 55-56-57 Chevrolet Club of Victoria requires that you own a Chevrolet vehicle (of any make or model), and attend three meetings or club outings per year (Country members need only attend one meeting or outing per year).

    New Membership currently cots $75- which entitles you to a club polo shirt, stubby cooler and car club sticker. Renewal Membership is currently $40 per year, with all membership fees due on the 1st of August each yearmembership fees due on the 1st of August each yearmembership fees due on the 1st of August each yearmembership fees due on the 1st of August each year.

    Associate Membership is open to those who do not currently own a Chevrolet but would like to enjoy our Club and its activities.


    Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, starting at 8pm. There is no meeting in January. Meetings are held at The Pines Learning Centre, 520 Blackburn Road, Doncaster East. Melways 34/D5. (Behind The Pines S/C